Sunday, October 26, 2008

She uses me and then she's out the door.

Shayne is a riot when she texts me in the morning.

Shayne: : : ahhyawnnumnum : : snoodle... I want to wiggle my naked butt into your lap, hear your voice whisper in my ear, and feel your hands on my waist and belly.

Me: Mm... yumm. I do miss that nekkid butt of yours.

Shayne: Mm. You want me wiggle it against you some more honey?

Me: Oh. Oh my. Oh dear. Mm. Um. Yes please... ...Ooo.

Shayne: We wiggle together, warming from sleep to arousal. I feel my pussy start to purr. You kiss my neck and shoulders. We writhe, spooning each other. You tell me you want my ass. I ask you to be patient. I want your mouth first.

Me: One last nibble to your shoulder before I slide down to the foot of the bed, your back still to me. Caressing your legs, I raise your knees to your chest. Such a lovely bum. Your closed petals peek from between your compressed thighs as I tilt my head and swab you gently with a soft tongue. I enjoy parting your ass open when I taste you this way.

Shayne: I like knowing youre looking and enjoying while i slip into the luxury of your mouth on my wet cunt.

Me: Fingers spread, palm warm, I'm holding your asscheek high into the air as my head moves slowly between your thighs. Enjoy my tongue, other fingers, teasing, probing you. Your flesh darkens, glistens. My quiet moans as my tongue delves deep and flicks.

There's a long pause.

Shayne: It's a blustery fall day here... Ah! WHERE ARE MY PANTS?!

Me: I hid them. So there.

Shayne: It's COLD OUT HERE! And people are staring...

Me: Serves you right, tramp! ;)


Dylan said...

There is nothing quite as fun as text sex, especially in places you shouldn't be having it. At work, in class, etc. And with my girlfriend, our text sex gets downright filthy.

Rogue said...

Share, dude, share!

For me, one of the best parts anout sextmessaging is getting that glimpse into my lover's head: what she thinks, how she thinks it, how she expresses her thoughts. Let's face it... the brain is the most potent of sex organs, and hot talk rules.

Anonymous said...

ah... the lad has a healthy interest in the titties... most excellent.

Rogue said...

Isn't he a riot?

Ah... if I only had a son... what a dangerous thing *that* would be...

"Aw, Dad, do we haveta talk about the birds and the bees *again*..."

"Hey, hey, but this is cool, lad... today, it's all about G-SPOTS! OoOOOoOoOoo..."

Rogue said...

God, I love this picture.