Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She winks in my direction.

The previously-mentioned Carly is a curvy, blue-eyed, late40s brunette milf from a bustling Ontario suburb with a bustling Ontario suburban life: "gardening, walking, skiing, soccer, volleyball, volunteering, reading, leisure time with my children."

And rimming. She forgot to mention the rimming.

Relaxing at home last Sunday night, I decided to peek at my profile on the HSV+ dating site. Believe me: I was just looking through messages, seeing who had "winked" me, updating this and tweaking that. I never expected something hot to happen ("I was minding my own business when all of a sudden..."), ping there I noticed that one of the women who had read my profile was now online. Friendly guy that I am, I IM her just for a hello.

Usually, I can't stand that IM thingie. Every time I try to start a conversation with someone new on it, I can feel the eyeroll at the other end. Oh God, can't these guys go away? I'm trying to find out what character I am on CSI, for chrissake. Leeme alone.

So imagine the look on my face when I discover that she's the one doing the hunting here. Didn't milfs used to get called cougars? It seems that I'm the prey.

Carly and I are making smalltalk. We discuss the HSV+ social events that apparently happen in my area. (Who knew?) Really, I was just saying hello. (Fine, don't believe me. But it's true.) I was just about to wind the chat down, say it was nice to 'meet' her blah blah, gotta run blah blah, when she up and sends another IM post.

Carly: Ok. Let's talk dirty.

I think she's kidding. No. A few more questions later and I'm giving her my phone number. Didn't I just do this with Kay?

This woman doesn't know dick about me, but she does soon enough: she floods me with questions about my dick. Its size, girth, how far apart are my fingers when I wrap them around the base, what my balls are like, how the head is shaped. As I languish on the futon and slowly stroke myself with a fist covered in almond oil, naughty Carly is somewhere west of me, stroking her pussy to the mental image of my cock. But wait, there's more.

I begin to tell her how I love to suck, love the feel and texture of a woman in heat at my mouth, against my face. I share how I like to probe with my tongue, how I like to tease and lick, when her breathless voice yearns out to me.

"Lick my asshole... please, lick me there," she says. "I really like it."

Now, I enjoy loving the whole of a woman's body: arms, lips, thighs, everywhere. But it's true that I enjoy lingering and taking great pleasure out of a woman's behind. Her butt. That nice heinie. Ass. And... bonus!... the most forbidden, most taboo, most intimate, most sensitive part of her body can also be found there. Anuses are fucking sexy. Know a woman's anus and you've introduced yourself to the pinnacle of her outward bodily mysteries.

"Relax and enjoy," I whispered in her ear, "as the tip of my warm and darting tongue traces the circle of your darkest spot, your winking sphincter, the gateway to your nether core. I love the shift in skin tone you have, the way your sumptuous curves pour themselves toward this tender hole. Can you feel me tease you? Don't you like this tickling tongue?"

I felt certain that her wet fingers were exploring herself there. She later said so, and that her fingertips were probing and swirling her hole.

"Will you give me that cock there?" she asked. "Would you fuck me? Fuck my ass?" By this time, she was started to cry out in short gasps. She was close.

"You want that, don't you? You like feeling my wet thumb probing you there?"

"Yes! Yes, please, please fuck my ass... I need it...'

"Feel your face get pushed into the pillow, my hands spreading you wide open. Look at that nice ass, that tender asshole that's gonna get fucked..."

"Oh yes..."

"... with this thick cock of mine. Can you feel the tip of me? How my cockhead spreads you open? Now you can squeal and cry out all you fucking want, because your ass is mine..."


"I'm going to slowly slide this cock inside you until my balls are against your skin, pumping you..."

And that's when I heard her crest, and just faintest sound of something drenched in lubricant making fast thrusts into a fleshy hole. She gasped and grunted, and as I listened, my cock burst high and true onto my abs. My cock glistened, shining in the low light and covered in oil as my fist noisily milked me from myself. In my cumhaze, I continued to tell her how I'd pound her hard and deep, relentlessly.

