Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boop oop be doop.

Shayne: Whacha doing baby?
Me: Waking, reading a blog, catching up on email.
Shayne: Nice. (psst! I love you.) i wish i were there with you. I'd like to have you watching betty boop, then i'd come in from another room with
Me: Mm. But how would you tear me from such sexy toons?
Shayne: I'd kneel between your legs spreading on the couch and lick your cock til it thickened. Then i'd slowly suck it to hardness.
Me: Yum.. Id enjoy caressing your hair, your gorgeous face, as you pleased yourself with me. You like my cock, baby?
Shayne: After a nice relaxed cock sucking..
Shayne: I'd stand and slowly slide my cotton undies down. I'd let you look and touch, then i'd turn my ass to your face and after you took in my scent i'd mount
Me: I love and miss your scent.
Shayne: your cock. Youd feel my wet cunt spreading around your hard dick. Your hands move my ass & hips and i slowly start riding & rocking on top of you.
Me: Even Boop's wee puppy couldnt keep me from being taken by you now. Just thinking about you guiding yourself on me has me hard.
Shayne: You like that baby? You like when i fuck you almost lazily while betty boop shakes on screen?
Me: :) Youre a riot. I love you. You put The Boop to shame. Yes: I love it when you ride me.
Shayne: And me wet. I am so hungry to fuck you again. And again. And dozens and hours more times. I want you my love.
Shayne: Le sigh. :*
Me: Youre great. I adore you. *know* Im gonna write about this, dont you, you delicious hussy?
Shayne Surely baby. :* Thinking of you honey.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To market, to market, to buy a plum bum.

Every now and then, I enjoy taking a tour of sorts of some of the sex-positive (or at least, sex-commercial) businesses in my area. Maybe I'm trying to relive the days of when I worked for the Pink Pussycat or Adult Movie Warehouse. I was broke in those days and doing work most would call "bottom tier," but damn did I ever have fun.

Naturally, I went shopping for Shayne. Now and then I like to make "care packages" to send her that usually contain fun little things, stuff we happen to be talking about, whatever. Smut. At the fabulous sexshop cooperative near me I bought Belladonna's Evil Pink 2, mostly because I think Shayne'll enjoy the behind-the-scenes elements and Keeani Lei with Belladonna in schoolgirl uniforms. A cute little sex comic from Eros for her completed my purchase, although I admit to having been a little intrigued by the boy toys too.

Do I want to try the Fleshlight sometime? Could be fun. And that blowjob suction thing looked like it might actually work well. Hrm. It's tough to get good cock toys, you know.

I especially enjoyed how the amazingly hot, short-haired, deliciously dyky associate in the store smirked a lot as I shopped. Another lovely associate was assisting me, and in explaining Shayne's interests, I mentioned that I was shopping for 'a friend.' Was she smirking because I, a man, was obviously looking for lesbian porn? "Fucking typical." Did she suppose my story of shopping for 'a friend' was a lame come-on? "Yeah, sure you are, dude." Or was she enjoying the idea of how I, as a man, was buying lesbian porn for my (virtually-) lesbian friend in another city, thus being the cosmopolitan kinda guy I believe I am at heart? "Whatever, dude, nothing surprises me anymore."

I really should talk with Deliciously Dyky sometime. Her vibe actually makes me nervous-in-the-good-way.

(And a word on lesbian porn: gentlemen (for those of you of either gender who are gentlemen), don't think for one moment that most of what's on the market (including Evil Pink 2) is a truthful representation of the glorious world of womenlust. It ain't. But my thoughts on the sexual politics of the adult entertainment industry will wait.)

From there I found myself getting Shayne some Asian skin mags at another (and far more kitschytacky) shop. Then on to what has to be the sleaziest, dirtiest adult DVD outlet in my city... but the prices are so agreeable. It's like going to one of those discount houseware outlets in the 'wrong side' of town, where the kids are screaming over their McDonald's bags while stressed out mothers are balancing the baby with the jumbo sized laundry detergent. Except here, the kids are grungy men wandering in stoic silence, avoiding eye contact with one another, and the mothers are the bored, equally grungy immigrant workers vainly trying to keep the no-less-grungy street people out.

