Friday, May 30, 2008

You must read... Obey the reviewers... Obey.

The excellent people behind Love Boudoir have selected Urban Roguery as among its "must reads," and I'm very pleased. "Keep up the good work," John from the Boudoir tells me, "because you are talented."

Thank you. I will.

Also, the delightful Starla from The Naughty Guide independently reviewed and awarded this site a 5-star rating.

"This is a must read website!" Starla agrees. "The author writes with style and flair. His words are captivating and well thought out. (Rogue) states 'these are the shameless offerings of a sensual, articulate man with an adventurous and shadowy side to his sexuality,' and his blog is all that and more. His blog is a great mix of stories, pictures and little tidbits. The only disappointment is the infrequency in which it is updated. Its done on basic blogger, no ad content and all the links are working. Good way to spend the afternoon."

You're right, Starla: I should update more often. I had a brief respite from doing any writing at all, but it also pleases me to see that I was missed. Why don't you gimme a ring sometime, and perhaps you and I can drum up some mutually shared inspiration together over a bottle of Bonnes-Mares?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Under the iris.

I had intended on writing much more in the previous post. I had intended on detailing how I took my lover, Shayne, to my bed and kissed her passionately as I prepared to go down on her divine cunt. I had intended on sharing of how I slipped on my favourite non-latex purple gloves and described how I slid my lubricated hands into her as she screamed and panted and groaned my name loud enough for the women upstairs to surely hear.

But I was typing that entry during the following morning, when Shayne slumbered in my bed. She awoke just before I came to those points, and when she wandered her naked self into my study and kissed me as I sat beside my computer, my concentration was redirected for the moment as we made out next to my desk.

I bent her over the dark rosewood, parting her beautiful ass open with my hands and slithering my fingertips across her plushy folds again. Soon, I was teasing her with the soft tip of my hard cock, and not long after that sliding myself into her beautiful pussy as she clawed the wall before my desk. It was a brief, "Good morning" kind of fuck, the sort that doesn't result in a climax but is still nevertheless fun in its own unexpected way. It felt amazing to take her like that, and I love the way her ass feels when she's bent over and her skin is taut and smooth. Gripping on to her solid hips and enjoying the movement of her skin, I'll occasionally part her ass open and enjoy the sight of her winking anus as I slowly pump myself into her.

Later that day, we found ourselves in my bed again as she crawled between my legs to suck my cock. She had already been on top of me, enjoying the feel of my cock as she ground herself. When she moved down to blow me, I languished in her suction and the firm grip of her sexy lips. More often than not, as much as I enjoy blowjobs it's usually rare that I cum from them, but this time I was happy to pump my cock into Shayne's wet mouth enough to burst my blessed seed across her tongue and into her throat.

It pleases me that, during this terribly-too-long-awaited trip to be together again, I was able to enjoy that with my Shayne for other reasons that I'll share as well.

I write this post from Shayne's apartment, enjoying the mewling of her wonderful cats and the energy of her spartan but sensual abode. She had travelled to visit me in my city for a few days, and then I returned with her to her city for a few. I'll be heading back home this afternoon.

For a few reasons, this trip has been considerably less sexually decadent than previous ones. It would seem that Shayne and I are redefining the nature of our relationship.

Play hasn't been entirely absent. Feeling silly, I sent her a pic of my hard cock to her cellphone, prompting a playful "MY MY!!!" text response from her. Giving her a serendipitous spanking against the wall last night, and another one across my lap earlier this morning, was a lot of fun. "Let me feel your palm on my ass," she said to me with half-lidded blue-grey eyes. I enjoyed a personal sense of irony as I lowered her dragonfly-print boxer shorts and reddened her delightful bum.

But that's when the shift in energy became even more readily apparent, something that began to be felt after our initial freshly-reconnected hotness and saddens us both.

Shayne is among the most delightful lovers I've ever known, and I regard her as a best friend. Playfully, she proposed marriage to me once with a cigar wrapper, and she probably never really knew how deeply that fun gesture struck me. It wasn't long after that when I began to seriously try exploring how we might be able to make a longdistance thing work. Perhaps, for the moment, it's enough to say that we gave it the college try.

We may yet remain as lovers, certainly as friends. I may yet post here about some of the joy we shared together. But for those of you who have been reading and enjoying seeing how things between Shayne and I have been unfolding, it weighs on my heart to say that something apparently has shifted.

