Monday, February 18, 2008

Premature ejaculation.

Alix is a lover from way back, and she lives in Seattle. We found each other again, thanks to the internet, last year. I should post about the times we shared, because she was (and is) pretty amazingly hot.

Me: Wanna fuck?
Alix: What right now?
Me: Absolutely. Get nekkid. *stroke*stroke*
Alix: Lol!
Me: Oh. Oh. Oh, wait.. Oh! ... Waitwaitwait. .. Mmmph! No waitwait...! ... ... ... *grnt* ... Dammit. Dammit, sorry. That's never happened to me before.
Alix: You are silly!

(An hour later...)

Alix: But yes I'd love to!
Me: I miss your blowjobs.
Alix: Well if you were closer.

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