Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daybreak over Chicago.

The sun was slowly awakening Chicago as our passionate embrace continued. While it was clear and calm outside, we had weathered a storm the day before, but in the morning it seemed to clear enough to welcome the better parts of our closeness.

She had addressed me as "babe" as she slowly awoke, and the sound of it was a salve on my spirit. Not long afterward, we were embracing again, and she relished on the torturous feasting I gave her breasts. Pinching and biting her tender, small nipples, she sighed and gasped into the golden room's air in pleasure and delightful anguish. She begged me to savage her tits, and so I gripped them in strong grasps of my hands as her back arched and her mouth widened silently. My sharp teeth sunk around her broad areolae, and her pale skin slowly reddened as I sated my hunger upon the lovely, innocent-looking pair she possesses.She climbed on top of me.

"Is it ok if I put your cock inside me?" she asked with a smirk and wet kiss.

I smirked back as I felt her grip the base of me and guide my head toward her wet, tight cunt. She loves that word. "Cunt." Shayne loves to have my cock in her cunt.

She eased her weight upon me, and I felt her soft warmth ensconse itself around my shaft. She ground her hips down and I thrust upward for a while before asking her if she would rather have me still. My suspicion was on the money, and she straightened her back upward and looked down to me with hungry eyes as she used my cock for her pleasure. I felt her muscles squeeze me, her cervix stroke itself against the head of me, her labia gripping around the base of me as she rocked backward and forward in her own pleasure. In my mind, I enjoyed how she took me, and fancied myself her conquered prey, her servant, he who will be used for her personal enjoyment. I smiled to myself as I watched her use my cock for her fucking.

She bent down again, pressing her pendulous breasts to my face and teasing me. I returned to squeezing them tightly, pinching and rolling her nipples between fingers and hard knuckles again, and again she winced pleasurably. My hands left her breasts to caress her back, to hold her lovely ass, to grip her hips as I thrust my cock upward and into her cunt.

We slowed the pace and began to kiss deeply again, holding one another. She wanted my cock in her mouth, but she wanted to have me ask for it first.

"Tell me," she smirked in her sassy way, "what it is you want me to do now."

I smiled back. "I want you to suck my cock, baby." She pulled herself off of me and slowly scooted down to the base of the bed. She stroked my dick in her warm fist as she looked up to me and smiled.

It had been so long since she last sucked me, and I had almost forgotten about how talented her sinewy tongue and gripping lips are. She reminded me eagerly, gripping the base of my cock in her fist as she swabbed her tongue across my thick head. Her mouth engulfed me, and as she pumped her wet lips down the length and girth of me, I relaxed and remembered her tenderness from lovemaking sessions past. Her suction gripped my shaft and spongy tip as she began sucking passionately, tapping my cockhead against her cheeks and open lips, coating her face with her salted saliva to mark herself with my seaspray scent.

She withdrew her mouth and jacked my cock slowly, firmly, and dribbled a little of her spit down to her stroking fingers. Well lubed, my cock loudly and slickly was serviced by her knowing fingers, and then she began to cup and cradle my swollen balls in her other hand.

Alternating between sucking and stroking, she brought me close before asking to see her stroke my cock myself. I looked down to my moving fist with wide and appreciative eyes.

"I love watching you do this," she breathlessly said. "Come all over my tits."

I didn't quite make it there, but her face shone appreciatively as she watched me burst and shake into rumbles of deep laughter afterward. We embraced.

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