Monday, November 10, 2008

Her strawberry sex.

Bake a pie? Make pancakes? Get some rum and go crazy with dacquiris? Yesterday, a grocer friend of mine gave me an armful of fresh strawberries for two bucks, and I've been scratching my head to decide what on earth I'm going to do with them.

Leave it to Shayne who, as she texted me to say 'good morning' today, to help me figure it out.

Shayne: Good morning, baby. I love you.

Me: Love you too. I'm off to run errands and grab breakfast. Long sleep was good n needed. So were the two orgasms this morning. :)

Shayne: O! O! How nice! Do i really get to see you in 13 days? I'm so freaking excited!

Me: Yep! :) Whatcha wearing?

Shayne: LOTS of wool... and my little cock cucker shirt. :*

Shayne's shirt is part of the schoolgirl uniform that I gave her last year. Over the breast pocket, the initials "LCS" is embroidered in blue thread. Rather than represent a particular Ontario secondary Catholic school, we decided long ago that it represented her status as a good "little cock sucker."

And it'll be time for mid-terms when we see each other next.

Me: The uniform? Mm. "Cocksucker shirt." I like the sound of that. Want to suck some Daddy cock, young lady? And what the hell am I going to do with FIVE POUNDS of strawberries?

Shayne: Freeze some for smoothies. Feed some to me as i suck your cock. Which, by the way, i'm dying to do.

Me: Yum. I'll do more than feed you. I'll press the bleeding, dripping fruit upon your beautiful face. Your cheeks will be gooey with strawberry as they hollow around my throbbing tool.

Shayne: Um. YUM.

Me: I will dip my hands in a bowl of sweet berry compote. I will smear your face, slick your hair back with both hands and hold you while I fuck your mouth. I will have you looking like the hot, gooey tart that you are.

Shayne: Oh... (sigh. shudder. squeak. squirm.) I love the way you do what you do to me.

Me: ;) I'm glad. Love ya. But if I turn you into a strawberry shortcake, shall I feast on you too?

Shayne: Yes please!!!


Daddy's girl said...

I read a story once where a guy had his girl laid out on the bed naked and spread wide to receive a thorough shaving - and when he was done and cleaned her up - he grabbed a handful of strawberries and squeezed them so all the juice ran over her clean, smooth pussy -after which he licked up every drop! YUMMEE!
Just one idea! Enjoy your fruit!

Shayne said...

Hey! I like what she said!! I was going to comment on the funny pics from your post but lil' miss Daddy's Girl has me completely distracted!

Daddy's girl said...

Lol! Well, I hope your time together is FRUITFUL!

Rogue said...

Daddy's Girl ~
Well, hello, and thank you for visiting and chiming in. That does sound yummalicious and definitely inspiring... I have no doubt that my coming time with Shayne... in roughly four more days from when I type... will be very fruitful indeed... Perhaps you should keep reading, as who knows what might happen.

Shayne ~
Hi baby! It seems we have a bedside cheerleader with a taste for sweet fruit herself... oh heavens, what ever shall we do? wink Perhaps we can arrange some comfy chairs, a table of hors d'eouvres, and a bottle of wine near the bed, hrm? We wouldn't want our voyeuristic guests to be uncomfortable...