Friday, October 3, 2008

The Toybox: Doc Johnson's Anal Enchantment.

I smiled to myself as she closed her eyes and raised her lovely butt higher into the air for me. She bit her lower lip as I gently lubed her there, and giggled as she watched the lubricant drizzle down the length of the bulbs. Her eyes opened when she felt the first ball at her tightness, and with enough wiggling and pressing, we both felt it pop inside gently. I leaned closer and kissed her as I worked the next bulb, and the next, inside. Her tongue danced around mine as she felt herself gradually widen as I fucked her with the toy...

Sex toys rule. I don't understand how or why some other guys might feel threatened by them, as if toys were a "replacement" for our own fantastic and diverse fuckgear. Was your Tonka bulldozer a "replacement" for your Hot Wheels Camaro? Was that baseball mitt a "replacement" for your own hand? Nah. A diverse lover is a well appreciated lover, especially if you're bringing fun and frolic into the scene.

Besides, and trust me on this: one day in your life, you will have had too much to drink/not enough sleep/a rough week at work/a belly full of too much pasta and your cock is. just. not. going to. respond. It's a fact of life that you are not a mechanical piston with an "on" and "off" switch, no matter what you tell yourself or what she might be misinformed enough to expect. So whatareya gonna do? Pout? Apologize? No. It's going to be Toy Night, my friend, and that will make you Superman even if your dick feels more like Underdog.

So thanks to the sexy people at VibeReview here is the first of a coming series of posts reviewing sextoys that have made their scandalous way across my sheets.

The Anal Enchantment

Available in clear or pink jelly, the Anal Enchantment, or Anal Delight is a 5-inch (14.5cm) flexible probe with five bulbous spheres that's ideal for beginners and experienced anal play enthusiasts alike. Once inserted, the spheres gradually widen the sphincter from a 2.5cm diameter through 3cm, 3.25cm, and two bulbs at 3.5cm, much smaller than the average cock or dildo. The final bulb is longer than the others, giving the receiver opportunity to experience depth without additional width, and secured with the very necessary widened base. Always avoid anal insertion toys that do not have a flanged, widened base. Slow pumping brings optimum sensation, and especially so for stroking a male partner's prostate. For me, prostate play is a new territory, but I can already say that I received stronger sensation from the Enchantment than from other, more sophisticated toys designed expressly for the so-called P-spot. The little fucker is pretty cool.

Similar experiences can be had with the Vibrating Spectra Probe, a beaded jelly shaft affixed to a waterproof vibrator, or the Ripple, a beaded shaft also ideal for beginners but with a firmer feel.

For someone with even a little experience in anal play, the flexibility of the Enchantment can make for easy and relaxed insertion and a comfortable fit. It's thicker than a typical beginner's butt plug (like the Red Stallion), but the material has enough give to make it easy to use. Absolute beginners might find its flexibility challenging sometimes, as its comparative lack of rigidness can make insertion difficult to achieve. A well-lubed Enchantment against a tight anus is just going to slip and slide everywhere but where you want it to go. ssssloop!

To be this flexible however, this toy has some cause for concern. The Enchantment is among that gradually-decreasing number of adult toys that have been made with phthalates, a family of softening chemicals found in other products (such as some foods, paint, and until recently, baby toys) that are shown in some studies to cause testicular damage in men, adversely affect genital development in infants, and possibly cause liver and kidney damage.

As part of a comprehensive German study, phthalate concentration in some sex toys has been found to be upwards of 243000 ppm, compared to Health Canada's maximum daily exposure of no more than 3000 ppm. Potentially harmful compounds in these products (including latex, for those allergic to that) are also known to leach out when in contact with certain fats, and "jelly" toys in general also have a reputation for breaking down when around other compounds, excessive heat or light, or when improperly washed. This poses the risk of even the smallest portions of material possibly extracting within the body, and for these reasons, "jelly" toys are best used with a condom.

Sexologist Violet Blue tells us that these health risks, coupled with the unregulated manufacture of adult toys, is what prompts many manufacturers to market them as "novelties," implying a use for the object other than bodily insertion. United States-based manufacturer Doc Johnson's packaging for the Enchantment, like its larger counterparts the Anal Starter, the Ballsy Supercock, and others in its "Crystal Jellies" line, lists this product as "sold as an adult novelty only."

Still, the Enchantment offers a subtle experience that, even if covered, provides sensual play alone or with a partner. Despite the limitations it might have because of the "jelly" material, it can be an easy toy to experiment with and enjoy.

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Sucre Bebe said...

Wow. I always intrigued by the anal stories of others, for my few times trying were disastrous.

This is one thing where I can truly say "no, it is not you, it is me," and mean it.

And jelly toys always make me feel funny. I try to avoid them in my happy part. ;)