Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm about to call Shayne, making some tea, when Alix from Seattle texts me again. We've been texting every now and then for a while lately, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Mind you: we haven't even seen each other in over 10 years, and longer still since we last had sex. There was a chance for us to hook up about a year ago, when she was on stopover in my city while en route to Italy, but that got screwed up.

Alix: Thinking of you. naughty thoughts
Me: Mm. Tell me more...
Alix: Your thick cock ramming my ass to start
Me: My my. What brought this on? Memories of PA and MD? You sexy wench.
Alix: Yup
Me: I remember enjoying the nape of your neck as you gasped in the pillow, your buzzcut turning me on, your great ass on my thighs as I fucked you.
Alix: The feel of your thighs slamming me
Me: Are you jilling off or just teasin me? ;)

Shayne suddenly texts me now.
Shayne: I've got a story to read you...
Me: Yay! Gimme about half hour?

Alix gets back.
Alix: The former
Me: My my well. That yummy pussy soaked yet? Its been too long since I last feasted on you. Or would you rather raise that ass up for a solid fuck?

Shayne: Absolutely. As long as you promise to talk dirty to me.
Me: Could I ever resist you?
Shayne: You could pretend. For a little while.
Me: (to Shayne) Oh. No. Stop. You mustn't. No. *limp push away*
Me: (to Alix) I'd love to slowly slide my cock into your tightness, make you whimper, gasp, and sweat.
Alix: I really need that

Why am I picturing this as some lost I Love Lucy episode where Ricky is darting between two rooms, one with Lucy, the other with Ethel?

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