Saturday, February 23, 2008

A word about pics.

Since transferring this blog from LJ, I've been gradually uploading pix to past entries. Old and new readers alike might enjoy checking out the archives, many of the images therein are from my private collection. All properly anonymized and creatively tweaked, of course.

Like this one of the Grrl's generous ass, here with her bound to a chair and her boots chained together by the ankles. Remember the Grrl?

In other news, Shayne texted me today to say she's starving for a woman's touch again, and how she wants to Top and possibly peg Brent, the other guy (kid, really) she's even-more casually seeing in her city. I'm planning on buying her some Asian lesbian porn soon, and I'll share what I end up picking for her.

It's good to be back online again, and I'm pleased to see some previous readers and friends returning.

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