Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo Essay: Bums on the street.

"When I've painted a woman's bottom so that I want to touch it, then the painting is finished.”
Pierre-Auguste Renoir


curiousgirl said...

methinks you must enjoy a woman's tush in form-fitting must have a blast walking around taking random pictures of women's bottoms lol...


Rogue said...

Curiousgirl ~

I've been inspired since beginning doing these Photo Essays... while doing this set (and there may be more like these coming, as its so easy to do) had been a lot of fun, truth be told, I think if I made a regular habir out of this, it would be kinda creepy.

But then again, life is a sport, no?

M. said...

It would be very, not "kinda" creepy if you made a habit of it.
But, in the context of this blog and that it is an essay, I think it's fun and frankly, it's not like I don't check out ass.
It is a bit sneaky though...but fun.

Rogue said...

M. ~

Exactly. I can't imagine any sexually playful, vivacious, and healthfully intrigued and curious person who doesn't check out ass. And, you betcha, taking shots like these in public is bth fun and sneaky, but I try to do it discretely and with a playful spirit. I also try to find images that, to me, somehow compliment the subject in a flattering way.

I'd hate to throw a vibe that I was a trenchcoat-wearing lech, however. I see this as a game, and one readers here seem to enjoy having it shared with, but if I ever started to feel (or got the sense from someone I was viewing) that I was intruding/being creepy, I'd stop doing it.