Saturday, November 29, 2008

The morning news.

The alarms from both of our cell phones went off at 6am, and she reached for them both with a groan and a whimper. We dozed. Later, the clock radio in the kitchen began offering us the morning's National Public Radio broadcast as we continued to snooze.

The night before had been an evening out with some of her friends. The line at Kuma's was ridiculously long, so it was beers and pub fare at Small Bar instead. I was fine with that: this bar had become virtually synonomous with visits to see Shayne, and many were the times I had thought of driving to Chicago on a whim, ordering a pint here, and texting her to invite her with me. In one past visit, she met me there in her pink 50s dress and she giggled as I gave her prezzies. During my last visit here, I nursed a few drinks as I contemplated time without her.

Last night was only slightly similar to that occasion, and everything seemed fitting.

We bade farewell to her friends. We retired to her pad. We filled the pipe and enjoyed Eddie Izzard. She collapsed. We slept.

The nights together have been cleansing, and the mornings have felt like refreshed opportunities for heart-to-hearts and mutual understanding. They've also been playful, and its been good to remember that not every discussion about the nature of what we've been to one another has to be intense.

And the mornings have given us refreshed opportunities for skin-to-skin.

While National Public Radio chattered on and echoed throughout her studio, Shayne nuzzled her bum and back close to me in the bed. She wore a Tshirt, I wore gym pants, and her pleasantly plump butt felt sensual against me as she lay in a fetal posture. Reaching around her, I idly cupped a breast as I held her tight, and she sighed under her breath and pressed closer. I dearly enjoy intimate, relaxed moments like this.

Knowing her breasts would still be sensitive from previous play and her lunations, I began squeezing her gently and tugging her tiny nipple over her Tshirt. She gasped when my nibbles began teasing her earlobe and my hand became more and more demanding in its touch. She stiffened nicely when I teased both nipples at once with my fingers and palm, and arched her bacl slowly when I began twisting one of them in a tight circle. She ground her ass firmer against me, reached behind her back, and began squeezing my cock over my pants in return.

I tugged them down. She smiled when she had free access to my hardening dick, and wrapped her exploring fingers around my thickening girth. I love it when she reaches for me and enjoys the feel and weight of me. I love it when she cups and caresses my full balls, my strong thighs, the base of my back.

Spooning, I caressed and parted her asscheeks open. She ground her head into the pillow and told me how she loved having her ass touched that way by me. I know.

I knelt up, behind and beside her. She pulled her knees closer to her chest and looked at me over her left shoulder, the sunlight just beginning to cast shafts of amber yellow through the blinds and across the bed.

Lubing my cock, I stroked myself with a wet and slick fist as I tugged the duvet down and revealed her ass to me. I squatted back on my ankles, raised my hips, and aimed glistening cockhead to her tight seam. One small adjustment and I was inside her, feeling her tightness envelop my bulb and suck me in deeper. Taking a slow, deep breath into my chest, I held on to her thigh like a railing and started what began as a slow, deep, penetrating fuck.

Stroking my cock inside Shayne's warmth, I clutched her thighs tightly and gently yanked her backward onto me. Her throaty gasps made my heart quicken, and soon I planted my fists at either side of her neck as I bent forward and fucked her harder and faster. I felt my balls slide against her thigh when she stretched her right leg downward, her left knee still high and hard against her chest. This let me tilt her hip slightly, giving me deeper access inside her tunnel, and I took advantage of it and mounted her fully with alternating strokes.

She moved onto her back, grasped my shaft, rested her ankles on my shoulders, and began using my dick as her personal playtoy. I stifled a groan and kept myself from cumming as she began jilling her proud clit with my cockhead, tugging me upward and downward between her flushed outer lips. The golden blonde pubes teased me, and her hard pearl brushed against the happy slit at the tip of my dick. I bent downward again and bit her nipples.

I pulled back and calmed myself. I've been happily helping Shayne move beyond some barricades during this visit, and I wanted to escort her through another satisfying cum of her own. She had the same idea in mind, and asked for a solid fucking with my hands.

I gladly indulged her, this shameless hussy of mine. Donning the last of the purple non-latex gloves I had given her as a clever gift long ago, I lubed my hand as she laughed and fell back onto the mound of pillows, biting her lower lip in a naughty smirk. I knelt on the floor beside the bed. In the growing sunlight, she parted her legs for me, revealing her feral, furry, and glistening mound. Her labia was red and swollen, her coral clit throbbing proudly, her giggle subtle and relaxed.

My left hand caressed her thigh as my right, gloved and eager, slid two fingers inside her depths. Twisting and stroking, I taunted her briefly before resuming the solid fucking she had been getting before with my cock. She reached for her clit, closed her eyes, and began jilling before me as my hand continued to pump and probe her warm pussy. It was all about her now, and she guided me to what strokes her sex was craving.

"That's nice, baby." "That feels do good!" "A little deeper now and a little faster..." "Curl your fingers for me, baby..." "Harder! Just like that!"

Focused on giving her a solid fucking, I held her tight against me as her hand spun circles above my thrusting wrist. I had given her so much attention that my hardness had calmed itself, though my fun continued and I enjoyed the feel of my thick softness against my own thigh.

"Baby, give me your cock to suck..."

I denied her. At this point, my focus was on finishing what I had started. "You'll suck my cock later." I was tempted to add "you slut," but I didn't. That can wait.

And there, I imagine with the thought of being on her naughty knees later in the day, my twitching fullness between her slurping lips and into her tawdry mouth, she overcame her barricades of late again and began shaking in a fluid, sensual cum. Her head pushed back into the pillows and her cloying pussy gripped my thrusting fingers as I wiggled the tips of them against her quivering G-spot. She gasped and cried out, her back arching, her voice echoing with the radio as she came in rushes, and she slowly settled into the waves of it all. My thrusts continued, gently and slowly, with the occasional tease. I smirked as she gasped aloud and giggled as I taunted her sensitivity. Smiling, I knelt back on the floor, stripped the glove from my hand, gave her a kiss, and made us some mugs of Earl Grey as the chatter on National Public Radio continued.

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