Sunday, October 30, 2005

She jills with me.

The Grrl's body is warm beside me as we languish under the heavy blankets. She sighs to herself as my hand softly caresses her belly, my fingertips darting upon her navel, as she rests her head against my shoulder. Between kisses, her short hair is soft against my face, and I know that she's enjoying the feel of my hardening cock sliding against her thigh. My hand moves upward, softly cupping her tender breast, and I brush the nipple with my thumb. It's growing nicely, and strains against my skin and the black sheets.

Continuing to fluidly caress her, my hand moves to her belly again and then her thigh. I enjoy it when she coos to herself when I'm touching her there, knowing how close I am to her soft folds, feeling her flesh ensconsed in my grip. I smack her inner thigh gently and she giggles. Her kisses become more passionate when I feel her legs parting more. My fingertips brush against her blossoming flesh, and I can feel the heat that's rising between her thighs. She's slick.

Some fingertips begin stroking above her cleft in tight, rolling circles, and I'm keeping her folds moving as I gently tug her flesh up with the upstroke. I enjoying masturbating her, feeling her head against me as she gasps and shakes and groans. I enjoy how her nub feels under my fingers as I roll her skin across and upon it, teasing it into alertness. Soon, surprisingly soon, she's shaking more and beginning to grit her teeth. Her jaw is tightest just before her release, and as my fingers continue to roll across her delightful cleft, I can hear the gush that's happening deep inside her. She's cumming hard, and I'm certain that the sheets under her are wet.

She tells me that she wants my cock deep inside her now. I kiss her head, her mouth, her breast, her belly, and I raise myself on my knees above her. She swings a leg over my shoulder and opens herself before me. I'm holding her thighs, readying my thick cock when she cups my length in her hands and stops for a moment. She asks me if I would mind...

I know what she wants, and I love it when she does it. Perhaps she feels selfish and that is why she asks me, always asks me, if I mind. Does she suppose it does little for me? Something that gives her so much pleasure, and something that she's taking from me, could only leave me lusting more for her. It wouldn't bring me to orgasm, but it's very, very fun.

She wants to press my glans and my upper shaft against her clit and jill herself off with my cock as her toy. Lying on her back, she reaches between her warm thighs and holds me. She knows what she wants and there's no dance about it: she simply takes my shaft in hand and quickly presses my mushroom head firmly against her nub. I can feel myself getting burrowed between her wanton petals, her juices slickening my silky skin, and we languish in the wetness and noise of it. She's moving my cockhead from side to side, feeling her button meld into the notch of my glans, reveling in the feel of my dick against her. Her palm is holding me down, her fingertips firm against the length of my shaft like splints. She arching her back now, gyrating her hips, pushing her glorious pussy upward to change the angle of her approach. She's grunting again, gritting her teeth again, gasping for air as she masturbates herself with me.

When she's cum, harder than before, she aims my drenched phallus toward her and her pussy sucks me in. I grasp against her thighs and tug her closer, and her calves are against my shoulders as I thrust deeply. She biting the pillow as the fullness of me spreads her, my heavy sac slapping against her ass, my fists above her shoulders as I pin her down and take her.


Not-so Virtuous Vivian said...

Ohhh, I love jilling off with real cock. It's magically delicious.

I used to see a man who wanted only to rub his shaft against my clit. He desired no penetration except into the soft folds of my sex. He needed to feel me cum from the slick friction alone.

Who was I to stand in his way? ;)

Rogue said...

"Magically delicious." I really like that.

Yummy. It's been some since a partner took my cock in this way, and the truth is that I miss it. :) Your partner cetainly had a wonderful time, I'm sure, and I'm willing to bet his throbbing cock felt awesome for you too.

I also enjoy sliding the full length of me along the cleft of my partner's ass, especially if her bottom is firm. This kind of outercourse can be a huge turn-on, especially if it leads to variations to fucking from behind.

Feeling the soft folds of your excited and wet sex along cockshaft is incredibly sensual. Meow...

Rogue said...

I miss you. More than words could say.