Friday, May 8, 2009

Coffee shop.

Caffeine. I needed caffeine.

It's not my favourite coffee shop, but it's there, and I didn't have a lot of time. I'm not thinking about anything in particular as I wait behind a blonde woman with a huge double stroller. Little googly kids. Aw. She, her babies, the Asian woman behind the counter, and me are the only living souls in the shop.

Mommy's hair is straight, golden, and reaches to the center of her sweatshirt-covered back. She's young, perhaps in her late 20s, slightly rubenesque in that she's-got-sexy-love-handles sort of way, and charmingly relaxed in her comfy jeans and running shoes. Very girl-next-door. Mm.

She squats down, reaching into some lower compartment of the stroller. In my haze, my eyes were already gazing toward the floor.

Slowly yielding to my awakening peepers is a truly lovely, curvy bottom. I smile to myself, a faint chuckle, and look aside... ...out of respect? ...out of embarassment for her? ...perhaps because what's revealed to me isn't simply a quickie look of a hint of her, but a full, almost complete revealing of a lovely, curvaceous ass in half-profile.

No one else in the shop to witness this... so how can she be embarassed? Mine eyes alone, and from a bare two feet beside her, are treated with this serendipitous pleasure.

So I enjoy. She stands, pays the attendant. And does it again. My cock swells in my summer shorts, my widening head beginning to strain against the soft, sun-warmed cotton. Between the clearings of my throat, I think I ordered my coffee the way I like it.

After she's stood again, I help her out the door because her stroller is so damned huge. Or because I wanted to see her face. Ok, both. Her beaming, appreciative smile clutches my chest, my penis twitches, as I return her friendly smile with my own.

It was a lovely start to a day.

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