Clue-by-four: This is not sexy. I appreciate how sleazy places can have its own element of hotness in the right context, but really, this place is way off the Skeeve-O-Meter. No, really.

So why then do I buy a three-dollar ticket to pass through the dirty black plastic shower curtain and into the room full of mismatched chairs to see the porn movie playing?

Duh. Because I can.

I watch one or two scenes featuring women with tramp stamps having totally unexcited sex with solidly buff but boringly mechanical men. It isn't long before I text Shayne.

Me: Why do men in porn films seem to be inept at sucking pussy?
Shayne: Good question. Maybe youre just a pussy sucking god
Me: Oh, don't tease me, you meanie.
Shayne: I'm not!

I decide to check out two of the other porn places I know of. One because it's nearby, and the other because it's about to close down and is the last actual movie theatre porn palace left in this city. The VHS/DVD/Internet porn revolution has its victims. I ask myself if I'm in the mood to let a guy blow me: both places occasionally present that option.

But, no. Apart from some decent interracial smut at both places (I really do enjoy watching women suck black cock, I admit it), I called it a night.

Lending a helping hand.

In the last day or two, my sexfun has been more about Shayne's sexfun than my own, and I think that's cool. Poor darling pixiegrrl is so craving women right now.

Last night, she shared that she was spending her evening enjoying a masturbation marathon, and I enjoyed encouraging her by textmessage. Thanks to this, she's discovered that (like me) she's a fan of Belladonna. I also happened upon a wonderfully fiery lesbian's profile page on a dating site, someone amazingly near Shayne, and sent her the info. Shayne responded immediately. Damn, I love this grrl.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Shayne is so hot. We've spent the last few hours talking, including enjoying a hot session of phonesex. That started with a discussion about sex blogs, and how she may be meeting the writer of Hobo Stripper in the near future. She read entries from this series in The Overeducated Nympho blog to me, and that made us both so primed.

Our session included everything from how she enjoys sucking my cock to how she misses my tongue probing her core to, eventually, varied fantasies on her also being taken by another man or woman as well. She wants to be fucked by me and another man some day, even though she's craving pussy at her mouth now too. When she came, she was thrusting her larger dildo into her very sexy cunt (again, she loves that word) as I coaxed her on. Fun!

Earlier today, we were texting about the kinds of women we liked, and I mentioned to her that we'd be dangerous if we were hosting a playparty together. "Rawrs!!" she replied.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm about to call Shayne, making some tea, when Alix from Seattle texts me again. We've been texting every now and then for a while lately, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Mind you: we haven't even seen each other in over 10 years, and longer still since we last had sex. There was a chance for us to hook up about a year ago, when she was on stopover in my city while en route to Italy, but that got screwed up.

Alix: Thinking of you. naughty thoughts
Me: Mm. Tell me more...
Alix: Your thick cock ramming my ass to start
Me: My my. What brought this on? Memories of PA and MD? You sexy wench.
Alix: Yup
Me: I remember enjoying the nape of your neck as you gasped in the pillow, your buzzcut turning me on, your great ass on my thighs as I fucked you.
Alix: The feel of your thighs slamming me
Me: Are you jilling off or just teasin me? ;)

Shayne suddenly texts me now.
Shayne: I've got a story to read you...
Me: Yay! Gimme about half hour?

Alix gets back.
Alix: The former
Me: My my well. That yummy pussy soaked yet? Its been too long since I last feasted on you. Or would you rather raise that ass up for a solid fuck?

Shayne: Absolutely. As long as you promise to talk dirty to me.
Me: Could I ever resist you?
Shayne: You could pretend. For a little while.
Me: (to Shayne) Oh. No. Stop. You mustn't. No. *limp push away*
Me: (to Alix) I'd love to slowly slide my cock into your tightness, make you whimper, gasp, and sweat.
Alix: I really need that

Why am I picturing this as some lost I Love Lucy episode where Ricky is darting between two rooms, one with Lucy, the other with Ethel?

It all started with Joan.

I adore women. I adore women of all kinds. But I have to admit that if I had to choose only one "type" of companion to be with on some isolated island somewhere, it would have to be with a gutsy, ballsy, dyky, lusty shorthaired woman with attitude and Doc Martens.

