Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As I stood nekkid in my kitchen.

It's my day off. I'd just finished stripping and making some tea when Shayne texts me from the midwest. I love getting her morning texties.

Shayne: :) morning baby. I miss your voice. Its sunny here. gettin ready for work.
Shayne: (as she's taking transit) Oops! A mustachioed lady reading a Laurel K Hamilton novel! I miss you dammit
Me: New major snowstorm here, will make tasks challenging. Miss you tons. Am naked - join in shower?
Shayne: Perfect! I skipped mine. Mind if I suck your cock a bit while we're in there?
Me: Mind? I need it, babe. I miss your mouth.
Shayne: Mmgood cause i want to suck you. And then (maybe the shower can wait) i want you in my ass
Me: Meow! :) Keep licking my velvety head and Im sure Id be bending you over soon enough!
Shayne: Ah ::sigh:: have to leave happy loverland for filing. (hiss!!)
Me: File away, you bad office girl. I'll be sure to check out your lovely ass as you do.

If I plan well, I should be able to see Shayne again later this month.

She was with Brent last evening, although things may have cooled off some between them. Sometimes I'm still working out the balance between being wary and being turned-on when she's with another man, but I'm thinking that most of that is about context of where we are at a given moment. I should write more on this.

But first, that shower. And then dealing with more of this snow. Joy.

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