Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bedtime stories.

Like a stage, her charmingly elegant bed commanded the room, and I was still smiling over the sight of the assorted sextoys and kinktools when, naked, I slid under the sheets with her. This was going to be a nice night, I thought to myself as she rested her bare back to my chest.

We enjoyed dinner, some wine at her pad, and discussion about intimate truths, desires, possibilities between us. I was liking her. We romped on her couch. She had already cum in my mouth. I had already spanked her bare, oh-just-so-slightly-fawn behind. It was a comfortable, relaxed, sensual energy.

She groaned happily when I began massaging the nape of her neck, her back, her thighs, when she asked me to read my entry in the erotic anthology that I had been recently published in.

"You like bedtime stories, do you?" I smirked. She smiled prettily, her bare shoulder peeking from under the rich, burgundy sheets. Supported by the pillows, we relaxed side-by-side on our chests as I reached for the book.

"I was in my bliss," the story began, and I was. "I could not have imagined a more perfect way to cap last night's happiness."

Written from the perspective of a daring wife, it's a story about sensual discovery, about exploration between two partners in love, about breaking taboos, and about assplay. As I read, it seemed naughtily appropriate to caress Cupcakes' smooth, broad back, my warm hands gradually lowering to massage the base of her spine and, finally, her lovely round ass.

"I bobbed my outstretched palms and fingers on his flesh, feeling his bubble shape and patting him. His ass filled my hands nicely. I slowly drew a finger or two up and along the seam between his cheeks, enjoying how pert he really was. I slowly probed a finger inside father, found his anus and teased it with a fingertip."

I paused and looked at her, a risque idea rippling in my head. I set the book aside for a moment as I sought the lubricant from the table beside her. I moistened the fingers on my left hand, gave her a gentle kiss, and returned to my reading. My wet hand slipped under the covers again, and as I resumed, parted between her asscheeks to press themselves lightly on her backdoor. She sighed and settled her head deeper into her pillow.

"I took a breath and chose to move forward. I chose to press my luck."

Cupcakes' anus was warm and tight as it clutched my finger. Slowly, I teased her open with smooth, circular strokes, enjoying the feel of her winking muscles. I probed gently, just the tip, and gradually coaxed her body into accepting more and more of my digits. By the time the protagonist in the story had her husband bent over a bathroom sink and was fully penetrating him with her fingers, my index finger was slowly pistoning inside Cupcakes' curvy body. The story was ending.

"I nipped his shoulder gently as I slowly withdrew my fingers and his chest surged forward slightly. His eyes still bore into mine. He was still panting."

I knelt up, my fingers still inside her, and brought my naked cock closer to her mouth. She tilted her head to take me, and as I set the book aside and probed her womanly bottom, she suckled me to hardness. I thrust into her mouth slowly, enjoying the feel of her pouty lips around my cock before I reached to the table again for a another condom. I pulled from her mouth, kissed her, and asked her what she supposed was coming next.

"You're going to fuck my ass, aren't you?" she replied. Her panting increased.

And I did. I set her to her right side, her left knee high and at her chest, as I lubed her further. I caressed her back slowly as I aimed my cockhead to her prepped and ready hole, and cooed with her as I felt it give way to my gradual entry. Once in, I gave her a few moments to get used to the feel of me, all the while tugging her hair in my fist and holding onto her left calf. In another moment, I started to fuck her.

She groaned under me. She gripped the pillow between her fingers. She watched me from over her shoulder, her eyes squinting in an almost angry "You're going to fuck my ass, aren't you" look. Her mouth was silently open as she watched me take her deeply, my hips eventually pounding against her thighs and asscheeks as I took her. Balled into fists, I would rest my hands at either side of her, my torso bent over her body as I pistoned my cock inside her. She was completely enjoying herself, watching me, feeling me, humping her ass backward toward me to take me back. Soon, she started to shake and cry out, those angry eyes shut tight now as she started to cum. Her mouth opened wider, her backward thrusts became faster and harder, and she thrust her face into the pillows when she let out a series of highpitched wails.

I slowed down. I withdrew. I held her. She raised her head with a look of ecstacy and satisfaction and disbelief on her face.