It all started with Joan. Her nickname was "Hawk," and as she told it, it was because of the wide racing stripe between her legs. Here she was in 1985, when we were seeing Adam Ant playing Radio City Music Hall with The Romantics. It's the one picture I have of her.

We were in high school together. We never had sex per se, and we never quite made it to the grrlfriend/boyfriend stage, but we had enough sexually-charged fun and got along so scandalously well that the memory of her stands out for me to this day. We would skip class and take the subway throughout the city, hanging in Chinatown, the Village, and Soho. We mused about punk and metal bands and checked out urban graffiti together.

I took her to a Japanese restaurant for her birthday, where I discretely gave her a box of deliciously sexy goodies that she adored. A copy or two of Penthouse Variations magazine. Massage oil. Her first vibrator. I was working at New York's famous (and touristy) Pink Pussycat Boutique at the time, so the goodies were easy. I remember though that it was a simple box of collected seashells that pleased her the most, which surprised me at the time, but the look on her face warmed me to the core.

I gave her her first slow dance at a school event, something which she adored me for long after. "I'm truly glad you're with me," she wrote on the back of this photo. "It's a chilly nite out indeed, but here we are warm in each other's arms, with this nite slowly dancing its way into our memories! Enjoy!"

Looking back, we must have seemed hysterically anachronistic: she the leather-clad punk grrl and me the denim-jacketed metalhead. After the dance, we strolled along the Brooklyn Bridge with a discretely-hidden bottle of wine, marvelling how the yellow lighting on the bridge made everything appear to be in black&white. We necked in the alley near her apartment building, where during passionate kisses, she stroked my cock over my jeans as I caressed her denim-covered ass and made her cum with my hand. She locked her head over my shoulder when she came. I was entranced.

I could have easily fallen hard for Joan. In some ways I did. In some ways I still am. But I later met Diva at a renaissance festival I later worked at, and found myself whisked away to eventually move in with her in New England. I remember when I told Joan, but I don't remember much of her response. I know I regret not getting closer to her, of the missed opportunities, and how I'd dearly love to make contact with her again if I could. I really blew it when I moved away.

I often wonder what became of her. Searching through our high school's alumni services and the net haven't yielded any results. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she became a punk rocker lesbian somewhere. More than 20 years later, I miss her.

She was an amazing tomboi who started me on my lusty path. Maybe, in a way, I'm still searching for her.

Moo moo, baa baa. Moo moo, baa baa.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A word about pics.

Since transferring this blog from LJ, I've been gradually uploading pix to past entries. Old and new readers alike might enjoy checking out the archives, many of the images therein are from my private collection. All properly anonymized and creatively tweaked, of course.

Like this one of the Grrl's generous ass, here with her bound to a chair and her boots chained together by the ankles. Remember the Grrl?

In other news, Shayne texted me today to say she's starving for a woman's touch again, and how she wants to Top and possibly peg Brent, the other guy (kid, really) she's even-more casually seeing in her city. I'm planning on buying her some Asian lesbian porn soon, and I'll share what I end up picking for her.

It's good to be back online again, and I'm pleased to see some previous readers and friends returning.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The ponytail that did me in.

Molly stayed the night, and we were sipping coffee and making small talk after breakfast.

"How areya feeling?" I asked.

"Doing fine. Something on your mind?"

There was, and I was asking myself how shamelessly forward I felt like being. "I was having some randy thoughts." I paused, smirking. She smirked back. "I was asking myself how you might feel if I just out and asked you if you'd like to give me a blowjob before you go." I paused. She smiled wide. "But, I haven't actually asked you that, so I wouldn't know."

"Well, maybe you should be more direct."

Taking her hand, I led her back into the bedroom and peeled off my shirt. As I lowered my jeans, she was appreciatively looking at my swinging and thickening cock. I spread out on the bed. She still wore her top and panties, which she wore through breakfast.

Having breakfast with a woman in panties is really hot.

"You like to suck cock, don't you?"

She nodded as she coiled herself around my legs. "I do. Often I can cum from doing that alone."

She began with nuzzles, moving her face across and on my head. Her tongue soon followed, and it wasn't long before her mouth was pumping and sucking.

