Friday, May 30, 2008

You must read... Obey the reviewers... Obey.

The excellent people behind Love Boudoir have selected Urban Roguery as among its "must reads," and I'm very pleased. "Keep up the good work," John from the Boudoir tells me, "because you are talented."

Thank you. I will.

Also, the delightful Starla from The Naughty Guide independently reviewed and awarded this site a 5-star rating.

"This is a must read website!" Starla agrees. "The author writes with style and flair. His words are captivating and well thought out. (Rogue) states 'these are the shameless offerings of a sensual, articulate man with an adventurous and shadowy side to his sexuality,' and his blog is all that and more. His blog is a great mix of stories, pictures and little tidbits. The only disappointment is the infrequency in which it is updated. Its done on basic blogger, no ad content and all the links are working. Good way to spend the afternoon."

You're right, Starla: I should update more often. I had a brief respite from doing any writing at all, but it also pleases me to see that I was missed. Why don't you gimme a ring sometime, and perhaps you and I can drum up some mutually shared inspiration together over a bottle of Bonnes-Mares?

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