Monday, October 10, 2005

This first post about my first time.

Before the bondage, before the orgies, and before my real coming-of-age, there was Jackie.

We were alone in the apartment, still dressed, and she had straddled me on the couch for a long session of deep kissing. Her kisses were passionate, and she darted her tongue in my mouth as I gently held her soft, warm face. Her dark Asian eyes misted over as our hands roamed over each other, and I loved the way her thick thighs felt inside her tight, fashionably 80s designer jeans. Her large, soft breasts pressed firmly on my chest, and she reached down between her legs to grasp at my thickening and anxious cock as it strained against my left thigh. Over the denim, she wrapped her fingers around my girth and squeezed while we kissed noisily.

The denim covering her mound couldn't hide her heat or wetness, and I loved how my hand seemed engulfed by her seething moisture, like a rainforest, as I pressed her firmly and moved my palm in circles. I wanted to get her jeans off, but when she started to kiss and bite my earlobe I collapsed in the sensation and could only hold her and gasp. Her tongue darted in and around my ear, and I knew immediately that I would never forget how it felt.

That's what I most vividly remember about sex with her: those moments before we moved to my bedroom and got naked. Odd, isn't it? One would think that more details about one's First Time would be ingrained on the memory.

Jackie loved to fuck. Missionary was her position of choice, and I enjoy remembering how her thighs pressed against my ribs when I mounted her. Matching the rest of her short, thick body, her labia was delightfully pronounced enough that it was easy to feel engulfing my shaft as I pumped hard and deeply into her. She would get drenched, and when she came she would do her best to stifle a scream.

As a couple, we lasted only a few months, which is probably what should be expected for a pair of teens. I ended it because I had dreams and intentions of getting out of the old neighborhood, and I sensed early that had she and I stayed together, I'd find myself slowly locked into the ways and means of people that I latently wanted to be away from. I was growing then, and as much loyalty I had in my roots at the time, I knew I had to be elsewhere.

And, despite the enjoyable memory of her tongue playing with my earlobe and how she enjoyed a good shag, I actually remember little about my First Time. To my surprise, I was actually somewhat disappointed: not because Jackie did anything wrong in any way, but because I saw it coming so early in our "relationship" that she would be the first to fuck me that it kind of took the surprise out of it. Most boys, I'd expect, would be ready to blast their load at the thought of that First Time. Me, I remember approaching it casually, as if I was simply accepting it. It was still fun, but I think I learned then that the best sexual moments are the serendipitous ones, even before I knew what "serendipity" meant.

It was a late start and an anticlimactic beginning to a skyrocketing world of lust and passion.

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