Usually, it takes me a while to cum, and when it comes to blowjobs, I really need to know my lover is into it and totally enjoying it for me to. Molly, it turns out, was completely cool with being there as long as I wanted, and that was a huge relief for me. It let me relax enough so that as I thrust into her mouth, I knew (and did) pull back from time to time to make the fun last. She wasn't rushing herself or me, and every time I asked her how she was liking the feel and taste and texture of me, she groaned her approval.

It was then when I realized how rare it was for me to be having sex with a longhaired woman, and Molly's black locks were cascading on my thighs and across her face as she serviced my dick. While a novelty for me, it also got a little annoying... until I realized that I could draw her hair into a ponytail as I held her head. And that opened my naughty brain into a new vista of dirty.

I thought of our age difference, and from there I was her teacher and she was this naughty schoolgirl sucking my dick. A bad schoolgirl who desperately needed a better grade. A young slut who loved sucking cock. I pumped into her mouth now, gently holding her hair into that ponytail, and she groaned as she slurped. This was the mindfuck I needed.

"I'm close," I grunted. "You want it?!"

She sucked harder.

Watching the ponytail on her bobbing head, feeling her lips tighten, her tongue swirling, I was relieved to feel my cum start to roil. It wasn't much longer before I started to burst, load after load, into her sucking mouth. Molly's entire body started to shudder as she came, and she sucked me harder and more persistently as she did so. Her tongue kept swabbing me past my point of oversensitivity. She nursed on me as I shook and started to laugh. I'm certain the women upstairs from me heard my grunts and growls as I came.

I like thinking about that.

Praise Pan.

Molly was wearing what seems to be her standard uniform: an arrangement of tops, skirt, and leggings that's somewhere between 70s mother's closet and gothic Victorian. She's 22, really sweet, and very nerdy in that bookish, Star Trek convention/Rocky Horror Picture Show kind of way. Her hair is long, wavy and jet black, and she's a curvy girl (maybe a size 14 or 16) with 38C's. I know because I just checked; her black bra and panties are still on my couch.

I was still tidying a few things when she arrived, so we shared some scotch and made small talk as I prepped the steaks. I confirmed that, yes, our evening was a friendly, casual one, and yes, she's seeing others. Good.

I stopped from time to time as we shared a few kisses, and it felt great to be making out again (although, truth be told, it was hard to not think of Shayne). Dinner was so good that we hardly spoke, and the 2006 Little Penguin shiraz went marvelously with the T-bones.

On the couch afterwards, we went back to making out, evoking the satyr in me. Between passionate kisses, tenderly squeezing her breasts over her top, and caressing her slightly Rubenesque tummy, part of my mind drifted to devotions to Aphrodite and the realization that Pan Himself must show His worship of Her in this way. It felt awesome to be celebrating tits again. At one point, I playfully smacked her tummy, enjoying the sight of her navel ring.

"If you're going to do that," she laughed, "then maybe I should turn over."

Ooo. Right. I had forgotten that Molly, like me, enjoys attending local fetish night events. But my brain wasn't quite ready to go into Top space just yet.

Gradually, her sweater, her russet top (the only thing she wore that wasn't black), and the bra vanished. As I hovered over her, she unbuttoned my shirt. I love being undressed. Her black leggings were next, and from under me she began to unsnap and unzip my jeans, reaching inside the denim to wrap her hand around my thickening cock. My hand soon found its way between her plump thighs, massaging the warm wetness under her panties, feeling my fingers teasing around her hole. I peeled them off and she turned around on all fours.

Behind her, I opened her asscheeks wide and enjoyed the sight of the darker, soft skin around her anus, and the smooth shaven folds that arched below it. My tongue found its way to her folds, and she was soft and warm, musky. When I later stood beside her for a moment, she reached for me and brought her tongue to my cock. Her tongue danced around my girth between her slow sucks, and for a time all I could do was stand there, arms behind my head, balancing myself as she serviced me. It was deliciously decadent.

