Monday, November 24, 2008

Rivulets of cloistered awareness.

I crossed the threshold and set my bags down, the curious cats rubbing against them. She was already awake, having barely slept through the night in her excitement, or so she said.

The first kisses were quick, greeting-like, but as she lay comfortably in her bed, she sighed to my caresses after I had settled my things. It had been many months since we had last kissed deeply, and warm memories of her sensual mouth filled my heart and spirit when our kisses deepened. I was reminded of the soft, slow movement of her lips, the warmth of her tenderness, and of the joy it brought to me to share my own nuances with her as well.

She bade me to join her in her soft bed, and smiled up to me as I removed my shirt and did so. Laying with her again, embracing her strong form, brought me back to better days when the fire between us was bright and consuming. I felt home again, and when my hand cupped her soft breast as her panting and open mouth hungrily kept exploring my own, I remembered.

Her ribs, her tummy welcomed my lips. I smiled in myself as I heard her coo and sigh. Gradually, our clothes came off piece by piece until we were nude and beside one another again after having been apart, in more ways than one, for so long.

She relaxed on her back and rested her head on the soft pillows. I bit my lower lip as I asked if she would enjoy feeling my mouth tasting her again. She laughed and wiggled her hips in joyful reply, and when my hands cupped her powerful thighs at either side of my face, I closed my eyes and pressed myself close to breathe in her essences. Her soft cotton panties teased my cheeks, my nose, my lips as I slowly exhaled warmth through them and roasted her mound. When the panties had been slowly slipped from her, when she lay at one side as I placed tender kisses on her womanly bum, the soft golden tufts of her fur tickled my face as my warm and wet tongue teased her.

I had missed the feel of her proud clit against my tongue. A coral marble, it was hard and pulsing between my lips as I slowly stroked the underside with the tip of it, alternating my licks between there and down into and against her holes. She raised her knees up, giving my access to her anus. I swabbed tender strokes against her furry labia. I filled my lungs with her airs.

She was on her side when I knelt behind her, my cock slowly finding its way into her soft tightness for the first time again in so long. She looked up to me.

"That feels perfect," she said to me in a faint gasp. I held her thigh with both hands as I knelt as close to her as I could, stroking my cock inside her body.

She had moved to her hands and knees to get fucked from behind, and I marveled at the sight of her generous ass pressing firmly against me as my thrusts met her with gently audible smacks.

I was relaxing in the moment, enjoying the feel of her open tightness, the grip of her beautiful pussy along my cock, when the shift occurred. Perhaps it had simply been because it had been some time for her too, perhaps it was a shift in consciousness, perhaps the nuances had revealed heretofore unknown rivulets of cloistered awareness, but it became time to stop for the moment.

And what's followed since has been a cathartic exploration in our minds and hearts, even as we enjoy (and continue to want to enjoy) the lovemaking that we share with one another. There's been a delving into shadows and into intimacies that, depending upon how we approach them, will likely make or break what may or may not happen next.

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