Sunday, November 9, 2008

Three paces from the door.

Shayne lives in a charming studio flat that gets plenty of sun and is home to a pair of cuddly felines. Her bed is beside some of the windows and directly across from the front door. It would barely take three paces before one could enter her pad and find oneself upon its puffy comforter.

Shayne: I love you. Had a great orgasm thinking bout you last night.

Sometimes I enjoy wondering how the acoustics of her place allow for her orgasmic cries to echo in the hall, through the walls, below her floor.

Me: Liar. ;)

We're planning on seeing each other in a little more than two weeks. I expect that I'd be arriving on the morning of the 23rd. It'll be a Sunday morning. Shayne may well still be in bed.

Shayne: Oh no. You came in my front door and i was on my back, knees bent, pelvis thrust up. You dropped to your knees and sucked, licked, and ate my wet cunt.

Me: Mmm. I do miss giving you my mouth, tongue, fingers that way. What do you like most about me giving you head?

Shayne: How involved you get. Your skilled fingers knowing where to push. The moans you make as you enjoy me... I can't pick just one. Or if i did i'd pick your tongue.

I have keys to her front door. I would be letting myself in. We would be those barely three paces apart for barely a moment, and then I will smile as I drop by bags, my jeans, and my knees before feasting upon her bared pussy.


janna said...

lucky girl

Shayne said...

Um, actually...I rearranged a few months back. The bed is now, exactly 16 inches from the front door. No paces needed >;->

Rogue said...

Janna ~
I agree!

Shayne ~
Hey baby!
... Well, my, we are the exhibitionistic hussy, aren't we? Wanna screw right in the hallway while we're at it? smirk