Friday, December 16, 2005

Like Ethiopian cuisine.

Of late, it's been fairly quiet in our happy house of ill repute. Colorado Boy arrived last night, and to my surprise, no wanton screams could be heard from the Tart's bedroom last night. The Tart's reputation is clearly besmirched as a result of this. harumph

Going stag, the Grrl enjoyed a holiday office party of sorts for one of the magazines she works for. As she readied for bed, I enjoyed watching her undress... she chose to wear the elegant bra and thong set I had given her for our anniversary, and I smiled as I saw how beautifully the tastefully lacey cups held her breasts. She beamed a smile when I asked if it was suitably comfortable for her.

In bed, in the dark, the full moon's glow glistening upon the snow visible outside the window, I asked her about the party. Among other things, she shared with me how she had flirted with one of the magazine's accountant's: a wee pixiechik of a pro-active woman who seemed distressed by her date's unwillingness to watch her in an empowered environment. My lovely Grrl also enjoyed dancing with one of the freelance writers who had also attended stag, and who certainly found himself enticed by her. I smirked to myself as she told me how he had approached her with the faint hope of something in his voice.

By then, I was casually caressing her midriff and thighs under the covers. In time, she asked me to caress her sexy mound, and I snuggled her close as I smoothed my fingertips upon her bare labia. I adore her pillowy flesh there, especially when I'm slowly pressing them together and tugging gently. It isn't long before I'm circling fingertips above her nubbin, and she's sighing and shuddering beside me.

Hovering above her, her breasts receiving my kisses, she does what she loves to do: grasps my shaft and presses the head against her clit. I've become so used to her wishing to do this that now I simply smile, kiss her, urge her on, and let her take her time as she does this favourite thing of hers. She makes herself cum this way, rubbing my firm and spongy cockhead there, and as I'm just getting ready to go down on her, I tell her how eager I am to feel her mouth on my cock later.

"You want your cock in my mouth?" she asks me, sitting up. She smirks as I pause, because I want to taste her. "Yes," she says with a charming air of finality. "You do." I smile in return and lean back.

She starts slowly, rubbing her warm face against my shaft, pressing her pursed lips on my head. Her caresses relax me, and soon my head is just over the edge of the bed where I can see the moonlight. Her mouth swabs me, and I feel her warm tongue darting across my shaft. Soon she has the head in her mouth, and I sigh to myself as I anxiously await her to take more of me in. She's more patient than I want to be, and I enjoy the tension. Slowly, finally, she's slurped the length of me into her mouth and throat, and begins bobbing her head.

She knows how I love to hear her wet slurping. Blowjobs are like Ethiopian cuisine: if you're enjoying it too neatly, you're not experiencing all it has to offer. Let it be messy. With her wet, warm mouth and her swirling tongue, the resting of my palm on the back of her shorthaired head, the way she urges me on with a muffled and voiced moan, and her wanton gulps and slurps, I'm feeling my cum start to roil inside me. I tell her that she's making me close. She muffles a "um hrmmm" and urges me further.

"I'm going to fuck your slutty mouth," I tell her, breathlessly.

"Um hmmm..." Her head is bobbing, her lips puffy and distended. She's slurping loudly. I'm in ecstacy.

Holding her head a little more firmly, twirling my fingers in her sexy buzzed hair, we moved slightly to our sides as I start to pump into her mouth firmly. She's tightened her wet lips around me, and I feel her neck relaxing. Now I'm in my zone, and once I've gauged a safe thrusting distance to accomodate her, I stop thinking and focus on fucking her hot, tight mouth with its slithering tongue. I know her saliva is starting to seethe on her face and into the sheets. I can feel her cheeks suckling slightly inward. I can hear, and feel, her swallowing as she increases the pressure. She's got a mouthful of cock and she's steadying herself, pacing herself, because she knows that she's going to taste me very soon. I feel the teasing first throb inside me, and I know she's received some precum.

"Mmm... you like that?" I ask, pumping. She moans an approval.

And it's her moan of approval that finally does me in and I completely let loose, feeling my seed pumping through those happy tubes inside me and bursting from my widening head as she sucks. I'm holding her head firmly now, both of us almost still as I pump my cum into her mouth. She's swallowing, stroking me with her fist, taking me until my flesh is so sensitive that it almosts hurts. I start to laugh in that way that only comes when my cock is so sensitive that a passing breeze would startle me. I feel myself finish, and she stays with her head in my lap, my wet cock in her fist, as we hold each other.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

At the stroke of morning.

I came to bed late, and she was already sound asleep. Snuggling close, I enjoyed caressing her thighs as I settled myself into bed. She moved to one side, and as I drifted in my exhaustion, I thoroughly enjoyed gently exploring and caressing her lovely ass. Her seam was warm and soft, and for a few moments I pondered waking her enough to slide my hardening thickness inside her soft pussy. She's often made it clear to me that she enjoys it when I do that, but this night was one for sleep.