Her lips tightened around me as she kept swabbing her tongue across the head as she sucked. That's an amazing feeling, especially when its alternated with fast flicksof the tongue with a slow downward movement to the balls, something Molly did expertly. She didn't use much suction (unless I asked her to, with was also fun), but it felt great to feel her talented tongue. I held her head every so often, gently, and for a brief while I happily fucked her mouth slowly as she slurped.

Soon I was sitting beside her and she knelt on the floor. I enjoyed watching her head bob as I held her and soon things slowed down. I pulled her over my lap.

I realized that it had been some time since I had given a woman a spanking. I've missed doing it more. I occasionally wish I could make a just-spanking (or maybe a just-spanking-and-blowjob) friend. Hrm.

Molly's ass is Rubenesque but not BBW, plump but not losing its womanly curve. It felt so good to have her across my lap, knees close together on the couch, feeling her body relax as she settled into her own headspace.

There's something really poignant and hot about that moment, when one's bottom partner has prepped herself but the assault hasn't begun. It's a time of shortened breath, biting the lower lip, adjusting the body for comfort as the butt gets raised just a little higher in the air. Its a moment then says She Knows Its Coming.

And it came. I started with a few gentle smacks, enjoying how her flesh responded. As my hand became hungrier, I couldn't help but smirk to myself as she began yelping and gasping. My cock hardened even more as my hand continued, not at all hard by my standards, but clearly a little more aggressively than poor Molly may have expected. It became my mission then to redden her thoroughly, no bruising, but definitely respond to her submissiveness with the hot glowing that her ass wanted.

Soon, I was alternating smacks to her ass and upper thighs, my nails running down the length of her legs. By then her ass was warm and ready to be fucked.

In the bedroom now, and my fingers are drenched with lube. She's on her hands and knees, her ass high in the air. Her anus is dark and inviting, smooth and winking at me. I had already been awakening and teasing the muscles around her anus as we made out earlier, and when she was sucking my cock, but now one, then two fingers, are probing her. I slip on a condom, stand on the bed behind her, and aim my cockhead for her hole.

We feel the pop, and my stroking is slow and shallow until she starts moving herself back against me. I love that, because it shows me that she wants cock in her ass as much as I want to give it there. She collapses on her tummy. I start fucking her plump ass until she's moaning into the pillow. Rather than intensify though, we slow down again in a casual way, and I eventually withdraw and change into another condom.

I already know that I'm not going to cum tonight, and that's mostly ok. That's been happening with new partners lately, and I don't let it worry me. But Molly's sucked my cock so nicely that she deserves a solid fuck, and so soon I spin her on her back and have her legs in the air. She definitely approves, and by the time her legs are over my shoulder and I'm pumping deeply into her, she's crying out and gushing a flood of girlcum across my balls, my thick dick, and soaking the sheets.

Did I mention that Molly's a squirter? Lovely.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Past her bedtime.

Shayne is a delight. Sharing some phonesex, we covered all the grounds she enjoys: how she likes to be on her knees to suck my cock, bent over a table to get fucked in her beautiful ass, watch my stroke my dick near her face.

But it was hearing how I'd love to fuck her cunt (she loves that word) and ass with my hands that did her in. Evoking memories of the time I mutually fucked her and Annie in both of their pussies with well-lubed purple rubber gloves helped do the trick. But that story has yet to be shared.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh my God, I made a booty call.

Molly and I hooked up briefly about a year ago, but then things got complicated and I broke it off. She was disappointed. We're in the same social circle, and we've remained friends, including having been around other, shared lovers in this incestuous poly community we have around here.

A few weeks ago, we ended up coming back to my place after a night out for wings and beer among mutual friends. I was hammered, and the sex wasn't what it could have been, but damn did it feel good to be making out again. Since then, Molly's made it clear that she's been interested in hooking up, and she invited me to attend a local polyamory social recently, but I couldn't go. Truth is, I'm missing Shayne's touch, but I felt that maybe something relaxed and friendly would do me good. Up until this bit of textmessaging, we had only discussed it casually.

Me: Boo. How was the social?
Molly: It was great - I had a lot of fun. Too bad you couldn't make it.
Me: Was way too wiped. Busy tomorrow night?
Molly: No plans tomorrow... Have something in mind?
Me: Sure. How's this? Homecooked meal at my place, then a night of good, friendly sex followed by breakfast.
Molly: Sounds lovely. When should I come by?

