Monday, June 21, 2010

Watching television with Tammi and Joe.

The rich scent of cardomom and star anise filled the room as I poured the masala chai tea. It had been a long day, and we were enjoying one of the few occasions when she could come over to my pad and enjoy some overnight fun. It was an Us night, and we both were overdue for a little relaxed playtime.

We chose to stay in and snuggle up on the futon over a hot DVD.

I realized that we had yet to watch porn together, although we had talked about it often enough. Sometimes it still blows my mind when I learn about women who enjoy porn... a least when they're normally reserved, subtle, just slightly shy, politely Canadian women like my Kara.

Which is also why I think it's really fucking hot when I learn they do.

Kara, for her part, was all about surprises tonight. Once we were settled in, her just-so-slightly-chaste veneer melted away when I introduced her to my DVDs. She confessed that her own collection was ridiculously nil, and some of it only acquired by slight peer pressure during a past wedding shower. The poor thing.

My eyes made a wide smile when I saw she made a beeline for the anal material.

"Remember when you Twittered about buying some porn while you were in Oshawa?" she chuckled. "Whatja get?"

Enjoying her tea, topless and wearing cute white cotton panties under the decadent white cotton robe that she keeps in my closet just for when she visits. She rested her head against my shoulder as I clikked the remote. From the corner of my eye, I watched her jaw go slack as she gave the widescreen her undivided attenton.

How she tried to control herself. But after watching the sexy little minx on the screen display her cute little ass from under the schoolgirl skirt, it wasn't long before she was whispering comments in my ear.

"She's really hot," she panted quietly.

"Her name is Tammi Ann," I replied, nuzzling close. "She was always one of my favorites... a tiny shorthaired waif like you."

Tammi displayed her exquisite behind from over her partner's, veteran pornster Joey Silvera, shoulder. I felt my cock swell when the camera delivered a close-up to the sensually dark ring around wee Tammi's rosebud. I have a thing for the crinkled, darkened skin so intimately there. Casually, I stroked Kara's arm as she rested her weight against me.

By the time Joey was swabbing some beautiful and drenched pussy with his broad tongue, teasing Tammi's distended and quivering clit, Kara was speechless. By the time Tammi was expertly sucking on some long and thick cock, coating Joey's cockhead with wet and eager lips, my own was rigid against my thigh under my weightlifting pants. By the time Tammi was bending herself over the arm of a couch to yieldingly offer her handful of ass, when she began feeling her lover's wide cockhead slowly slip past her backdoor, Kara was squirming beside me.

"How do you feel?" I asked with a grin.

She chuckled. "Uh. Horny." Her eyes never left the screen. Her hand casually reached to give my cock a gentle squeeze.

I smiled and withdrew my arm from across her shoulders. Slipping my hand under her robe, I slowly teased my fingertips past her warm panties. Kara smirked beside me.

Uh huh. Wet. Nicely so.

Yeah, my grrlfriend enjoys porn. Win.

My fingertips parted through the downy, dark fur above her delicious slit and discovered her hat. I rested my fingers on the crest just above her clit, and made small, slow circles. Kara squirmed even more. Sometimes, just for fun, I'll reach over the bed at night and give her a quickie handjob, and it's taught me a few things about how she likes and wants it. I like that.

I varied my tempo. I teased her. I swirled a moist finger gently around her nubbin. I alternated between a firm pressure at either side of her delicious, hardening clit and just baely touching the very tip of her. I teased her tightening, wet hole. I slowly drew my finernails down her thigh. As I watched the sucking and fucking on the JVC, taunting and pleasuring my own little waif had me grinning like a kid.

Tammi was gasping sexily as she rode Joey's cock when my fingers were swirling around Kara's clit. As my strokes swirled quickly, softly, I felt her tense up. Kara's jaw tightened and she leaned forward just slightly as her back began to stiffen, and her hands reached below to guide mine from my wrists. Her pelvis humped forward slightly, she gasped, she whimpered, and I felt her become even more drenched when she started to shudder and stiffen as she sat erect beside me. Her grrlcum coated my fingertips as she held me still, and when she fel back against the futon, she was quietly gasping for air.

Her searching tongue found my mouth, and her breath was hot and fierce when she kissed me wetly and noisily.

Watching this scene, likely shot fifteen or so years ago, brought me back to days when porn seemed a little different. Joey seems to have stayed in the business, especially when it comes to transgendered partners and performers. Regarded as a "classic" porn star now, a little internet peeking taught me that Tammi left the camera in the late 90s and has since been enjoying life as a $500-per-hour sex worker.

We finished our chai. It was tasty.

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