"I... I came," she said, blinking and panting. "That was fucking amazing. I never come that way."

I hadn't. But I wasn't worried about it: that often happens with me when I'm with a new partner, and God knows I was still having tons of fun with her. But Cupcakes was still hungry, and so soon I found myself giving her a little show as I stripped off the condom, cleaned myself up, relaxed on the bed beside her, lubed my fist, and stroked myself as she watched, wide-eyed.

"Yeah... show me how you do it..."

One arm under my head, I smirked as my other fist squeezed, stroked, and pumped my hard cock. Cupcakes leaned up on an elbow and kept her eyes glued to my thickening, reddening dick as my fist sped faster and faster, more and more noisily, as I jacked it for our mutual pleasure. I was groaning, watching her watching me. Her lips went slack and her eyes glazed over as they remained fixed upon my body. My fist became a blur.

"Wow... you do it so fast..."

I kissed her temple and ran my fingers through her short, dark, tightly curled hair as I stroked. One of my personal fetishes gripped me as I gripped myself. Pausing to add more lube to my fist from time to time, I enjoyed the completely randy noise of it squishing between my fingers and my cock as Cupcakes panted quietly. Between the sound of her breath and my stroking, I started to feel the familiar quiver in my sac, the tightness in my abs. I arched my back when I felt the roiling inside me, the pressure building up in my abdomen, and I used my muscles to squeeze those happy tubes inside me tight to rack it up for release. Cupcakes drew herself closer, riveted, and for a moment I wondered if she planned to bring her face near my dick to receive my seed. When I finally let myself go, streams of me burst from my purple cockhead and splashed across my hips, legs, and stomach until I collapsed with my weight fully enshrouded by that exquisite bed of hers. A gentle silence came over the room.

"That was so hot," she whispered into my ear as I felt the waves within me slowly subside.

We cuddled. I stood with a satisfied laugh and had a fast shower. I enjoyed the feel and scent of her body beside me as we shared the rest of the night, the room slightly aglow from the reflected light of the streetlamps outside, the raindrops on the windows shimmering like small jewels. It was very pleasant.

We showered together the next morning, and I scrubbed her back as we talked more about relationship possibilities and how we might manage to work around our work schedules. I left before her, and as I groggily I made my way to my car, I found myself smiling. I had made a new friend, found a new lover, and for a few light moments, enjoyed the idea that perhaps I didn't have to be single anymore. I liked it.

Not long after, we shared some saucy textmessages.

Cupcakes: We certainly had more than a drink, now didn't we?

Me: We certainly did ;)

Cupcakes: Just lying here naked in bed thinking about when you read to me. And more to the point when you fucked my ass ;) More please ;)

Me: I loved the way you looked over your shoulder at me as I took your lovely ass.

Cupcakes: I love how you took my ass. I guess we're even. ;) I'm thinking you should take over parts next time

Me: Mm. Perhaps I'll start with your purdy mouth... ;)

Cupcakes Mmm. That's if I don't jump on your cock first ;)

... But alas.

I really liked Cupcakes. Our first evening together seemed like a delicious start to what, I later began to imagine, could have been a wonderfully saucy experience between two smart, kinky, articulate, adventurous people. I had visions of her on my arm at local fetnights, her bedecked resplendently in corset and hose before feeling my crop, my palms, my cat. I wanted to bring her home for dinner, and then... for dinner. I wanted to speed her away to a pleasant weekend getaway where we might enjoy a shared shameless decadence. It could have been really nice. It could have been delightfully scandalous. It could have, could have, could have. Ah, well.

As it turned out, the Fates were just teasing me. It was an illusion, a calm before a coming storm. Soon, I would realize that despite my best wishes and intentions, despite efforts toward openness and maturity and understanding, I would find that my trust had been entirely misplaced. I wasn't at all prepared for the downward spiral that still lay ahead, and all in almost record time.

Boy, was I stupid.


Kerdra said...

Hot, Sensual, and Sad.
A beautifully emotionally sensitive and highly erotic story. As always a refreshing and unique male perspective.
Thank you for sharing

Rogue said...

Thank you.