Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Waterfall: My Half

In 1997, I was attending university and dealing with my first major breakup. Now, as I clean out things in my home after my latest major breakup, I find this.

It's a portion of an email exchange I was doing with a woman named Alanna, online as Thegyrl4u, and someone I had never actually met. I can't remember how we connected... probably via IRC... but somehow we started exchanging erotic emails in a round-robin manner. It was fun, and something I could see myself doing again should I find someone interested.

We created this together.

The warm sun slowly dried his skin as he walked closer to the beach, feeling droplets of water trickling in gentle sheets down the length of his hair, across and through the soft skin between his rear cheeks. The roar of the falls was constant, but not loud enough that he could not hear her rapid breathing as he inched closer, his toes squishing sensually in the mud. Feeling his muscles tighten, his cock began a slow swaying motion as it extended proudly from its bed of dark fur, droplets clinging to him there and sparkling in the sun.

His cock was getting big, full and harder as he anticipated the scene about to unfold before him. He smiled as he watched her remove her hiking boots and toss them into the air behind her, landing where they may in the green grass amid the trees. Her socks followed, and soon she sat crosslegged and barefoot on the warm stone, slowly removing her shirt as her eyes stayed fixed on his emerging root. Her lips parted slightly, and she licked them again.

The water splattered about his thighs as he drew closer, the white foam tickling the firm and full sack that swayed so very gently under his growing penis. His chest began to heave when the sun graced her bare skin, her lovely, pendulous breasts finally freed from their confines.

He smiled. "Hi," he said. She winked.

Strutting closer to the rock, the thickening shaft gradually vanished from her view as he rested his elbows on the stone. Resting his head on his hands, his chest grazing the rock as he stood below her, he admired her feral beauty without restraint.

They stayed like this for a short time, hearing the crashing falls and the ospreys overhead, feeling the warm summer sun on their skin, smiling to one another, building the tension. Soon, he stepped toward the rock, climbing upward until he was waist-high to her. he took her hand in his, and gazed into her eyes as he brought her palm to his mouth.

His kiss was tender, the soft beard wettening her hand as his lips explored her fingers, wrist, and forearm with grace. A soft bite on her mound of Venus, that raised muscle at the butt of her hand, and she giggled. Caressing down the length of her arm, he encouraged her to sit closer to him.

Her hand found itself on his belly as she wiggled herself over a little with a smile. Her breasts swayed slightly as she moved, her thighs sticking to the sun-kissed rock, pebbles clinging to her flesh. She reached and felt his abdomen, felt the gentle lines of hair there and the coolness of the trickled water, teasing his navel with a fingertip, and wrapped her palm around his ribcage as she leaned forward for his kiss.

His hands found the back of her head, his fingers tangling themselves in her hair as they embraced. He bent his upper chest downward slightly like a bear descending in for a prized morsel of salmon, and her head reached upward for his lips. Her skin glowed in th sun as yellow brightness shone upon her closed eyes. Teasingly, his mouth explored hers gently, his tongue only barely tracing the outline of her lips, grazing against her cheek before pulled her closer.

Pulling her closer, his kisses became more intense. She started to gasp for breath as his mouth moved from hers to explore her cheeks, her jaw, and gradually down her neck. He brought a knee to the rock to steady himself.

She could feel it casting a shadow on the stone as it hovered beside his thigh while his knee rested there. Still, she kept her eyes closed, kissing, one hand at his chest, the other at his hip, as she felt his mouth begin to nibble and lean to bite her neck.

He moaned, tasting her sweat. She cooed, tasting his freshly washed, cool skin. He groaned to himself as he smelled the earthy, healthy musk from under her arms, clean perspiration from her miles of hiking. It spice overcame him in waves of lust, and her tugged at her hair. He grew even more insistent, more passionate, as he drew her head backward, exposing more of her tender neck and raising her breasts upward.

He moved forward and set her on her back. She sighed as she felt the warmth of the suncast stone under her, smooth, strong, hot, rigid... like the penis that was clearly in her view now.

With one knee on the stone, he leaned forward more, his kisses leaving her neck and exploring the length of her body. His mouth sauntered from under her spicy arms to muscles at the underside of her breast, gently chewing the flesh as he watched her nipple grow toward the sky and harden in the sparkling light. She slowly caressed his muscular back, his ribs, his upper thigh as his mouth took the nipple in. He back arched, she gasped, and somewhere in the distance th wind shook the leaves of the trees with a rustle, a flurry of birds soaring toward the sun.

Her nipple in his soft mouth, he started to caress her belly, his fingers playing with her sexily slight paunch. Fingers began to tease the snap of her khaki hiking shorts. He knew that she would be warm there, wet, slick. After a long hike and setting up her camp, her texture there would be ripe and her scent rich and spicy too. He made a promise to himself to discover this for certain before she let herself swim with him. He wanted to taste her core.

Slowly feasting on her breast, running nails gently across her belly, he breathed slowly, relaxing and enjoying the open and wanton pleasure of hovering over of this gorgeous partner. He half-knelt on the rock beside her, a leg still in the bubbling pond, and gazed at her longingly. He was having fun, and from her smile, so was she.

He felt the warm summer air surround his genitals with the passing breeze, his cock growing thicker and harder at the sensation, blood pulsing into its silken crown and jutting high from its nest, pulsing. He brought his leg upward from the water and knelt beside her for true. His legs spread as he did so, feeling his sack stretch pleasurably, the wind against his ass, cool on his openly exposed anus as he bent to kiss her. Her hand began to slowly circle his thigh, gripping his muscles.

She sighed, feeling his hand caress her belly more and gradually tease her loins. Nails began to thrum and scratch the khaki in tandem to his bites and licks, like a cat impatient to get through the door. For a moment, he cupped her mound in his palm and she felt him grip her center.

Even through the shorts, his hand felt the moistness, the musky tension, building inside her as he feasted on her breasts in the sun. His dark locks brushed and cascaded down her chest and belly, ringlets of wet, rich hair leaving small spirals of water on her bare, perspiring skin. She shivered. His mouth was full with her breast now, his face nuzzling into her. His hand moved from her center to steady himself as he kissed and feasted.

A trout popped its head from the water with a splash. The mosquito it was after flew into the trees. The trout swam back under the fallen logs at the bank.

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