Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Stalked by a panther.

I met her over the weekend, when we were both attending the same event. She was with her lover and 11-year old son, and had just come back from cottage country. Maybe that's why I thought she was interesting; no make-up, the aura of the raw earth about her. She reminded me a past lover at first, and it was while I was looking at her her and asking myself this question that smiled that first smile toward me.

After the ritual event, it turned out that they had also gone to the same bar as the rest of us, my friends and I. We sat at the same table, her lover and my friends doing a lot of talking as I slowly got to know her more. She kept giving me that smile from across the table. She listened attentively as we talked about art, and how I was trying to convey to my women friends that, as a single mostly-straight male, it was hard for me to select sensual art for my bedroom without coming off as a pig to a lover whom I might bring home. I suppose, from that, she learned that I was single, and when we found ourselves next to one another, her thigh firmly pressed against mine, she opened up about her status: single with a child, but enjoying lovers. Me, single for a few months and coming out of 4-year relationship.

"Oh, so you're not looking for anything very emotional right now," she said.

"No, I replied," nodding. "New friends, yes; sex, sure, but I'm not ready for more right now."

"Sex is good," she said, smiling and nodding. "We're all adults here, and its a need," I responded.

She continued to smile and asked me what I was saying yes to. "That I'll give you my number," I said. She smirked, took it, and when it was time for everyone to go, she practically kissed me there in front of her other lover and son. We made arrangements to meet the next afternoon. "So I can see your need in the bedroom for some art," she smirked.

That day, she dropped out of work to enjoy the holiday, and called me a few hours sooner than expected. I was still doing some tidying, and was sweeping the front steps when she sauntered toward me, sexily dressed in a dark tanktop, khaki pants, and red shades.

Melissa, the Panther, is in her late 30s to early 40s, with shoulder-length light brown hair, deep rich brown eyes, and the cutest panther tattoo on her left broad shoulder, once black and now slightly faded grey. Its age tells me a story of a redhot younger woman, likely the type who hung around bikers and other delightful outcasts, now older and wiser and pleasantly on her own with her smart child. I liked her immediately.

I opened a bottle of 2004 Pelee Island Monarch Vidal. She was surprised that she liked it. By the end of the afternoon, it wouldn't be the only thing she'd be surprised that she liked.

"So what do you want to do?" she asked me with a smile, sauntering closer. "Oh, I think I know why you're here," I replied, smiling back.

"You mean, why you gave me your number?" She coiled an arm around me and gave me a slow, lingering kiss.

We held each other, embracing, for a while before I led her by the hand toward the bedroom. I pointed out the two walls, now bare after having done some post-Grrl rearranging in the room. She started to roll some hash. I poured us more wine. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she worked the paper, and for a moment I was reminded of the Grrl. I breathed deeply, trying to embrace her for who she is, and smiled to myself as she offered the spliff.

The hash didn't do much for me, but kissing her did. Her passionate zeal did. Nibbling on her neck, the soft sighs that came from her throat, did. The way she reached down to my khaki shorts to feel my thickness made me take a deep breath. When we found ourselves on the bed, she removing her tanktop, enjoying the feel of my warm hands holding her delightful medium breasts, I knew we would be having a very sensual afternoon of great sex. I was thrilled to enjoy something that I haven't seen in ages: she hadn't shaved under her arms, and this rare European treat has always been something that, with the right woman, has been a major turn-on for me.

Her heat roasted through her soaked crotch, and I could almost feel my fingers sliding into her through the material of her pants as I pet her there. Her first cum happened then, she she drenched herself completely. I was delighted.

And she was wonderful, by far the most sensual partner I've enjoyed in months. I love a woman who is up-front about what she wants and likes, and the Panther did not leave me unsatisfied. She was warm, soft, and experienced, and when she took my cock in her mouth, her moans of approval did my spirit a world of good. It had been too long since I felt my bare thickness being slurped as wantonly as she did, and while I didn't cum in her mouth, I know that she wanted that and she said as much. She loved my smoothly shaven sack, and how I looked down upon her as I tilted my hips so she could have an easier time rubbing her face, swabbing her tongue, over and under both of my eggs between licks across my shaft. She shut her eyes in ecstasy as she gently sucked one ball, then the other, into her mouth, and she feasted on my girth happily.

Her ass was generous, and she came again when she lay on her belly as I slid my fingers inside her, exploring, curling, probing. A lubricated thumb found its way into her anus as she cloyed the black satin sheets... the same black sheets from last October... and she came madly.

She was spicy, and warm, and her musk captivated me. Her pussy was just a little too furry for me to completely enjoy the nuances of her juice and its slickness on her flesh, but I wasn't complaining. She was responsive, and talked passionately about how she enjoyed the flicker of my tongue, the warmth of my mouth, the suction I gave her shaft. She cooed in surprise when I tilted my head vertically and bobbed, sucking her labia upward and downward with my lips wrapped wetly at either side. It's always a treat to discover that you're doing something new for someone.

I asked her if she was having fun. She was about to mount me, and said she would let me know. When she did, when she lowered herself on my shaft, her eyes rolled back as I held on her ass. She told me then that she was definitely having fun, that she loved my length, and that I could call her anytime I wanted to fuck her.

I liked that.

I relaxed as she ground herself onto me, spiking herself with my cock, and when I started to move in return, holding her ass as I pounded upward, she gasped in my ear.

And the afternoon continued, me taking her on her belly, bending her over the edge of the bed, spanking her afterward. It was fabulous. But it was when I told her that I wanted to take her ass that the afternoon became unique for her.

Not something she had done a lot before, she said. Not something she had ever really enjoyed but did out of "obligation" to lovers, she said. I didn't like the sound of that, but was still interested in her tightest passage. This gave me a chance to nurture an adventure for her, and I was willing to stop should she wish it... she trusted me. Teasingly, a lubed fingers explored her, and to my surprise she opened up sooner than I would have first expected. Two, then three compressed fingers would later find themselves gently probing and swirling her anus, interspersed with nurturing words, shoulder rubs, and kisses. She cooed.

When I knew the girth of my fingers had reached, or just exceeded, that of my cock, I knew she was ready. Mounting her, my calves to her thighs, she felt the tip of me and the slow, gentle slide that followed. She breathed evenly, and was completely relaxed. I was surprised, and encouraged, and soon she was feeling me pump deeper and longer. Not long after, she began to cum again and then I finally began to fuck her beginner's ass for true until I was ready to burst, withdrew, and began to explode stream after stream on her quaking, round behind.

We held each other, our shared sweat and cum wantonly covering our bodies. The cat jumped on the bed. She had to go soon, and we hit the shower together. It was delightfully sensual to do that again.

Later, as she was bent over my snake's cage to enjoy how she slithered across her cypress shavings, her bare ass in my view, I was again reminded of the Grrl. Her ass looked so similar, and yet I was also able to see the Panther for who she is. In a surreal place, my mind pictured both women, and I dropped to my knees and tilted her hips just so. Slithering my tongue as my snake would slither herself, I lapped at her folds some more as the house thrummed to the strains of the Tea Party. She didn't cum again, but it was fun, and it was a mutually enticing and saccharine moment for me.

Perhaps it isn't so bad to have a lover remind oneself of another, past, missed, lover... provided one experiences this with adult grace and awareness, celebration and respect of whom one is with. Perhaps, in a way, it's a way to heal through it while also enjoying Aphrodite's gifts.

I like the Panther. I hope to see her again.

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