Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fireworks, cont'd.

Kara held me close after she came in my mouth, resting her head on my broad chest while we relaxed on the futon. Soon, she was reaching under herself to grasp me in her fist and begun giving my cock long, slow strokes. I closed my eyes, still savouring her essence in my mouth.

She scooted herself down to bring her beautiful face close to my throbbing cock and balls. Relaxing in a fetal position, she rested her cheek against my thigh as she watched her hand stroke me upward, giving herself a close-up view of my stalk. She stroked me casually, purposefully, squeezing me before she tilted her head upward, licked her lips, and engulfed my cockhead between them in a slow, sensual suck. I felt her tongue swirl as she took more of me into her mouth, and soon she was hoisting her weight onto her elbows so she could slide more of her mouth down and upon me.

Kara bobbed her head slowly, and the moist warmth of her mouth instantly relaxed every muscle in my body. She tightened her lips on the upstroke to suck my dick firmly, and soon she was cupping my smooth and full balls in a warm, squeezing hand while she twisted and bobbed her head in my lap.

Soon, I was thrusting upward and deeper into her mouth. She withdrew me to tilt her head to the side and coat the entire length of me with a downward swab of her wet tongue until her mouth was at the base of my cock and balls, only to slide upward again until her tongue teased the very tip of my cock. I was seeing stars and hungered to thrustmy cock into her wanton throat, but held myself at bay to simply feel what she could, and did, do to me.

My fingers ran through her short, dark hair. She gripped my shaft in a wet fist, and in that way that makes me crazy, firmly stroked me while continuing to suck and lick. By then my thrusts had become more urgent and demanding, and I held her head gently with both hands as I fucked her tight mouth. When I burst and soaked her tongue with my cum, she kept a firm grip on me to feel me throb in her hand, and her mouth never left my shaft as she milked life out of me.

"Then she got even with me. Earlier, I had cruelly continued to tease her sensitive clit after giving her head, making her writhe in sweet agony, and now she did the vesy same to me in return. Holding my hardness tight in her fist, I felt her tongue and suckling mouth blissfuly torture my glans until I was shouting out and laughing all at once.

Now you know what it feels like!" she taunted.

Shortly after, I languished with Kara's essence softly lingering on my tongue, my lips, and in my trimmed beard as I withdrew a 2004 Ruffino Chianti Classico Reserva Ducale from my reserved stock. Kara, her legs still wet with her arousal, strolled into kitchen wearing the new bathrobe that Santa had given her, and opened it to breathe as I warmed lasagna.

Let me say that the wine was a robust and silky compliment to grrlcum. My palate couldn't have been happier.

I dressed in a blend of business casual and fetish while she showered, and I smiled as I casually watched the business of Kara's bathing through the glass shower doors. She dressed in a fine black shirt with her naughty schoolgirl tartan and shoes, making a tasty appearance. I smirked quietly as I pondered hoisting her across my lap at some point in the evening for an over-the-knee spanking before the other club guests.

We would bring in 2010 at Goodhandy's, a pansexual club that caters more to the gay and transgendered community, but has a disarmingly relaxing vibe for the open-minded kinkster. As much as I generally prefer a more hetero venue for my own sexual playtime, I still think the gay dudes are cool, and there's something about the unpretentious ambience to this club that always has me wanting to go back. It reminds me of an only slightly queerer version of Paddles, where so much of my own fetish consciousness was nurtured so many years ago.

We relaxed over drinks and soaked in the vibe, people-watching and sharing naughty comments to one another. We played the Who Would You Take Home? game, and Kara picked a lean, muscular black dude who danced shirtless with his amusingly goofy partner and carried himself with a playful and unintimidated allure. We relished watching the shorthaired dirtyblonde make out with the impecabbly dressed Asian woman. A buzzcut, bleachblonde punkette caught both of our attention, and she smiled from near the bar behind us when my hand found itself occasionally raising the back of Kara's schoolgirl skirt between caresses to her back and legs.

Our evening's entertainment included local gay porn stars Johnny Maverick and Sam Swift, who sucked and fucked onstage before our audience of a hundred or so voyeurs. Kara was riveted as we watched. Was it because of the anal fucking or the fact that we were watching boys? Only she could rightly say. And she did.

"Cocks are so amazing," I could hear her say under her breath. I smiled.

Club co-owner Mandy Goodhandy followed the onstage fuck by taking male volunteers to receive spankings on stage, and we smirked as one timid dude after another submitted to public humiliation. It was so tempting to "volunteer" her.

We rung in the new year, and by 2am, we were entwined in bed together. Her back was to me when I awoke, and her naked thigh warmed by stiff cock as I felt the head of me between her firm, soft legs. Her ass against my pelvis inspired me, as I roused myself from slumber, slowly thrust my hips toward her closer to stroke my cock against her mound. Gradually, she awoke, and I felt rather than saw her grin in the darkness.

"Looking for a visit?" she asked saucily. I made a sleepy groan in reply, and soon she was feeling me inside her as we spooned. When she came, she was getting taken from behind as she lay on her belly and I clutched her pretty little asscheeks while fucking her hard. It made for an excellent New Year's morning.

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