Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Roane, or how my cordiality got some exercise.

Roane messaged me through a dating site. We enjoyed a few phone conversations, nothing greatly sexual, and developed a nice rapport. She gushed to me. It was nice. Fresh out of an unhappy 9-year marriage with a cold fish, Roane had given me every impression that she was a woman who was eager to make up for lost time. She seemed eternally grateful that I wasn't potentially seeking to pin her down into another primary relationship, and that I was encouraging her to make the world her oyster. She laughed when I suggested she get a male stripper with her friends to celebrate her now-bachelorette status in the burbs. Very quickly, I got the sense that she and I would get along well.

We made plans to get together. I made it clear that I didn't have preconceived notions. She made it clear that she did, and asked me what she could include in her overnight bag.

Previously, we chatted over MSN. Roane: So you really did phone sex?

Me: *smile* Uh huh.

Roane: Was it hard?

Me: The work? No, not really. I enjoyed it. My cock? Sometimes, but not always. *wink*

Roane: So... can I unzip that jacket you're wearing?

Me: Just watch me lean against the wall, raise hands over my head, and smile at you while you do so.

Roane: I'd like to lick up your chest to your lips and spend some time lingering there, sliding my hands on your chest.

Me: My deep babybrowns will laugh as I enjoy you. A tongue on my chest. Nice. I have very sensitive nipples for a man.

Roane: Open your shirt. I'll nibble my way to your nipples. To lick them, suck them.

Me: Mm. Please.

Roane: I bet you smell good.

Me: I'll enjoy caressing your hair, small kisses on your head as you tease me. I wear natural oils. Sandalwood and patchouli mostly.

Roane: I'll run my hands around to your back and massage you there for a bit. Kisses intensifying. Lick all the way to your navel. Down the dusting of hair.

Me: You'll be seeing a happy bulge in the khakis before you.

Roane: I can see that you boldly want to come out...

Me: Can you see how your attentions make me swell? Can you see the outline of the crown of my manhood covered in green?

Roane: I run my hands down to the front of your khakis. Yes, I see!

Me: It's been a while since you enjoyed a man in your lovely mouth, isn't it? Take your time. Enjoy it.

Roane: I want to lick you. Can I lick you?

Me: I like it that you ask me that. Please do.

Roane: I'll unzip your fly at first. Lick your shaft. Then I'll take you in my hot mouth and devour you right down to the base of your throbbing cock. I'll stroke your balls and gently squeeze them... Mmmm, you taste so good. I love the taste of a man.

Me: And I enjoy being squeezed gently. Especially as your lips nurse on me. I am earthy, and just slightly salty, like sea spray.

Roane: God. You are making me wet... I'm just wanting u inside me.

Me: I like knowing that.

Roane: I remove the last of your clothes and drag u over to the bed.

Me: My cock is warm and thick. I'm cut, and I shave my sack nicely smooth.

Roane: I LOVE that. I'm the same: neat and tidy. I push you down and impale myself on your swollen shaft...

Me: *bites his lower lip as he watches you with a glinting eye*

Roane: I ride you slow at first and then gradually pick up speed... Then slower again as I lower my lips to yours again and lick and suck your lips. I want u to be fucked by my wetness.

Me: My arms will coil around your waist, pulling you on top of me, holding you to my chest. My hips thrust upward and I can feel your warmth, your silk, your wetness seething down the length of my cock.

Roane: Mmmmmm. Yea. And we move like a well-oiled machine. Up and down, up and down, pressing together.

Me: One hand at your shoulder, gripping you as I return your kiss, the other holding you by your lovely ass, parting you open as I fuck you.

Roane: I love you holding my ass.

Me: I'd love to feel you shake on top of me when you cum.

Roane: I want to feel u come for me. I want you to scream my name while I kiss you madly.

Me: Then rest your weight on your hands, above my shoulders, so I can hold your ass with both of mine. Feel me caress and squeeze your bottom while I thrust hard and deeply into you. Let me pull you down to impale you on my thick, twitching cock.

Roane: Mmmm yes... That feels awesome.

Me: My balls are soaked with you. My girth parts you open and gives you fullness.

Roane: I'm dripping with sex for u...

Me: Let me look into your eyes, feel your head fall to my chest, hear your gasps right into my ear while I take my turn in taking you now, even from under you. Listen to my deep voice call your name as my cock thickens.

Roane: Mmmmmmmm that is what I need. I want your cock.

Me: Feel my gifts fill you with pulsing warmth and heat, a man's richness and power thrusting into your lovely body and filling you.

Roane: Our bodies are slick with sweat. I feel throbbing, mmmmmm....

