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What I did on my summer vacation (1).

There is a clothing-optional, sex-positive, pro-polyamorous, alternative-spiritual gathering that takes place south of the Mason-Dixon line that, for a time in my life, was a second home to me. I've mentioned it before. For a few years, my annual summer vacation involved working my ass off for ten or more days in the southern heat (and occasional monsoon) as my circle of friends organized and executed a fantastic event for several hundred unique people. Facilitating registration, teaching workshops, handling paperwork, delegating errands, being on-call for weird emergencies, putting out ego fires... I worked myself to the bone and loved every moment of it in every year that I did it.

And there were perks. Sure, staff got cool Tshirts and got to appear all authoritative-like with cool palm-sized Motorola two-way radios. But we also had our private booze stashes, the daily 4pm "meeting" that involved ice-cold martinis in camp, town runs for ice cream ("C'mere, I have a very important job to delegate to you. Forget the wood shortage for the bonfire; this is urgent."), and the Mansion.

Most attendees brought tents, and many (including most staff) bunked in communal cabins. The Mansion is a 19th century house in only the most charming state of rustic, and where all event affairs were headquartered. At any given moment, gathering staff hunkered over laptops amid dozens of cardboard boxes of Tshirts, swimming tags, workshop flyers, programs, and the like. The main room, and the adjoining 24-hour coffee den, were always abuzz with activity and loud with delegation.

But it also had several rooms on two floors where the luckiest of staff would bunk down, store gear, use as refuges, and go to fuck.

I liked being staff.

Many are the stories that I could share that involve this particular elysium. I met The Grrl there. Tari sucked my cock in the woods there. Another year, the Teacher eagerly sucked me in one of the empty cabins as a friend walked in on us. Diva sucked me in a small hut while a lithe blonde boy fucked her from behind.

Jenny was a Southern girl. She was a petite little blonde whose soft hair came just above her shoulders, and it was only the experience in her eyes that gave away her age as just shy of thirty. She had a small tattoo on her ankle. She was truly pretty, and a shamelessly perverse man who might dress her in a schoolgirl uniform could well find the results more frighteningly disturbing than just merely erotic. Jenny was cute.

Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend was a leering, pushy ass. He enjoyed it that his girlfriend took a casual, almost shy, shine to me, but somehow I got the sense that it was because he was more interested in having space to seek other partners for himself than because he got off on the idea that she liked the registration coordinator. Whatever.

This particular year, Jenny would drop in on me from time to time over the first few days of the gathering as I conducted staff affairs. The Grrl and I were together then, but as she was pursuing a tawny redhead that year as well, I was able to enjoy Jenny's drop-bys without fear of 'play imbalance.' Jenny and I got to know each other gradually. I learned that she was into furries. I had never met anyone into that scene before, and I had to admit that I thought it was really hot, even if only a geeky fandom kind of way. If Jenny wanted to be a sweet kitty ready for some cream... well, I'd be thrilled to help out. GGG, and all that.

We were talking near the Mansion. Giving myself a break from the chaos inside, I leaned against a tree as we shared cold beer on an excrutiatingly hot and humid day. Following a flirtacious pause in our chat, I pulled her close for a kiss. Her tiny body melted as my firm arm coiled around her waist as she crushed her lips to mine, not so shy any more.

"I want to have some fun with you," she said. Her accent was so cute.

The Mansion was full of people, and I wasn't crashing there this year. The cabin the Grrl and I were in was also full of people, and I wouldn't want to take her to our space anyway. It was just too hot to stay outside. I smirked and took her hand: being staff had its privileges. I led her to the back of the Mansion, where a small fieldstone stairwell descended to a closed door. We went through.

"In the basement?" she asked incredulously. The earthy scent of must and rain and soil permeated the large, but cramped, room. Pool equipment, camping supplies, dining hall gear, tarpulins, lumber, sandbags surrounded us in organized sections. A path of sorts weaved mazelike through the stored equipment.

"Feel how much cooler it is in here though?"

She blinked and nodded, smiling with relief from the heat.

There was no place to sit. Holding her hand, I weaved us through the maze of stuff until I came upon a lone support beam, worn and knarled with age. I stood next to it as I turned around, wrapped my arms over her shoulders, and gave her a passionate kiss. She responded eagerly as my hands caressed her back over her Tshirt, enjoyed the strength of her thighs over her jeans, gently squeezed her tiny ass. She reached forward and felt my hardening girth through my khaki shorts.

Breaking our kiss, I looked into her eyes as my hands reached the button of her pants, tugging it, and slowly lowering the zipper. She had a surprised look on her cute face as I dropped to my knees. I looked up, biting my lower lip.

"Show me," I said.

Kicking off her running shoes, she undid her pants. She started to shimmy out of them when I stopped her, tugging the slightly unrolled denim at her thigh and set her facing the support beam. Kneeling behind her, I steadied my breathing as I slowly revealed her boyish, adorable butt to me. I lowered her jeans as she stepped out of them, enjoying the sight of her blue cotton panties.

