Thursday, February 21, 2008

Praise Pan.

Molly was wearing what seems to be her standard uniform: an arrangement of tops, skirt, and leggings that's somewhere between 70s mother's closet and gothic Victorian. She's 22, really sweet, and very nerdy in that bookish, Star Trek convention/Rocky Horror Picture Show kind of way. Her hair is long, wavy and jet black, and she's a curvy girl (maybe a size 14 or 16) with 38C's. I know because I just checked; her black bra and panties are still on my couch.

I was still tidying a few things when she arrived, so we shared some scotch and made small talk as I prepped the steaks. I confirmed that, yes, our evening was a friendly, casual one, and yes, she's seeing others. Good.

I stopped from time to time as we shared a few kisses, and it felt great to be making out again (although, truth be told, it was hard to not think of Shayne). Dinner was so good that we hardly spoke, and the 2006 Little Penguin shiraz went marvelously with the T-bones.

On the couch afterwards, we went back to making out, evoking the satyr in me. Between passionate kisses, tenderly squeezing her breasts over her top, and caressing her slightly Rubenesque tummy, part of my mind drifted to devotions to Aphrodite and the realization that Pan Himself must show His worship of Her in this way. It felt awesome to be celebrating tits again. At one point, I playfully smacked her tummy, enjoying the sight of her navel ring.

"If you're going to do that," she laughed, "then maybe I should turn over."

Ooo. Right. I had forgotten that Molly, like me, enjoys attending local fetish night events. But my brain wasn't quite ready to go into Top space just yet.

Gradually, her sweater, her russet top (the only thing she wore that wasn't black), and the bra vanished. As I hovered over her, she unbuttoned my shirt. I love being undressed. Her black leggings were next, and from under me she began to unsnap and unzip my jeans, reaching inside the denim to wrap her hand around my thickening cock. My hand soon found its way between her plump thighs, massaging the warm wetness under her panties, feeling my fingers teasing around her hole. I peeled them off and she turned around on all fours.

Behind her, I opened her asscheeks wide and enjoyed the sight of the darker, soft skin around her anus, and the smooth shaven folds that arched below it. My tongue found its way to her folds, and she was soft and warm, musky. When I later stood beside her for a moment, she reached for me and brought her tongue to my cock. Her tongue danced around my girth between her slow sucks, and for a time all I could do was stand there, arms behind my head, balancing myself as she serviced me. It was deliciously decadent.

Her lips tightened around me as she kept swabbing her tongue across the head as she sucked. That's an amazing feeling, especially when its alternated with fast flicksof the tongue with a slow downward movement to the balls, something Molly did expertly. She didn't use much suction (unless I asked her to, with was also fun), but it felt great to feel her talented tongue. I held her head every so often, gently, and for a brief while I happily fucked her mouth slowly as she slurped.

Soon I was sitting beside her and she knelt on the floor. I enjoyed watching her head bob as I held her and soon things slowed down. I pulled her over my lap.

I realized that it had been some time since I had given a woman a spanking. I've missed doing it more. I occasionally wish I could make a just-spanking (or maybe a just-spanking-and-blowjob) friend. Hrm.

Molly's ass is Rubenesque but not BBW, plump but not losing its womanly curve. It felt so good to have her across my lap, knees close together on the couch, feeling her body relax as she settled into her own headspace.

There's something really poignant and hot about that moment, when one's bottom partner has prepped herself but the assault hasn't begun. It's a time of shortened breath, biting the lower lip, adjusting the body for comfort as the butt gets raised just a little higher in the air. Its a moment then says She Knows Its Coming.

And it came. I started with a few gentle smacks, enjoying how her flesh responded. As my hand became hungrier, I couldn't help but smirk to myself as she began yelping and gasping. My cock hardened even more as my hand continued, not at all hard by my standards, but clearly a little more aggressively than poor Molly may have expected. It became my mission then to redden her thoroughly, no bruising, but definitely respond to her submissiveness with the hot glowing that her ass wanted.

Soon, I was alternating smacks to her ass and upper thighs, my nails running down the length of her legs. By then her ass was warm and ready to be fucked.

In the bedroom now, and my fingers are drenched with lube. She's on her hands and knees, her ass high in the air. Her anus is dark and inviting, smooth and winking at me. I had already been awakening and teasing the muscles around her anus as we made out earlier, and when she was sucking my cock, but now one, then two fingers, are probing her. I slip on a condom, stand on the bed behind her, and aim my cockhead for her hole.

We feel the pop, and my stroking is slow and shallow until she starts moving herself back against me. I love that, because it shows me that she wants cock in her ass as much as I want to give it there. She collapses on her tummy. I start fucking her plump ass until she's moaning into the pillow. Rather than intensify though, we slow down again in a casual way, and I eventually withdraw and change into another condom.

I already know that I'm not going to cum tonight, and that's mostly ok. That's been happening with new partners lately, and I don't let it worry me. But Molly's sucked my cock so nicely that she deserves a solid fuck, and so soon I spin her on her back and have her legs in the air. She definitely approves, and by the time her legs are over my shoulder and I'm pumping deeply into her, she's crying out and gushing a flood of girlcum across my balls, my thick dick, and soaking the sheets.

Did I mention that Molly's a squirter? Lovely.


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