Me: Take my cum. Milk me. Feel me explode inside your depths.

Roane: So pure, your gift...

Me: I will shake, growl, and strain. I'll be left panting and used under you. You've taken me.

Roane: I guess I win! :)

Swingerwife asks how the date went, so here's the scoop: I picked her up at the train station. With her blonde hair, tats, and demeanor, she reminded me of Diva. We went to one of my favourite bistros and talked over salads and juice. We discussed her salon business, my hair, her dragonfly tattoos, her dogs, and decided to do some shopping and get her some shorts to wear on a very hot day. First, we figured, back to my pad to drop off her bag.

And that's when I got a fresh lesson about others who could have preconceived notions. I already knew that Roane was embarking on a new world for herself, but after all her yeah-baby-I-wanna-do-this-with-you talk (and there was a lot of it), I hadn't at all expected that this was only her means to build up her own confidence. Zing came the 180-degree turn.

The one sexual experience she had since her very recent separation? She forced herself. Meeting me and deciding already that she was going to stay over? She was biting off more than she felt she could chew. She wasn't ready, and blushingly, stammeringly told me so. Or maybe she didn't feel a spark (I was attracted, but it wasn't fireworks). Or maybe the planets were out of alignment. Or maybe she didn't want to miss Lost. Whatever.

I made light of it. No big deal. Why be ungenerous?

Oh. And my inspiration for the cybersex? Yeah, fine, ok, I'll admit it. It was all Shayne who was on top of me.

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Anonymous said...! I have to give you alot of credit, Rogue, for making light of this whole thing the way you did. Obviously, no means no, regardless of any events that may have transpired before that. But, I find it very odd (troubling, even?) that this woman would have such an incredibly sexual conversation with you, go to the trouble of arranging a meeting with you and then...chickening out??? What?? Yeah, something is definitely a little off with this woman. Perhaps she was emotionally (and sexually) stunted by her ex or something along those lines. In any case, a bit of a disappointment, yes?

Ah well, better luck next time.

Jill said...

Sorry it didn't work out better for you but at least you got a hot chat and (hopefully) a nice lunch and conversation out of it!

I recently had my first date with a girl. I was so excited, had a great conversation, kissed her, and made plans for her to come have an encounter at my house on another day. Then on the drive home from my date I just freaked out. Heart pounding, head spinning, more than a bit afraid. Seems I wasn't/am not as emotionally ready to be with a girl as I'd thought. I told her that I was sorry but I just didn't think I could go through with our encounter as planned. I felt like a total jerk. Thankfully she was very gracious and appreciated my honesty. Either that or she was employing some Rogue-ish cordiality. ;-)

Rogue said...

Swingerwife ~
We had exchanged pictures, so I can't imagine my visage was too much of a shock to her. I dunno. Or maybe it had nothing to do with me at all. It happens, and I'm not losing sleep on it.

I would have rather seen her own up to her deeper thoughts and feelings than find out later that she "forced herself" into a situation she felt she couldn't handle. Was I disappointed? Sure. But, hey, you know. It's always in the back of my mind that It Might Not Work Out, and experience has taught me that expectations can yield to distress. shrug

Jill ~
Hot chat is always friendly fun! Any takers? My email is available... winkwinknudgenudge

I don't think anyone who has the courage to own up to their feelings, and is able to express them calmly, can possibly be a jerk. I think anyone who reacts ungraciously when someone else is making the effort to calmly be that way most definitely is.

It sounds like you met a mature, well-centred woman there. Who knows? She may yet enjoy your company if and when you're ready... she liked you then, no?

Jill said...

I did meet a good woman. And, yes, she liked me! *blush*

Rogue said...

Jill ~
Details, darling, details! ;)

And I'm so not surprised that she likes you.

Coy Pink said...

I'll give you the short version (I think I'll put the long version up on my new blog -

I posted an ad on Craigslist, we emailed a bit, met for drinks, walked to my car, I kissed her(!!!) - my first kiss with a girl, we made plans to take things further.... then I freaked out on my way home.

Not quite the hot ending we were all hoping for, was it??


Rogue said...

Coy Pink (well, well!) ~
I love Craigslist. To date, I've only met one person (Stacy) through it, but it never fails to amuse me... which will be demonstrated, actually, with the next photo essay.

I think the idea of meeting a playmate through such an anarchic, populist medium is absolutely hot.

You know... sometimes the hot endings just have to start with the shaky knees. You shared an inspiring kiss... and clearly it led you to another (?) partner at another time. Yummy.

And your blog! Sweet! I am your first fan.