Thursday, July 1, 2010

Softly breathless.

We both have been excessively busy in the last week or two, and had barely seen one another at all. I was finally able to spend the night at her place again, and the sex was loud and hot as she begged for my cock in her mouth. My, do I ever love that in a woman.

She took me. I had barely removed all of my clothes when she pounced me on the bed and dove her head straight into my lap. I laughed until I felt her soft, warm mouth engulf my soft, warm cock and close her soft, warm lips around it to the base of me. She had a mouthful of tender penis, her chin to my shaven sack, and it met her tongue like a relaxed coil as she teased me.

This doesn't happen often to me. The social messages men get barraged with demand that we boys strictly use our cocks only under the hardest, most erect, most completely phallic circumstances. Flaccidness ist verboten, we are subliminally told, and this is especially true if, like me, you're closer to being a "grower" rather than a "shower" (no, not this). There is a sensuality to the nude male sporting the temperate dick, but perhaps like for women bearing (yummy) teacup titties, there may be that moment of doubt: does she like it?

Kara liked it. She nursed on my softness like a baby to the breast, slowly sucking and licking me as I thickened. She gently caressed my too-long-away-from-her-full balls, squeezing them gently in the way I like. I lay back and relaxed, enjoying the decadent pleasure of being sucked from complete softness to thick and pulsing, twitching along her swabbing and swirling tongue. Soon I had her on her back and knelt beside her, my fists on the other side of her head as I hovered over her and fucked her sweet mouth vigourously. No softness by then. Nope.

I drove her to work the next morning. She's had a busy year, and is eager for some vacation. School is coming to a close, and was assisting at a party for the highschool kids when she texted me.

Kara: Phew! Heading home now after serving hundreds of pieces of strawberry shortcake... Ready to SIT!!! Aaaaah! :)

Me: See? You can breathe again. ;)

Oh, the smarmy double entendre.

Kara: Breathing is good!

Me: And your panting is better.

Kara: Hmmm! Don't get me started ... Last night did NOT slake my thirst!! :P

Nor mine.


Me said...

Well said, my sexy stud ... and nope, not slaked yet!! :P


Rogue said...

Mmm... a blowjob in the woods of the Northwest Territories?

Count me in! ;)