Thursday, February 21, 2008

The ponytail that did me in.

Molly stayed the night, and we were sipping coffee and making small talk after breakfast.

"How areya feeling?" I asked.

"Doing fine. Something on your mind?"

There was, and I was asking myself how shamelessly forward I felt like being. "I was having some randy thoughts." I paused, smirking. She smirked back. "I was asking myself how you might feel if I just out and asked you if you'd like to give me a blowjob before you go." I paused. She smiled wide. "But, I haven't actually asked you that, so I wouldn't know."

"Well, maybe you should be more direct."

Taking her hand, I led her back into the bedroom and peeled off my shirt. As I lowered my jeans, she was appreciatively looking at my swinging and thickening cock. I spread out on the bed. She still wore her top and panties, which she wore through breakfast.

Having breakfast with a woman in panties is really hot.

"You like to suck cock, don't you?"

She nodded as she coiled herself around my legs. "I do. Often I can cum from doing that alone."

She began with nuzzles, moving her face across and on my head. Her tongue soon followed, and it wasn't long before her mouth was pumping and sucking.

Usually, it takes me a while to cum, and when it comes to blowjobs, I really need to know my lover is into it and totally enjoying it for me to. Molly, it turns out, was completely cool with being there as long as I wanted, and that was a huge relief for me. It let me relax enough so that as I thrust into her mouth, I knew (and did) pull back from time to time to make the fun last. She wasn't rushing herself or me, and every time I asked her how she was liking the feel and taste and texture of me, she groaned her approval.

It was then when I realized how rare it was for me to be having sex with a longhaired woman, and Molly's black locks were cascading on my thighs and across her face as she serviced my dick. While a novelty for me, it also got a little annoying... until I realized that I could draw her hair into a ponytail as I held her head. And that opened my naughty brain into a new vista of dirty.

I thought of our age difference, and from there I was her teacher and she was this naughty schoolgirl sucking my dick. A bad schoolgirl who desperately needed a better grade. A young slut who loved sucking cock. I pumped into her mouth now, gently holding her hair into that ponytail, and she groaned as she slurped. This was the mindfuck I needed.

"I'm close," I grunted. "You want it?!"

She sucked harder.

Watching the ponytail on her bobbing head, feeling her lips tighten, her tongue swirling, I was relieved to feel my cum start to roil. It wasn't much longer before I started to burst, load after load, into her sucking mouth. Molly's entire body started to shudder as she came, and she sucked me harder and more persistently as she did so. Her tongue kept swabbing me past my point of oversensitivity. She nursed on me as I shook and started to laugh. I'm certain the women upstairs from me heard my grunts and growls as I came.

I like thinking about that.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Great blog.

Rogue said...

Thank you; keep reading, and by all means, feel free to comment.

Anonymous said...

Good characters.

Anonymous said...

awesome post.

Rogue said...

Thank you both. I'm pleased that you enjoyed. By all means: keep reading.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Oh, I *love* that roleplay. :)

Seani Fool said...

Hey Rogue! Thanks for this. I was just on FB pointing out that there are now many many women with sexually explicit blogs and twitter accounts but not so many men publicly writing about such things. Someone pointed out your blog and it's really delightful to come (fnar) across it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas and experiences. Very much needed and refreshing. Have read a few posts now and thought I'd leave my comment on this juicy slice of tasty erotica :)