Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scribbled memories.

In the spirit of healing transformation, I've been completely redesigning my home, and I've started in the bedroom. I'm crushed to alter the sexual energy we shared in there, but this is a necessary step, and already the room feels healthier, lighter, and ready for more lovers.

These are some li'l lovenotes that the Grrl had left around, that I found today. I still think they're pretty cool.

I wish i was naked in bed with you! :)

I long for the feel of your sexy lips on my wet pussy... oooOOoo... lick me, baby!

I love the feel of your dick in my mouth... when can I suck it again? :)

You are a wonderful, fabulous, magnificent lover! I adore you! :*

I love the way you caress, kiss, and play with my ass. Yup, I do! :)

I long, yearn, crave the feel of your cock in my mouth... yummmmm :P

Remember the shower we shared? When Steve cranked the TV? Let's do it again sometime...

My darling, so glad you're finally close enough to touch & fuck. Um, i mean, hold. :) OK. Touch, fuck & hold. Yeah. I love all of you! I love your passion as well as your huge heart. What a great package. Um, I love that too. :") Well? What are you waiting for? I'm waiting right now, to have sex with you! C'mere and FUCK ME! 8*