Monday, March 10, 2008

An autumn morning in Pennsylvania.

Alix: Wanna play now? lol
Me: Yes. Now. I want you with your jeans and panties around your ankles. Now spread em and bend over this table. I'll be kneeling behind you. Give it to me. Yield.
Alix: God you are hot...
Me: Does that mean you'll enjoy my tongue at your delightful, crinkled anus as my fingers twist in your beautiful cunt? Let me suck you.
Alix: How could I not? I am damp and swollen thinking about it. *sigh* you are far too far away
Me: I enjoy swelling you, making you flush and throb, from this other coast. One day, we'll see each other again, and when we do, I'll expect your cum in my mouth.
Alix: Over and over again. i miss sucking your cock!
Me: Mm.. I'd love to be tapping it on your face. Have you any idea how sexy you are? Mmmeow... I have nice memories of your mouth. That's so rare.

It's interesting how the Fates weave their skeins. More than fifteen years ago, Alix was with Mike and living in a rustic county of Pennsylvania. I was with Diva and living in New England. Now we're on seperate coasts, mostly with entirely new people in our lives. The internet gods saw fit to reconnect us in the past year or two, and while we almost caught up with one another during a flight layover as she made her way to Italy, we haven't seen each other in a long, long time.

I was the best man at her wedding to Mike. I received a wonderful Edinburgh crystal brandy glass that I treasure to this day.

Her blowjobs were among the most memorable I've known.

There was a time when our circle of friends was a deliciously scandalous group. The lot of us, dispersed as we all were over several US states, were an in crowd of sorts, the kind that becomes the subject of jealous rumour and nasty commentary from the secretly envious. We weren't all swingers exactly, and this was before "polyamory" became a sophisticated word, but among some of us there certainly was some excellent, enjoyable fucking going on in addition to whatever else we were doing. For some of us, playfully consensual between-friends sex just sort of... happened.

It was very nice.

With our respective partners, we were attending a weekend gathering of close friends in rural Pennsylvania. It was October, and the coloured leaves made for a sensual, musty scent in the chilled air. There had been a feast one night, with those of us who stayed over "puppy puddling" on the various floors or bedrooms of the house. Most of us woke late, groggy, groaning in that morning way. Autumn in the country makes me incredibly horny.

I'm usually an early riser, and had already spent some time tiptoeing among my more comatose friends, or spending some moments of meditation on the dewey grass outside. I had secured some coffee, and when I knew it wouldn't disturb people, made my way through an empty bedroom to the private shower stall adjoining it.

I had been in the shower, my coffee on the sink nearby, for only a few minutes when I heard a knock on the door. Alix poked her head in.

"Hey," she said, beaming a smile. Her short black hair was tousled from waking. "Can I come in and pee?"

I laughed, turning away from the clear glass shower door. Of course, I replied.

"Nice ass," she said. "Can I have some of your coffee?" Of course, I replied.

We chatted as she shamelessly checked me out when I faced her again. I had just finished scrubbing my cock and balls, and was holding myself as the steaming water cascaded down my body.

She smirked. "How about some company?"

I smirked back. Of course, I replied.

She slinked out of the thin bathrobe she had worn and pulled me close for a kiss as she came into the shower.

Alix was one of those women who truly wore her body weight well. She was thick, but toned and strong, and her short stature made her just that much more sexy. She was like a fire hydrant: short, wide but consistent, and hard enough that you'd hurt yourself if you poked her the wrong way. Her confidence exuded in her fiery wit and rapid gestures, and when she didn't speak in quick machine-gun utterances, she slurred her sentences like a purring lioness. Her face was so expressive; she had mastered the eyelash-fluttering Who, me? look, easily shifting it to the You know I want your dick, don't you? look.

Her kiss was deep and passionate, and she groaned in that way that instantly makes me hard. We held each other's asses as we came closer in our embrace, the steam filling the room. I gasped when she casually, but confidently, reached under to cup my sack in her small hand. She squeezed me gently, making me groan in reply.

And then she was on her knees. I pushed the showerhead to the side to keep water off her face and leaned against the tiled wall. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open in pleasure as she gripped me by the base and rubbed my cockhead against her lower lip. She looked up at me with her dark eyes and licked my frenulum. All I could do was submit to her ministrations.

Her mouth suddenly engulfed me then with an audible gulp, muffled as her lips wrapped tightly around me, and then she slid her mouth lower. As she bobbed her head slowly, she strengthened her suction as she pulled upward. Feeling heat, moisture and her tongue as she took me in, suction as she withdrew, I screwed my eyes shut and enjoyed her.

I love caressing a partner's head when she's sucking me. Unless I'm dominating, I'm not much of a tugger. Feeling her bobbing head, the way her cheeks hollow as she slurps, the widening of her lips, the hair at the nape of her neck all excite me in resonant ways. I did all this, and her groans and moans told me how she enjoyed my touching her head and face as she blew me.

Taking me from her mouth, she tilted her head to rub her lips on the length of my dick. Her face glistened with water, but I could see how her mouth was surrounded by her saliva. Gripping my shaft in her fist now, she looked up at me as her mouth covered my head and she simply sucked on it, jacking me off. I started to get close. She could tell.

It was probably my gasping as I looked down at her that cued her when to resume sucking my shaft. When she did so, she met her hand to her lips and pumped me simutaneously, slurping and snaking her tongue at my cockhead while she did so. For me, it was just a matter of time.

I was holding her head in place and fucking her mouth fast when I felt my cum build. I held it back for as long as I could, building pressure, and when I let loose I'm certain that she felt me splash the back of her throat. She groaned, gripping my thigh with her nails as her other hand continued to jack me in her sucking mouth. I saw stars. I felt my dick throb with my heartbeat, pulsing in her fantastic mouth as she completely drained and swallowed me.

Every shower should be like this.


Anonymous said...

really nice writing in this one. you're getting a bit more raw and i like it. i like you raw. i'd like to suck you (nearly) raw.

Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday morning to you, Rogue... Every shower should indeed end like that... You make me remeber what it feels like to play... Very nicely written :)

Rogue said...

Anonymous (ha): ;) In time. Just you wait. Slut.

Loving Annie: :) And good evening to you, daahlingk. May elicited memories of play and shamelessness be your star to guide you toward future debauchery! And thank you.