This journal has been almost exclusively about sex, and often when people write in journals such as this, sex is most often expressed in the most primal terms. I love that, and so do you. But I also think its important to remember that our sexual selves remains part of our most intimate selves, so its with some irony that (after having described her recent, lovely blowjob and fucking her across my desk), I'll close this post from her own computer to share this most intimate detail:

I love you, Shayne.

I love you very much, and I want you to be wonderfully happy in your life. I'll always treasure the memories of what we shared, the thoughts of what we could have shared more, and the desire to have you in my arms (and across my lap) again. Take care of yourself, pixiegrrl. I enjoyed being your man.

You were, and remain, a seed that yielded many blessings unto me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


"Wanna know a secret?"

After picking her up from the Greyhound terminal, I had run to work for a few more hours. She was already in bed when I got home, having tried to enjoy a nap but found herself too excited to sleep much. Her laughing eyes peered at me from just over the bedspread as I strolled into the bedroom and started to undress. I answered her with a smile.

"I already came while you were out," she purred. I crawled under the covers with her. "I couldn't wait, being here and thinking of you."

Her kisses were soft and tender, her skin warm and yielding to me. After so many months, one might think that we'd charge for one another like hungry lions... and in the past, we have... but for the moment, we savoured each other's company again slowly. Shayne may have been ready to pin me down, but I wanted this to last.

I cradled her head and shoulders under my arm as we kissed, our legs entwining. She caressed my back. We tasted each other's lips, and she shuddered slightly as my tongue darted gently past them. A soft moan escaped me as she slid a leg between mine and I felt her strong thigh sliding its length along my sack and still-awakening shaft. I enjoyed the warmth of her skin against the softness that still hung there, and her thighs and caresses beckoned my hardness casually. She reached for me.

"You like how I get hard for you?" I whispered. Her eyes were closed as she nodded slowly, her mouth open for more kisses. "I like knowing how you enjoy that. I like having such a hard, thick cock for you," I teased.

Caressing her legs, I brought one over mine and cupped one of the asscheeks that I've missed so much. As we kissed, my heart skipped a beat when my fingertips happened upon a warm, silky wetness that seethed on the skin of her rear upper thighs. Shayne was drenched for me. I moved my hand forward, deeper in, and my index finger easily found and started to gently probe the cusp to her entrance. The edge of her smooth, wet skin was taut against my fingertip as I swirled it over and just barely into her cunt. Her thigh was warm along my forearm, my palm cupping her ass. Her kisses became more insistent. I began to slide my index finger inside her, and was quickly reminded of her tightness, her warmth, her dripping wetness that clung to my fingers like warm dew.

I changed position to hover over her slightly. Caressing her hair and cradling her head, I kissed her hard. Her tongue danced in my mouth as her sexy modest tits filled my hand.

"I love your pussy," I told her. "I love how wet you get for me. Can I suck your gorgeous, wet pussy, baby? You want my mouth?"

She bit her lower lip and her eyes glazed over as she nodded. I didn't pause for another moment.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's about fucking time, and about time to fuck.

It's been too long.

This isn't to say that I've become a Benedictine monk since my last entry. In the last few weeks, I've made a new friend in Veronica, who gifts me with a casual, elegant fuckbuddyship. There's also been some interesting flirtacious chat with Brianna, an old friend whose company I enjoyed during a "partner swapping" experience with my ex-wife several years ago. But those stories can be shared later, because a greater priority is at hand.

Those of you who have been enjoying this tawdry journal will know that it's Shayne who cums first.

Not only has it been too long since I last updated (and my thanks to those of you who've asked me to get my cock in gear), but it's been too long since Shayne and I were last together. Dontcha love long-distance romances? Our plan has always been that we'd arrange time for one another at least every six or so weeks minimum, but as the Fates would have it, it's been since New Year's. That's way, way too long.

Which is why I'm thrilled to share that, as I write, she's but mere hours away from my scandalously bohemian bachelor pad. Finally we get to have some time together, and over the next week we'll be trading cities as well.

Me: Hi. Wanna fool around?
Shayne: Ooh! Yeah!! I'm *so* looking forward to you making me squeal.

She'll be squealing again very soon now, and you get to watch...