My sense was that she wasn't used to receiving attention, at least not in the beginning. She seemed confused in a delicious way, and her breathing was delightfully deep and uneven. Her hands on the beam, she looked down to me from over her shoulder and nodded rapidly when I asked her if she was feeling ok.

There was only one way to best respond to such hungry enthusiasm.

Raining her precious ass with kisses and nips, my hands caressed her legs from ankle to thigh as I relaxed on my haunches as much as a concrete floor would allow. I buried my face between her covered cheeks, tugging at her panties with my teeth as I breathed in her heady scent. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my lips pursed to feel hers. The soaked cotton briefly clung to my face when I pulled back.

I let my hands wander upward and under the blue material. She sighed quietly as I tenderly squeezed her ass, arching herself towards me. I tugged her panties to her ankles, parted her open, and pressed my face between the back of her upper thighs. She adjusted herself against the beam. I reveled in the feel of her pert little ass against my face, warm and soft, as I slowly probed her soft folds with a wet and curious tongue. Her sweetness blended with her perspiration, and I became drunk with her feral essence. She was beautifully sculpted, and my heart raced as I dove into her sex and slid and swirled my tongue as deeply inside her as I could.

My eyes closed, her flesh hard against my ears, I could only taste and feel and smell. She shuddered and quivered as I feasted on her. My hands explored her asscheeks, caressed her legs, hugged her flat tummy from under her. I held her hips when she leaned back more and more, working to get more of my tongue inside her. Between flicks and swirls and slow withdrawals, I fucked her with my tongue until she stiffened, cried out loud, and started shaking when she came. I was drenched and out of breath. Barefoot with her panties around her ankles, her Tshirt soaked in perspiration, she held onto the beam for balance.

My knees were killing me. I stood up and kissed the nape of her salty neck. She turned and met my mouth with hers while running her forearm along the length of my covered cock. We continued to kiss and fondle each other for several minutes, my hands happy to hold her bare melon ass. I was starting to ask myself if she was ok, if this is all we'd do together, if she needed to get somewhere by now, when it occured to me: lithe, little, lusty southern Jenny was waiting to be told.

I indulged in a moment of deeper kissing, running my hands through her hair and nibbling on her lips before I pulled back with a wet, noisy smk. I rested my hands at her hips and smiled, looking into her eyes.

"Suck it, Jenny. Suck my cock."

There was a delightful pause as I watched her eyes glaze over. I started to undo my khakis. She looked me in the eye as she touched the tip of my dick before they came off, and she closed them as her fingers slowly coiled around the girth of me. I leaned against the beam. I kissed her again.

"Let me feel your mouth." Using her pants to protect her knees against the cool concrete, she lowered herself before me.

And that was when I realized why her boyfriend was such an asshole. I sifted some fingers through her hair, only to feel her suddenly grow tense, and it clicked. She was expecting me to tug her onto my cock, probably gag her with it, and that was obviously No Fun to her.

She wasn't terrorized: she stroked me affectionately, sensually. She brushed the head of my cock with her thumb and palm, sending me into small shockwaves that made me laugh as I talked to her. I wanted her to have fun, I told her. Take me at your own pace. Have fun with my cock, I said. Do what pleases you, I suggested.

She did. Enthusiastically. As if it were a rare opportunity for her to have cock in her mouth at her leisure, for her pleasure.

And it was her having pleasure with my dick in her mouth that gave me pleasure. Starting with uncertain licks and shallow sucks, it wasn't too long before she had most of me in her mouth and bobbed her wet lips in repeated, increasingly urgent sucks. She listened to my coaching with moans of appreciation: slide your tongue there, flick it here, that's good, take it at your pace, enjoy it, don't be afraid of it, you're doing great.

To cum, I need to thrust. I might not tug, but it definitely helps if I'm holding her head and fucking mouth at some point. Hoping that I earned enough trust to do that some to Jenny, I started slowly as she smartly wrapped a saliva-slick hand around my thickness. I love that, and soon I was holding her head gently, squatting with bent knees before her, fucking her drenched mouth in the basement of an antique mansion in the middle of a campground. My motions elicited the most delicious, rude slurping from her tight lips, and I felt my juice start to build inside me. People's laughter echoed in the distance, from upstairs, around us. Jenny moaned and breathed through her nose as her blonde hair swayed back and forward while I fucked her kissable mouth.

I warned her. She stayed right where she was. She sucked harder. I looked down to see the very edge of her naked, beautifully bubbly, tiny ass as she slurped and sucked and stroked me to completion. My cum shot across her tongue and down her throat as she swallowed again and again. I hissed and growled as I felt her milk me.

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Her knees were killing her too, and our legs were muddied, our soles black. Jenny stripped off her Tshirt, revealing a pair of sexy small breasts, and we left the basement into the waning sunshine and soft grass outside.

We would see each other again that week.

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