Saturday, July 16, 2011


So I'm cruising along St. Clair with a bellyful of Chinese food and Canadians, and I reach the Dufferin intersection. I'm instantly reminded of Steph, whose house is nearby.

God, I miss her blowjobs. Ok, she didn't have much going in her life and world, but Christ, the woman could suck cock.

I turn south on Dufferin, and when I reach Dupont, I see the stripmall where the McDonald's is. I loathe McDonald's. But, just as instantly, I remember the days when I would pick up Heidi (my lying, lunatic ex-wife) after she danced at the Paradise. Having a lover who is a strip dancer is kinda hot to me. On those nights when I would get her after work, she insisted that we stop at that McDonald's, and as she mowed on her Macs, I often relaxed behind the wheel and thought about her sashaying her big ass to the crowd.

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