Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Waterfall, pt 2: Alanna's Half

In our exchange, this was the portion that Alanna, or TheGyrl4u, wrote back in July 1997. There's nothing more to this story, as she wanted me to send another reply, but if I ever did, I don't remember what it was. Upon re-reading this, I suppose this ending is a little anticlimactic, but I do enjoy the memory of having done this exchange with her.

Her eyes were locked on his lean fingers as they slowly moved down the length of his shaft. By the time his fingers circled the head, she was holding her breath. She didn't even realize it until he suddenly turned and ducked back into the waterway, and she remembered the breathe again.

In one smooth motion, he then re-emerged and dove into the water, disappearing from view, swimming back into her direction. As he swam under the water's surface, she climbed on the large rock and tried to spot him. A cool breeze swept through while the hot stone warmed the bottom of her thighs.

She started to become restless, sitting there waiting for his return. A mosquito bit her calf, and she began to scratch before she found her own hand slipping under her knee to caress her skin underneath. Still, it wasn't her own fingers that she desired on her body.

She slowly arched her back, leaning backward like a large cat. Her breasts thrust forward as she rest on her elbows, waiting. And waiting.


She sat up and witnessed his head finally lift out of the water as he swam. With each stroke she watched him come closer, and her heart began to beat faster as she anticipated his arrival to the shore. She sat herself up, cross-legged, spreading her legs as she did so. She hovered a hand over her brow to shade her eyes and enjoy a better view.

Once in shallow water, his body was slowly revealed. The water ran down his chest and arms, and his hands smoothed back his hair. He closed his eyes and raised his face to the sun, pausing a moment to enjoy the warmth. Then, as he walked out of the pond, his body was slowly completely exposed to her. He looked in her direction and smiled again.

She knew that she looked relaxed to him, but he knew better. He watched her hand fidgeting, and the way she licked her suddenly dry lips. He looked away to hide a smile. Coming closer, he thought of how her skin would feel on his tongue, how she would taste, how the scent of her would fill his chest, her sweat, everything in the glade mingling into one gloriously tantalizing perfume that he would enjoy as he nuzzled her.

The prospect of running his tongue over her pulse at her neck was finally his undoing... Although he kept an eye on her face, he could feel his cock start to come alive, twitching first, then hardening more with desire. He could see her eyes as they moved downward to become locked on his hard cock, now popping with each step he took.

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