Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Glove love.

I acquired a new box of gloves lately, and it elicited a fun memory:

I was maybe in my early 20s. I was with Diva then, in Boston, and there was this evening when a gorgeous, shorthaired, Irish lesbian woman decided she wanted to have fun with us. We met her through lesbian friends who, like Diva and me, were active in the Boston bdsm scene of the late 80s.

This woman had the most racy, larger-than-life-size woad-blue tattoo of a vulva on her thigh. Really, it was impressive.

We were at a playparty with friends. There were numerous playparties for me in those days, usually casual ones that happened after a group of us had been in one of the leather clubs, or meeting in the gay or lesbian bars. I was the token straight-but-cool-guy then. Irish had had her eyes on Diva all night, and we were all at someone's house, it wasn't long before Diva splayed her charms as she relaxed on a couch. Irish was on all fours before me, feasting happily on my partner who made eye contact with me between her gasps. Other friends were doing other things elsewhere that I can't recall because I was riveted on the heart-shaped lass' ass (and that tattoo) before me.

I was lazily caressing Irish's back, but I wasn't trying to "join in." Really. I don't make that assumption when I'm among the grrls. But Irish, bless her shameless heart, eventually looked over her shoulder and, with her face glistening, casually asked me if I'd like to fuck her.

"Whoah, hey, wait," I said. "You sure? I thought you weren't into guys."

"Not with your dick," she laughed with her too-sexy brogue. "Your hands. And use these." She directed me to a pair of latex gloves.

Now, maybe she was just being polite, respecting the fact that I was Diva's partner at the time. Maybe she was simply as cool as I remember her being. She was definitely friendly. It was she who introduced me to the beauty, safety, and sensuality of using gloved hands to fuck.

Lathering the gloves with lube, I listened to her coaching as I slid fingers from one, then from the other, and then from both hands inside her women's-only tightness. I was her student, and I learned quickly. Soon, I was pressing hands together and alternating strokes of fingers as she came while sucking the delightful cunny of my then-partner. I enjoy the memory of the curvature of Irish's ass as I pumped my hands inside her. Soon she was bucking herself against me, her head bobbing as she drove Diva into a frenzy. Having learned, I twisted, curled, widened, stroked, sped up, slowed down, pressed together, teased, taunted her. Very, very yum.

I've known some incredibly cool women in my life.

My glove toy of choice has since become Kimberly-Clarke's purple nitrile powder-free exam gloves. In case you weren't aware, some people are allergic to latex, and you definitely don't want to use anything coated with talcum powder, which is a stone. Gloves help ease the motion over knuckles and foolishly-uncut nails, they respond better to lube, they feel slick.

Now that I have an entire box of these things in my toychest, I can't wait to have Shayne on her hands and splayed knees before me again... Now where did I put that Astroglide?

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