Friday, December 2, 2005

As the sun rose over the snowy Chemung River.

The hot tub during the previous night had been wonderfully sensual, especially when the snow began to fall as we languished in the warm water amid the trees. Far down in the valley, the river slowly wandered, and as dark came upon us, our hosts wondered aloud as to whether the bear they had been seeing lately would stop by for a visit.

We enjoyed a long sleep on the flannel sheets the following night. The window of our bedroom yielded a broad vista of the surrounding forest and valley, and we enjoyed the morning light as we mused at how our vacation was drawing to a close soon. We began to embrace, holding one another. Our embraces became longer and more tender, and soon we were enjoying the feel of the sheets and the sun as we stripped ourselves of what little we were already wearing. She looks so sexy in that grey cotton T-shirt, but how I dearly preferred the feel of her warm breasts in my hands and upon my face as I kissed them slowly.

Her belly captivates me. Caressing her tummy, enjoying her navel, I bring my face to her warm centre and caress her calves, her thighs, her ribs, her breasts. Soon her leg has moved over my shoulder, and she's smiling at me as I bury my face in her belly. Gradually, gently, teasingly, my lips find themselves brushing against her sexy curly stripe, and soon I'm brushing those lips against her glistening seam. Parting her, my tongue finds the delightfully hungry nubbin that she so desperately wants me to explore. I love to.

Later that hour, she's holding my head and gasping, and I'm feeling her quake as she shudders in the growing sunlight. We smell the brewing Costa Rican coffee that our friends have begun to prepare downstairs, and the sensual scents of their mountain kitchen fill the room as deliciously as her sex does into my mouth. I love when she tells me how much she's enjoying my tongue. I enjoy curling it for her, swabbing her with it, slowly teasing the fullness of her with broad flat strokes, darts, teasing probes, gentle nibbles. It's fun to make her cum.

She laughed as she offered me her grey T-shirt to dry myself with. Silly grrl. We made our way downstairs for the coffee and fresh bagels. It was a glorious morning.

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