Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boop oop be doop.

Shayne: Whacha doing baby?
Me: Waking, reading a blog, catching up on email.
Shayne: Nice. (psst! I love you.) i wish i were there with you. I'd like to have you watching betty boop, then i'd come in from another room with
Me: Mm. But how would you tear me from such sexy toons?
Shayne: I'd kneel between your legs spreading on the couch and lick your cock til it thickened. Then i'd slowly suck it to hardness.
Me: Yum.. Id enjoy caressing your hair, your gorgeous face, as you pleased yourself with me. You like my cock, baby?
Shayne: After a nice relaxed cock sucking..
Shayne: I'd stand and slowly slide my cotton undies down. I'd let you look and touch, then i'd turn my ass to your face and after you took in my scent i'd mount
Me: I love and miss your scent.
Shayne: your cock. Youd feel my wet cunt spreading around your hard dick. Your hands move my ass & hips and i slowly start riding & rocking on top of you.
Me: Even Boop's wee puppy couldnt keep me from being taken by you now. Just thinking about you guiding yourself on me has me hard.
Shayne: You like that baby? You like when i fuck you almost lazily while betty boop shakes on screen?
Me: :) Youre a riot. I love you. You put The Boop to shame. Yes: I love it when you ride me.
Shayne: And me wet. I am so hungry to fuck you again. And again. And dozens and hours more times. I want you my love.
Shayne: Le sigh. :*
Me: Youre great. I adore you. *know* Im gonna write about this, dont you, you delicious hussy?
Shayne Surely baby. :* Thinking of you honey.

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