Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kay loses a bet.

After a long day, I'm enjoying some dinner and catching the Jays play Baltimore at a local bar. Normally, I'm not much of a baseball guy.

Between bites of my spicy wings, I remember that Kay, my swinging internet friend and sometime-phonesex buddy, is an Orioles fan. Naturally, this requires some long-distance teasing.

Me: In a bar watching Toronto play Baltimore. Lookout, girlie!

Kay: Baltimore shall win!

Me: Ten bucks?

Not long ago, Kay sent me pictures of herself in a pair of lacey red panties. You can't help but like a woman who sends you pix of herself in underwear.

Kay: Fuck that. Winner owes loser a back rub and an orgasm!

And you can't help but like a woman who isn't afraid to up the ante on a playful bet.

Me: Oh, right, like you're not gonna get that from me anyway! That is: if I ever steer you away from the new guy!

She's been telling me about this dude she encountered online and then recently met in a bar. She gave him a teasingly little handjob there that night, but little else happened then. I've since learned that she's rectified that little problem, and she's very glad. She seems like a kid with a new toy.

Kay: I just saw him again today. Four orgasms for me!

Me: :) You suck.

Kay: Damn right I do! :P

Me: Oh, would I knew of it. ;)

Kay: Perhaps you shall one day. He came in my mouth today, by the way. So fucking hot.

I enjoy Kay's stories, and she seems to enjoy mine. But we've hardly been in touch lately, and that's probably because of the fun she's having. My sense is that she's very into her current playmate, which is perfectly fine of course considering that we've never even met in the flesh. But, oh, how she enjoyed my attention (and the pictures of my cock that she asked for) only a few weeks ago...

Kay: I was playing with myself the entire time we were on the phone.

She texted me the day after we first spoke. It was just a quick little call to say hello.

Me: You tease. Are you trying to make me hard all day?

Kay: I happen to now be a bit obsessed with the thought of your cock. It is obsession-worthy for sure. Very tasty, sir.

Me: Damn. I like you. Cmere and let me tap it on your face. Im bad. I know.

Kay: I like bad.

Me: Hitting the shower soon, then out. Tempted to call you first and let you hear me stroke off...

Kay: Would love that! But can't now! Boo!

Me: (laughs) Ok... I'll save it for you.

Kay: Do so. Please

Me: Id love to bend you over and fuck you deep until you howl.

Kay: Wow! And I'd love to let you, sir.

Me: By the way: youre obsessed with my cock? I love it. You were jilling as we spoke? I love it.

Kay: Yes. Obsessed is the word. *sigh* :) My texts getting you hard?

Me: YOU get me hard. Your delicious texts are just a fabulous bonus. Yes.

Kay: I'm glad. We are even. You get me wet.

Me: Im dying to taste you, to feel you on my face. To breathe in your clean musk and feast on you gently.

Kay: I would love to know what your naked skin would feel like against my own. Yes, definitely a question of time.

It would be nice thought to make the trip south and see what might happen in a Delaware hotel room. But as things with Shayne have wonderfully improved, I'm unsure when such an opportunity might present itself right now.

That's not entirely a bad thing, I suppose. Good things come to those who wait. Kay has her swinging husband, her new toy, and probably more happenings under her sheets. I have my beloved Shayne and my blossoming new and scandalous friendship with Morgan. Shayne recently had a date with another girl and has her sexy slate-blue eye on a married couple in her 'hood.

But Kay still lost a bet. The Jays beat Baltimore last night, 8-7, so I'm fully expecting to collect on that offer of a backrub and an orgasm. It's been a long time since I heard a Southern drawl muffled by the sweet sound of slurping on my bat.

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Shayne said...

the grainy quality of those sexy pictures make them so much more fun! don't they Rogue?

Rogue said...

Just you wait for Friday. ;)