Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Toybox: Topco's Liquid Sex Forever Silicone Lubricant.

Dean's head rested on the pillow as she lay on her right side before me, and I caressed her thigh as I lifted her left knee toward her chest. Her inner right thigh glistened with her excitement and I enjoyed the view of her small butt opening slightly as her leg moved upward.

Dean, you may recall, is my lithe and sexy early40s friend whose looks perpetually remind me of the ladies of ancient Rome and Greece, depicted in passionate scenes with flaking paints or colourful tiles. They are women who are deliciously unashamed of their sexuality, elegant in their tightly curled coifs, sensual in their joyfulness.

She looked over her shoulder to me, blinked her dark eyes as they mine, and more told me than asked me.

"Fuck me in my ass," she said, and rested her head back down. I smiled and reached for the curvaceous plastic bottle nearby.

"Wanna be a guinea pig?" I asked with a chuckle, snapping the plastic cap open and dribbling lubricant onto my fingers and palm. Kneeling behind her back, I slowly closed my eyes as I enjoyed the feel of my lubed grip first moistening my cock, and then toying with her dark, crinkled rosebud. Gently pressing, probing, spreading my fingertips, I teased Dean's willing backdoor until she felt pliant and relaxed.

When my cockhead squished pleasantly past her sphincter and the length of me started to slowly slide inside, Dean groaned quietly as we enjoyed a slow, smooth, silky ride.

Normally, I'm an Astroglide man, but Liquid Sex Forever Silicone quickly became a favourite lube for me. Being silicone-based, it stubbornly retains its slipperiness and silky texture, unlike other lubes I've used where reapplication is frequently necessary. It can stay slippery under water.

And I like the name. Why not start your night over the drink and make it a Liquid Sex night? Be careful, though: it unfortunately also shares the same moniker as a date-rape drug, so when you tell your partner that you bought some for the evening, you might want to show the sensually wavy squeezybottle before you find yourself talking to the nice police officer.

The only silicone lube made by California-based Topco Sales, the company also produces Liquid Sex in water-based formulas, including Classic, Light, Hemp and Ginseng Aphrodisiac, Warming, and X-treme. Applying previous business experience in aerospace technology and metallurgical engineering, Topco focuses on sextoy manufacturing, and is invented the sextoy material Cyberskin.

Unlike water- or (God forbid) oil-based lubes, silicone lubricants will not absorb into skin, giving it its longer-lasting characteristic. Silicone is an inert, artificial polymer (like rubber, PVC, and Silly Putty) often used in hair products, breast implants, menstrual cups, children's toys, caulking, and cookware. It's pliable while remaining phthalate-free, which should be very important to the health-conscious lover.

This can be ideal for a great session of fucking, but it's vitally important to remember silicone lubes have very few opportunities for safer-sex fuckplay. Silicone degrades latex, despite the fact that silicone is sometimes used on pre-lubricated condoms. Some sources claim that condoms marked with the "CE" label (approved by European health and safety standards) may be used with them, but I found little information to support this. In the heat of passion, it's probably enough to simply remember to use condoms and toys with water-based lube only.

As to sextoys, silicone dissolves other silicone surfaces, making them sticky and eventually disintegrating. This will be No Fun to you when your new $60 realistic dildo starts to look like something out of a 50s monster movie.

But if these limits to using a silicone lube don't really affect you (such as you're using it for self-play without silicone toys or you and your lover are fucking bareback), then I'd definitely go for Liquid Sex Forever Silicone before most other lubes of choice. It's durable smoothness makes for a fun, fantastic friction. It's one of the few lubes that, to me, felt almost indistinguishable on my cock to natural, vaginal juices. Definitely something I'll be keeping handy.


SugarTiger said...

Great post and review of LSFS! I hadn't heard of it but will give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend it!

Miss Dean

sidhne said...

yes, but how does it taste?

Rogue said...

Perfectly fine, no worries there. And since it doesn't contain any spermicides, it won't numb out your tongue.