Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Toybox: Finger Fitting Products' Magnificent Vibrating Glove

Several years ago, because it was easy for me to get and would provide me with some fast money once my legal emigration to Canada was complete, one of my first jobs here was as staff in a very competitive adult DVD and sextoy store.

I had done similar work when I was in my late teens, and it was a treat to temporarily return to the old pleasures of charming giggling couples or eliciting the fantasies out of courageous but less-than-informed women as they explored the horny hardware our store had to offer.

These were the days when the Fukuoku 9000 was a fairly recent product, and among the hottest sellers in this particular suburban sex emporium. The staff received rave reviews from those who purchased one, although some were slightly disappointed with its lack of variable speeds. Still, the 9000 seemed like a revolution in sextoy technology those ten or so years ago, with its compact and clever one-fingertip design.

But progress waits for no, uh, woman, or so they say. More recently, the Rhodes scholars at Finger Fitting Product labs came up with the Magnificent Vibrating Glove, also called the Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove, and it's easy to imagine how. "My God!, some perky product tester must have realized during one of her after-hours sessions with the corporate VP of sales, "If oneFukuoku fingertip can get me climaxing like that, what am I in for if every fingertip were sheathed in these vivacious voracious vibrations?! Eureka!"

Or something like that. I'm sure. You can see that happening, cantcha?

The Glove itself is manufactured from an 84% nylon/16% lycra (Spandex) blend with a sheer look and feel that may indicate that latex presence is likely negligible, if present at all. With two speed settings, the Glove houses three AAA batteries in a waterproof casing located at the inner wrist and secured with a strap. One Fukuoku massager is located within the Glove for each fingertip. The Glove itself is hand-washable only and should not be exposed to temperatures above 120F (50C). Not that you'll likely make your hot tub that extreme. It's intended for external use only.

Sensations penetrate only the uppermost layers of skin and muscle, so while the Glove is no Hitachi Magic Wand, its ideal for sensual, stimulation-oriented play. Tops and dominants would enjoy the versatility of its use as a subtle pleasure enhancer, especially for fingertip-to-genital or -nipple play. Less fetish-oriented partners and/or solo jillers and jackers could certainly appreciate the Glove's usefulness that way as well, and the Fukuoku line of vibrators has an already well-established reputation with clitoral fun. Caressing faces, squeezing labia, tickling clits, pinching nipples, gently touching the eyelids or ears, squeezing scrotums, stroking cocks... the options are endless.

Using a large non-latex glove to cover over the Magnificent Vibrating Glove, I found that probing a partner's pussy was a challenging experience, however. The fact that the Glove isn't recommended for internal use notwithstanding, I found that the Fukuoku tips simply weren't snug enough around the fingertips to prevent them from sliding to one side of the finger or other. Even in normal usage, these little buzzZZzzzing bees (and truly, that's what the vibrations sound like) kept wanting to move of their own accord.

Perhaps this is why those same horny scientists at Finger Fitting labs have also developed the Fukuoku Power Pack, which appears to feature handydandy clips for the massagers to secure themselves around the fingers. It might look like something a Borg might be found wearing... but if so, there's bound to be somebody out there with the right costumes and kinky minds to make that work too.


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