Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How I met Shayne, cont'd.

We found ourselves relaxing on the hardwood floor in front of her bed, talking, kissing. We got a little high, and we were sipping the whisky I had brought with me. Our kisses became more passionate, and soon she confessed that I was the first man she was being intimate with in a very long time: she had been almost exclusively with women for some years. This touched me, but it also help strengthen the kinship I was already beginning to feel with this delicious pixie.

She was darlingly cute when her jeans were lowered, when she sat on the edge of her bed and raised her legs in the air to peel her cotton girlbriefs up and over them. Still sitting on the floor before her, I relaxed as I took the sight of her in. Her legs were warm, soft and firm as I rained her thighs with my kisses. As she parted them, I smiled as I drew closer and sighed deeply as I languished in the sight and scent of her core.

Hers was puffy, framed by her pale skin, and already beginning to pinken with excitement. Nuzzling my way slowly, I felt a chill down my back when my mouth and tongue finally made contact with her mound. I breathed slowly and in complete rapture as my tongue parted her open and slowly snaked in small, wet circles. She was amazing, and it felt fantastic to be exploring this my new friend's beautiful pussy. I lavished in her wetness, sighing to myself as I felt it seethe into my soft beard and on to my cheeks. I caressed her tummy in slow circles, held her strong thighs, twisted my head to an better angle so I could devour her.

Slipping some fingers into her, I twisted my wrist in gentle strokes as I found her sponge. As I teased her g-spot, she gasped and shared how she was enjoying herself immensely. So was I.

We did more that afternoon, and on into the evening. When she later rested herself above me, her beautiful ass in my hands as I sucked her in a lovely 69 embrace, I felt completely surrounded by her. When she sucked me, I thrilled in the knowledge that mine was the first cock she'd had in her mouth in so long. When we finally fucked, her tightness and her gasping reeled me. When I took her delightful ass, we were slick in sweat as she cried out how much she was loving having me there.

But it's when I gave her head that I enjoy remembering the most of our first time together. I miss giving Shayne my mouth, and I know when we see each other again in a few weeks, I'll be licking my lips for her.


cookie said...

nice post. I will add you to my list of blogs I like. Just wanted to stop in and say hi and thanks for the comment.

Rogue said...

Thank you. Always a pleasure to make new friends.