Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She likes it. I knew she would. Don't you?

Shayne: You know... i like having that pic of my heiney & lips on your blog. I like that thinking that people i can't imagine see it and enjoy it.
Me: Every time I look at it - like right now - Im torn. Do I want to spank you, fuck you, or dive my face in and feast on your gorgeous wet pussy?
Shayne: Maybe (c) and then (b)?
Me: You want my cock, dont you?
Shayne: Yes. I do.
Me: Men, and likely women, around the world get hot over your ass. Their breath quickens. They cum. They want to know what will happen next.


Anonymous said...

I came because of it... What a fucking great ass!

Rogue said...

I miss you.