Friday, October 3, 2008

Real men make quiche.

Late last night, she texts me while I'm sound asleep. What a perfect message to awaken to. I go about my morning, and some time when I figure she's about to awaken and start her day, I text her back.

Shayne: My love, I want to suck your cock.

Me: *snuggles up close* Not lettinya go ta work taday. Yer shtayin in bed wif me.

Shayne: Oop... ok. :)

Me: That blowjob last night was *amazing* baby, and just what I needed... ...but now its your turn...

Shayne: I feel ravenous this morning.

Me: I made quiche for you. It didn't threaten my manhood.

Shayne: Chocolate quiche? I went out last night and met a really sweet group of queers and had a good time. I was charming.

Me: Quiche lorraine. More breakfasty. But there's a chocolate/pear clafouti with melon slices in the fridge.

Shayne: Lots of talk in their group of moving to your city. Mmm... the crust is divine. And youre SO cute in an apron.

Me: So your date with Malie tanked?

Shayne: Mm. You are so good! No, it was during my date with Amelie.

Me: Especially when Im nekkid under the apron. I think you should consider their advice. *munch* I thlike da hammy bith.

Shayne: Whose advice?

Me: The advice of the cool dykes who like my city. Is there more coffee?

Shayne: Yes, I'll get it. They weren't all dykes, you girl crazy man.

Me: Oh, Im sure. But, yes, I am girlcrazy. Especially if that girl is you. Good coffee, thanks.

Shayne: Nice save, Mr. Man. Now can i have that return favor you mentioned when we woke up?

Me: *smiles, drains pottery mug, dabs lips with linen serviette, and slowly slinks to kneel on the kitchen floor* *gently parts your legs as you enjoy breakfast*

Shayne: *pats head* You're so good, honey. *kisses cheeks* *purrs* *lays back and sighs*

Me: Mm. Look at this... arent you pretty. *winks* *smiles* *moves closer to your chair, caresses your calves, leans forward* Mmm. Do you like it when I give you a long, slow, gentle swab with my tongue that way? ...I think you do.

Shayne: I love it. I love how you enjoy me so much. I love your slow, deliberate movements.


Lilly said...

I love a man that can cook!!

Rogue said...

And I love a woman who oozes in her pants when she eats what I've made.

Anonymous said...

Your cell phone texting history must be a sex bloggers dream..I can only imagine! ;)

You can come and cook for me any, any, anytime, dear Rogue.

Rogue said...

Swingerwife, daahlingk ~

It is.

You like spicy food?


Rogue said...

In re-reading this, for whatever reason this morning, I still find myself reading her texts with her voice, her giggles in my head.

Dammit, Shayne, I miss you, and missing you really fucking sucks.