Wow. That was easy. We discussed food, and I'll be making steaks tomorrow night. (Yes, I did feel a pang of guilt because, in a recent text, Shayne shared a fantasy of having steaks with me... but I was seeking what Molly wanted to eat, really, I swear. Gr.) Before anything happens though, I feel I should make certain Molly and I are on the same page. Casual, friendly, old-lover fucking feels ok and healthy for me right now, especially since part of me is dealing with long-distance polyamory issues. I need release and company, that's all, but I'm not willing to hurt someone to see myself acquire it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Premature ejaculation.

Alix is a lover from way back, and she lives in Seattle. We found each other again, thanks to the internet, last year. I should post about the times we shared, because she was (and is) pretty amazingly hot.

Me: Wanna fuck?
Alix: What right now?
Me: Absolutely. Get nekkid. *stroke*stroke*
Alix: Lol!
Me: Oh. Oh. Oh, wait.. Oh! ... Waitwaitwait. .. Mmmph! No waitwait...! ... ... ... *grnt* ... Dammit. Dammit, sorry. That's never happened to me before.
Alix: You are silly!

(An hour later...)

Alix: But yes I'd love to!
Me: I miss your blowjobs.
Alix: Well if you were closer.


Shayne: The nice warm rains of yesterday are gone. It's partly sunny & cold. I miss you. I love you. I'm well and hope you are too.
Me: I'm great! :) Work is good and am relaxed. Stuff getting done. Horny for you.
Shayne: Me for you too! Was just imagining feeding you a steak dinner. :) eating them oysters put you in a mood, eh? :*
Me: You put me in moods. Oysters are a bonus. I need to bend you over a table, taste you, and fuck your amazing ass.
Shayne: You make me wet reading this. I need to be taken by you. I want to get sweaty and twisted in sheets. Want to writhe under you.
Me: Feel me as I pin you down and pump into you, my balls against you as you scream in the pillow. Feel me spread you and take you. I need to fuck you.
Shayne: Oh. Make me scream for you baby. You've helped me get the crotch of my panties all sticky. :) Now i have to get to work.
Me: Give me your sticky. I want to feel you on my shaft and sack. I love your cum. I'm here for you, baby.
Shayne: Going to try to maintain focus today. I cant wait to fuck you again though darling. :* MUAH!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goodbye, LiveJournal. Hello, Blogger.

Hello again. It's good to be back. Care for some wine?

Maybe you've come to this blog from the days when I posted as Crucifurcifer on LJ. I hope some of you, beloved tawdry friends, will join me here and enjoy what I may share.

Maybe you're new to this blog, and to you I send my warmth. Let's have some fun.

Here I'll be sharing my experiences, adventures, and thoughts about sex, women, passion, polyamory, and deviant romance. I'm a somewhat-single man currently enjoying a rewarding longdistance thing with Shayne, the Pixiegrrl, who lives in the midwest United States. She's a 26-year old, deliciously shorthaired, slightly curvy blonde with a bisexual streak so strong that she's identified herself as lesbian for most of her sexual life. I adore that. I adore her. She likes to call me Daddy, and she looks adorable in the authentic schoolgirl uniform I gave her. Like me, Shayne dates others, and we go through the various experiences of being long-distance poly as we can. You'll likely hear a lot about her in coming posts.

From time to time, I also enjoy the company of Trace, the Grasshopper, for whom I'm her "dirty little secret." She's 29, and a university grad student whose sexuality is just blossoming despite her craving for sucking cock and recent discovery of she really likes getting fucked in her ass.

Me, I'm a broadshouldered, sensual rogue in his early 40s with a penchant for sensual good times, giving women head, administering over-the-knee attitude adjustments, and generally celebrating the sexually dynamic goddess in all Her guises. I'm an ethical slut. I'm a Top. I'm a child of the satyrs.

When this blog began, it was a way to enhance an then-existing relationship, and until that relationship ended, it did its job well. Now, it's my altar to She Of The Beautiful Buttocks, Aphrodite Kallipygos, and I invite you to join me in these safe, sane, consentually lustful offerings shared in Her name.