Sunday, March 9, 2008

Shayne goes to class.

Having spent the early evening submitting my newfound pet to a variety of subtle humiliations (she looked particularly cute skipping to the car as her tartan jostled above her thighs), I parked the car. Reaching inside her skirt, I confirmed that she was as wet as I suspected, then undid the restraints securing her to her seat.

Her ass peeked deliciously from under the skirt as she stepped upstairs. I smiled to myself as I randomly pinched her bare bottom. After the door was opened, she stopped in her tracks.

Earlier in the day, I had arranged a lovely little playspace. The shrine to my own pleasure that I had erected featured a variety of my tools and toys: floggers, paddles, leather restraints, coils of rope, non-latex gloves, nipple clamps, blindfolds, earplugs, candles, vibrators, cuffs, police-issue plastic restraints, and more. Incense and candles lit, I poured myself a small whiskey and set it aside.

"On your knees." She obeyed. With extreme lenience, I gave her this one last opportunity to ask any questions she might have had. She had already misbehaved far more than my tolerance would have otherwise accepted, but she was still a wee kitten and I didn't want to scar her for life.

A nice bruise, maybe. But some other time.

I stood behind her as she knelt on the unforgiving wooden floor. I caressed her head. I reached down to cup and squeeze her tits under the crisp uniform shirt. I tugged the tie around her neck to force her head back for a small kiss, and a bite.

"You are here for my pleasure. Do you understand? From this moment forward, everything you do, everything you do not do, everything you say when I permit you to speak, everything you feel is entirely because I wish it so and for my pleasure. I wil kiss you if it pleases me. I will spank you if it pleases me. I will fuck you if it pleases me. I will leave you standing in a corner for an hour if it pleases me. You are mine. Do you understand?"

She already had her safe word. A lot of time had already been invested in small lessons and clarifications. She was not being surprised... other than now actually having to face the experience. She tried to clear her throat as she nodded. I gave her another kiss before I caressed her hair and then pushed her head down to the floor.

"What a lovely ass this is," I said as I stood behind her again, raising the tartan. "Look how smooth and white you are. My, my. Well, we'll see that turning shades of red soon enough, now won't we?"

I began with some gentle smacks as she squirmed in discomfort. Her knees were already asking for relief. I was unconcerned. Alternating between increasingly firmer smacks and soft caresses, I smiled at how her skin shook very slightly to my touch. The tartan skirt had bunched itself around her hips in the naughtiest way. I eventually struck her lovely ass with a leather slapper, causing her to jump.

I tugged her head back from the floor. Her face was flushed, her breathing quickened. I pressed her face into my crotch before tugging her on her feet with my fingers in her hair.

I sat on the wooden chair I had placed in the center of the room and yanked her over my lap. Instructing her to count, I began a pleasant assault on her ass with my bare hand as she yelped and squealed and squirmed like the bad girl she is. My strong arm constricted around her waist and held her across my lap. I enjoyed hearing the tapping of her shoes on the floor as she kicked her legs. I enjoyed how she shook and whimpered as I made her white ass glow several shades of pink and crimson. I enjoyed how her pretty little anus winked and winked again between each smack. Her cunt was dripping.

Sated for the moment, I let her slide off my lap to collapse in a heap on the floor. I stood, walked to my shrine, and sipped my whiskey. In a moment of reward, I allowed her the smallest of sips. In a moment of mercy, I asked her a question.

"How do you feel?"

She nodded as she gasped, crumpled on the floor.

"Not for long." I removed her tie and uniform shirt. I lifted her up by her chin and set her on her knees on the chair, facing its high back and the large glass window across the room. I pinched her nipples while I secured her ankles and wrists to the chair with rope. I slipped the another coil of rope, this one knotted in the center, into her mouth and secured it around her head. I gave her a kiss.

All she wore were her bobby socks and the tartan. I resumed spanking her, this time parting her asscheeks widely open for my viewing pleasure. I subjected her to hand, leather slapper, wooden spoon. She whimpered, cried out, gasped.

It was time to subject her to a taste of my wrath. For more than twenty extra minutes, she delayed my pleasure by failing to return to me in her uniform when instructed to. I strolled to my shrine and lifted the thin wooden birch.

It was a small cane, really. Very flexible. But how it hissed when stroked through the air. Ominous. Something to shake one's knees over. I watched her breathing quicken as she listened to the birch, and then she received the first strike directly across both distended ass cheeks. A lovely hiss. A lovely ripple across her skin. A lovely pale, red line.

One. Then another, and another. More. Harder now. Faster. One stroke for each unauthorized minute, and all concluding with the hardest stroke yet. How she suffered for her transgression. Probably not as much as she could have, certainly not, but for her reddened novice's ass, definitely an experience.

She submission pleased me. She moaned when I gave her another small reward: a few too-brief moments of the vibrating knob at her delicate pussy. She had earned it, and so my tenderness was hers. For the moment.

Bent over the backrest of the chair, now her bare back was my canvas. The black candle was already lit. The bowl of ice was standing by. I blindfolded my pet as I whispered into her ear how she would find this so amusing.

The excellent thing about fire and ice is how, with the right candle, the sensation blurs itself. The look on my pet's face was adorable as, in her blinded state, she pulled so slightly away from the heat of molten wax and shuddered with the dripping frozen water. In time, she simply squirmed, gasping more, feeling so many temperatues from so many rivulets of liquid showering upon her. I stood above her, smiling, the ice in one fist and the candle high above her in the other, occasionally returning to squeeze and pinch her cute little tits.

Time passed, and soon it was dark outside. Our room was golden from the glow of so many candles. My poor pet had been subjected to so many sensations and experiences before it was time she pleased me to my full. On that dreaded wooden floor again, her knees ached as I opened my pants before her face and fed her my cock.

"You will suck it expertly," I intoned, "or my punishment will be severe."

She obeyed me. Hungrily, she was relieved, although whether it was because she had escaped my clamps and paddles, or because she had her keeper's thick dick in her mouth, or both, was only known to her. I suspect both. I enjoyed how she forcefuly breathed through her nose as she serviced me, sucking my cock. I thought about the cocksucking training I would give her to amuse myself with (why else her school uniform?), but soon I was ready to finish the evening's entertainment with something more penetrative.

Her suckling mouth pulled from my cock, she was tugged by the hair to the nearby bed where I set her on her hands and knees. She still wore the white bobby socks and tartan skirt, which again found itself raised and draped across her lower back. I pressed her head down, raised her scarlet ass, parted her cheeks open, and slowly slid the entire length of my thick cock deeply inside her aching, dripping pussy. She squealed as I took her, pumping and gripping her hips as I pulled her against me. She begged for me to fuck her, aching to please me, crying out as I rammed myself deeply into her submitting body. All this afternoon, all this evening, and into the night she had been subjected to multiple sensations, tortures, and humiliations, and now finally she was being taken like the slave pet she was. Her tight pussy suckled on my cock in quivering waves as she felt herself being completed as my playtoy and property. Her cunt was mine, and I had her to my fullest satisfaction.

... I held her as she came down from the energy of things. I smiled, kissing her head. I removed the leather bracelet from her right wrist. Our play had ended. We cuddled through the night, and had much to talk about the next day over breakfast.

She's delightful, and I love her very much.


Anonymous said...

awaiting your return. wanting to see what you mean by treating me as a beginner. want to feel what it means for you to let go on me.
i love you.

Rogue said...

Is that a dare, you foolish hussy? Well...

I love you too.

Rogue said...

... Just a whisper more than a year ago I posted this, and how I do remember that evening well.

Miss her.