Monday, February 18, 2008


Shayne: The nice warm rains of yesterday are gone. It's partly sunny & cold. I miss you. I love you. I'm well and hope you are too.
Me: I'm great! :) Work is good and am relaxed. Stuff getting done. Horny for you.
Shayne: Me for you too! Was just imagining feeding you a steak dinner. :) eating them oysters put you in a mood, eh? :*
Me: You put me in moods. Oysters are a bonus. I need to bend you over a table, taste you, and fuck your amazing ass.
Shayne: You make me wet reading this. I need to be taken by you. I want to get sweaty and twisted in sheets. Want to writhe under you.
Me: Feel me as I pin you down and pump into you, my balls against you as you scream in the pillow. Feel me spread you and take you. I need to fuck you.
Shayne: Oh. Make me scream for you baby. You've helped me get the crotch of my panties all sticky. :) Now i have to get to work.
Me: Give me your sticky. I want to feel you on my shaft and sack. I love your cum. I'm here for you, baby.
Shayne: Going to try to maintain focus today. I cant wait to fuck you again though darling. :* MUAH!!

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