Friday, October 31, 2008

Three years of shameless decadence.

Writing this blog has been a fun and tawdry treat, and I'm very pleased with the comradeships I've developed among my fellow sexbloggers. I've had opportunity to share ideas, networking, and more with some of you, and I hope the Fates see some of us meeting, um, in person some day.

For the thousands (wow...) who have come to read the exploits saucily detailed here, I hope this blog has and will continue to bring you oodles of pleasure. By all means, keep your comments coming: often, it's your remarks that give me the additional enjoyment to keep at it.

It's been three years since my fingers began alternating between my black keyboard and the glass of red wine on my desk as my naughty head retells the dastardly deeds of my straining cock, lubricated fingers, and firm paddles. Before I continue, I thought I'd take a moment at this juncture to put a spotlight on some the past and present vixens, daughters of Aphrodite all, of whom you've read and crested your orgasms over.

Where are they now?

Through a variety of ebbs, swells, lows, and rekindlings, the loverly Shayne and me remain close to one another. She recently made a small coup at her job with a publishing firm that has her feeling groovy, and after a brief hiatus, is slowly going back into her dating scene again for extra play. We're tentatively planning to see each other for American Thanksgiving, when we intend on field-testing the Iris, and I'm eager to have her in my arms again. We have fun, talk and share a lot, and she's definitely among my best friends. Sometimes we discuss the possibility of her moving to my city. Recently, she began a sexblog of her own. I love her.

I'm really enjoying my new friendship with Morgan, and the feeling seems to be nicely mutual. A publicist and freelance writer in cahoots with a bevy of excellent freelance writers, she wowed her two sons when she brought them to my pad for the weekly snake feeding. How cool is that? What's begun between us as a Craigslisted, discrete, over-the-knee spanking buddyship seems to be developing nicely, and I'm enjoying it a lot. She's one cool woman with one deliciously spankable butt. I like her lots.

I still enjoy a very occasional fuckbuddyship with "Ponytail Girl" Molly, the rubensque brunette who who recently travelled throughout the US and Mexico for the hell of it. To my shock, she actually got a job recently. At the risk of sounding arrogant, she probably wants more from me than I'm really willing to give, but she's also casually dating at least three other dudes in the local polyamory circuit (ever notice how some people confuse "polyamory" with "swinging"?), so I'm confident that she'll be fine.

Despite having been my first love and the partner I had been with the longest, I have yet to retell any of the sordid tales involving me and Diva. It's odd, really. There is so much blog-worthy stuff that we shared: threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, strip clubs, fetish play, etc etc. Together, we were involved in the founding of at least one bdsm network in New England. After seven years, our relationship ended twelve years ago and we remain friendly to one another. She was a former Marine and ex-stripper when I met her, a postal worker when we were together, and since became a landscape architect doing some bodybuilding on the side. I understand that she raced motorcycles in Italy for a time. She recently became single again, I had heard, which really is a pity for the guy who's been dicking her around because, despite her flaring temper, she's really quite the catch.

To my confusion and disappointment, The Grrl and I aren't in touch any longer. I know precious little about what's happened with her now, and she's become scarce among some of our mutual friends as well. Not long after our break, she fucked at least one man whom I have a long-standing enmity with, and that distressed me for a time. She spent some time doing relief work in New Orleans with some anarchists and a woman she was in lust with, then started working in an art gallery in the Philadelphia area. We worked very hard at trying to remain friends, and for reasons I still don't comprehend, she pulled the plug on that in a sudden email perhaps two years ago now. I think she's a little messed up, but I do miss her. I miss her style, her 'tude, her vibe, and I definitely miss our sex.

The Tomboy and I remain friends, and she's still happily involved with her yoga instructor dude, who recently moved in with her. She's active with one of the local polyamory social groups in my area and still doing her best to not get deployed in Afganistan. I really should call her about a skiing or caving trip sometime.

My insane ex-wife, Heidi, actually seems to have her act together finally. She ended things with the convict and has been involved with with a reasonably decent guy for a few years now. She bought a condo (not far from where I live), trimmed down magnificently, and has since become a semiprofessional boxer. Six years after our divorce, we ran into one another three times in one week, which gave us some opportunity to talk. While our first re-meeting was warm and huggy, but I suppose she 'thought the better of it' by our third re-meeting and things cooled. Pity: I would enjoyed developing a nice friendship with the goof. Her loss, man.

Stacy was and remains an enigma. To date, we haven't been in touch since things ended. While I don't miss her neuroticism, secrets, and lousy communication skills, I do miss her fantastic ass and the look on her face when I entertained her ravishment fantasies. I expect that she's still in grad school.

Alix and I have been friends for so many years, and even though we're on different coasts, we continue to tease the hell out of one another over textmessages. She eventually divorced her husband in a very amicable way, and I understand she's become quite the activist and hottie in the northwest polyamory and fetish scenes. She's made it clear that should I ever get to her area, she wants my cock in her generous ass. How can you not love friends like that?

Pamela and Tari are definitely in the "ones that got away" camp. Tari is probably still somewhere in New England, still skinnydipping at night and catching Ren & Stimpy reruns. Pamela is probably still in New Jersey, and I expect her baby is about ten years old now. Wow.

Caylynn completely changed her entire life since when I had known her. I had known her as the Bast-worshipping, condo-dwelling, Vespa-speeding, sorta-cheating-on-her-military-husband ex-nurse. Since then, she's become the Catholic, suburban, remarried-to-a-cop soccer Mom. We're still in touch, though very rarely, and she insists that she's blissfully happy.

As much as I'd still love to make the trip to meet her, randy textmessages and phoneplay with Kay largely tapered off. We're still friendly to one another, and who knows what may happen someday. She's deliciously active in the swinging community in her region, and one of these days I may take her up on some offers. She's very cool and I like her.

The Panther and I drifted apart not long after she reconnected with an old beau of hers, but we're still cordial and friendly when we see each other at local events.

To this day, occasionally I try networking through my high school alumni organization to relocate Joan. That would be a major coup for me. I have no idea of what ever became of her, but I bet it's something like her becoming a leather-clad, Harley-riding dyke in a punk band, jail, or fetish show. Where the hell are you, Hawk? Moo moo baa baa.

Jez, tragically, was a one-afternoon-stand. Janelle got married some years ago, and they're happy surburbanites. We're still friends, though we rarely get to see one another. Veronica hit the high road after I told her about my HSV status. That's a shame, because I really liked her friendship (and, ok, her hot tub). After one date with Carly, we never seemed to reconnect, though I understand she's active with some HSV social groups in my area. The same might be said of Roane. We've never met, and who knows if we ever will, but I love teasing Catalina. I saw Connie for a while, but that fizzled also after a tiring trip to the local carnival together. I simply didn't sense any real spark between us, and that might be just as well, because while she was elegant and charming and graceful, I really wasn't warming up to her slobbering dog.


Lilly said...

Wow this is like High Fidelity, blogger style =)

Congrats on 3 years babe.

Rogue said...

I aims to please. ;) Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Three years' worth of posts is way to little... keep it coming! This is one of the best blogs I've ever read!

Shayne said...

this is me being envious


Rogue said...

Anon ~

Thanx. Keep coming.

Shayne baby ~

You're so adorable when you pout. I just wanna eat you up.

But envious? Ha. It wasn't all that long ago when I felt that way about you, you strumpet you.