Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Please pardon our (temporarily less frequent) appearance.

This is a heads-up to you loyal and fun-loving readers that posts to the blog may become a little infrequent for a while.

Time for us here at Rogue Enterprises International to get our sorry ass a new computer. That could take a little bit of time. More posts are forthcoming, but it could be a bit before things are back up to speed. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Because I'm tired of phony porn too.

Because I almost never, ever plug a commercial adult site, I like to think that if I'm going to tha you'll agree with me (if we share the same tastes) that it's pretty cool.

I like my porn to be genuine, energetic, and sensual. Amateur stuff does it for me the most, and the big reason is that I know I'm enjoying watching lovers who are having fun and that what I'm witnessing is the human, real pleasure that sex can bring. Yes, Emily DaVinci and Stephanie Swift and Belladonna are gorgeous, and I enjoy watching them fuck, but for me, even a split-second facial expression of shameless abandon from an "unknown woman as she's about to taste some thick cock she's really hot for will send me into the cosmos.

Surfing the web recently, I found Desperate Amateurs, for "when you're tired of phony porn." Like the Pierre Woodman Castings X series or Eric of Backroom Casting Couch, this site features new-to-film performers that include general interviews to introduce us to who they are as people before we watch them get frisky. I like that.

But unlike Pierre or Eric, the people behind Desperate Amateurs are not only taking a straightforward approach as to why these women are consenting to be filmed (they need or want the money), but they approach the women with a real respect, supportiveness, and playfulness. They also enjoy shooting women of all body types and age brackets, which is something neither other site would ever remotely attempt. Castings X rivets me sometimes, but Woodman is often raw and mechanical, using film formulae indicative of the Private franchise. Backroom Casting Couch uses a (phony?) deceptive style, seemingly tricking the performers into their sex for supposedly nonexisting adult talent scouts, and often mocks about the women being seen on film. Reality TV meets porn, and while sometimes it catches my attention, it's more because it reminds me of a road accident than a sensual, visual experience.

So there's Desperate Amateurs, which not only is real, but seems to be "honest" and sex-positive in its way of working with performers. The women know why they're there, and they've bridged the chasm to be comfortable about sharing their play with you, the viewer. I think, more often than not, that seems pretty empowering. And once in a while, it seems, as in the case of Tatiana Kush, their performers sometimes actually do move on to bigger things in the adult entertainment world.

But by then, maybe they've become part of the 'phoniness' too. Ah, well.