Classical music streamed quietly into our bedroom as the clock went off. I had set it with more than enough time to spare before needing to get ready for work, and while the cats desperately desired that I feed them, my awakening libido was apparently even hungrier than they were. She stirred beside me as Brahams could be faintly heard in the dimness.

"Your touch felt nice last night," she whispered. "I'm sorry that I was too asleep to be woken up..."

Kissing her head gently, I resumed my caresses. Her thighs, her belly, her calves all felt wonderful as I drifted back into consciousness. She sighed and cooed beside me, nuzzling her head into my chest, enjoying my kisses upon her ear and cheek. In time, I found myself caressing her folds, teasing her gently, enjoying the creases and nuances to the soft flesh between her thighs. Her clit was growing, and I could feel it begin to harden under her skin. My hand began its slow, soft circles, and soon she was sighing just ever so more clearly.

Between caresses, my fingers began to jill her in earnest. She continued nuzzling against me, but she also had parted her legs and nestled herself comfortably. She was ready to be stroked, and I was enjoying every morning moment. It wasn't long before she asked for more pressure, and by then my fingertips were actively circling around her lovely clit. She was becoming wetter and wetter, and her gasps had begun to deepen. Soon after, she had her first cum, and I smiled to myself as she shuddered.

She might have expected me to take her then, but I was enjoying this too much. Continuing to jill her, her second cum happened sooner, and deeper, than the first, and her gush was much more audible as she arched her back in ecstacy. She's so much fun.

We were still somewhat sleepy, so her leg matter-of-factly found itself moving as I matter-of-factly positioned myself to slide into her. The casualness of it was endearing, but she still wanted to hold my dick against her clit before she had it deep inside. She does this often when we're together, and I've learned how much fun it is when she uses my shaft to rub herself. My balls quake when she does this, and it feels glorious, especially when she jills herself off to orgasm with my shaft in her hand.

This morning, she only did this briefly though, and then parted her legs wider and guided my thick cockhead to her folds almost immediately. I smiled to myself, eased her thighs beside my ribs, found good position with my knees, and started to slowly stroke in. I wanted to take it slow this morning, to really feel her gushed wetness and velvet. Holding myself with hands above her shoulders on the bed, her legs wrapped around me, I pumped with slow, even, deepening strokes. My cock became thicker and wider the more slowly I fucked her, and it was heavenly. Sliding in as deeply as I could, I groaned as I felt her pussy against my base, her cloying flesh accepting me so comfortably. Pumping with my hips, I had to ease off several times else I cum too soon... she was feeling that good. But when the time came, I noisily slid out of her, and began stroking as I hovered over her belly. I burst upon her, and she wiggled and cooed even more as she felt my cum splash across her navel and tummy. We lay together, embracing, our nectars between us, as we kissed and wished each other a good morning.

Friday, December 2, 2005

As the sun rose over the snowy Chemung River.

The hot tub during the previous night had been wonderfully sensual, especially when the snow began to fall as we languished in the warm water amid the trees. Far down in the valley, the river slowly wandered, and as dark came upon us, our hosts wondered aloud as to whether the bear they had been seeing lately would stop by for a visit.

We enjoyed a long sleep on the flannel sheets the following night. The window of our bedroom yielded a broad vista of the surrounding forest and valley, and we enjoyed the morning light as we mused at how our vacation was drawing to a close soon. We began to embrace, holding one another. Our embraces became longer and more tender, and soon we were enjoying the feel of the sheets and the sun as we stripped ourselves of what little we were already wearing. She looks so sexy in that grey cotton T-shirt, but how I dearly preferred the feel of her warm breasts in my hands and upon my face as I kissed them slowly.

Her belly captivates me. Caressing her tummy, enjoying her navel, I bring my face to her warm centre and caress her calves, her thighs, her ribs, her breasts. Soon her leg has moved over my shoulder, and she's smiling at me as I bury my face in her belly. Gradually, gently, teasingly, my lips find themselves brushing against her sexy curly stripe, and soon I'm brushing those lips against her glistening seam. Parting her, my tongue finds the delightfully hungry nubbin that she so desperately wants me to explore. I love to.

Later that hour, she's holding my head and gasping, and I'm feeling her quake as she shudders in the growing sunlight. We smell the brewing Costa Rican coffee that our friends have begun to prepare downstairs, and the sensual scents of their mountain kitchen fill the room as deliciously as her sex does into my mouth. I love when she tells me how much she's enjoying my tongue. I enjoy curling it for her, swabbing her with it, slowly teasing the fullness of her with broad flat strokes, darts, teasing probes, gentle nibbles. It's fun to make her cum.

She laughed as she offered me her grey T-shirt to dry myself with. Silly grrl. We made our way downstairs for the coffee and fresh bagels. It was a glorious morning.