"Gonna fuck your ass," I grunted as I was shooting, listening to her continued yelps from fifty miles away," Fuck your nice, tight ass with this thick, throbbing cock..."

I thought of Shayne's panting squeals when I fucked her in the ass during her last visit. I thought of the threesome between Shayne, me, and Little Anal Annie, whom I rimmed for damn nearly a half hour. I thought of Diva's shuddering screams as she moaned how her legs numbed and weakened from a good buggering, hissing "Hot! Hot! So hot!" when she felt my cum burst into her pink, nether hole. I thought of the Grrl's squirming and gasping as her burning, red, soundly-spanked ass got deeply fucked in our bed. Connie, when she pumped her fingers in her dark anus as she jilled in front of me. Stacy and her virgin asshole that took my cock easier than I could have imagined. Kay, whose cumcries resounded in my ear just the night before, and whom, given the opportunity, I will definitely fuck in the ass.

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Sweethart said...

Oh my. All these lucky girls who get the gift of your wonderful way with words. Very lucky indeed :)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Oh my, my. This is something which has had my curiosity for a while... I think I need to move further into the exploration stage.

And, of course, your words are positively pulsing.

Simon said...

Hi, i think i need your help.

I would love to rim my GF but she wont have any of it. a few times when i have gone down on her and played with her i hae put i finger in her ass i was sure to make sure it was well lubed with her pussy juices but i think she does not like the idea of it. i know for sure she enjoys it but just does not want it?

I wouldt love to one day fuck her in the ass, how do i get there?!


Rogue said...

Sweethart, you gorgeous thang you, ~
You're such a treat, thank you. Did I mention that I was dropping by with a nice bottle of wine?

Ms. Inconspicuous, my sweet nymph,
My words aren't all that pulse when you wink in my direction. Exploration is vitally important, not only in anal play, but in all sexuality, I'm sure you'll agree... I envy those doubled-breasted boys who may have opportunity to share your company should you do so. *sigh* Yes, I would indeed.

Rogue said...

Simon ~
Dude, I am very happy to help as best as I can, and am psyched that you would ask such a question. Like for directions while driving, so many of us guys often seem determined to not ask questions, and sometimes to our own detrement.

I'm a little unclear, though: you're saying that '(you) think she does not like the idea of (anal play)," but that you "know for sure that she enjoys it" though "may not want it."

Is she new to anal play? If she is, she's likely being apprehensive for good reason. If she isn't, is it possible that she's not feeling comfortable with your approach specifically?

But you ask such a great question that I couldn't begin to share all of my own thoughts on it in this reply.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post just for you, Simon.

Meanwhile: have any of you ladies a comment to add on this?

Simon said...

Thank you for your words.

Sorry i was very unclear with this matter. too many typos...

Well whenever we do "play" she enjoys her ass ticked while i finger her and stimulate her clit but if i just touch her ass alone she screams at me. so i know she must like it as it makes her cum loads but just not keen on me touching her sexy sphincter.

I want to eat her and fuck her in the ass eventually. I love exploring my girl.

Btw i am her first sexually in all endeavours.

Thanks again, Hope i cleared things up a little.

I look forward to the post.

Anonymous said...

My, my, Rogue. You have been a very busy boy over the past few days. You have such a way with words...I can totally hear them ringing in my ears right now. ;)

Lilly said...

Busy indeed ;)

I agree, I'm thinking this is something I need to explore. Give it another try or two.

Sweethart said...

Rogue, its just cruel of you to tease a poor girl...


Rogue said...

Swingerwife, you delicious hussy,
It seems that I have been... batting eyelashes... what ever shall I do? I'm pleased you're enjoying as much as I.

Lilly, you tawdry tart,
*blink*blink* You don't mind, do you? It's a surprise to me too. *wink* So, you're starting to ask yourself about nether pleasures, mm? Gives a new meaning to submissive, bent-over pictures, no?

Sweethart, you darling orchid,
What makes you so confident that I'm only teasing?