Thursday, July 31, 2008

She's an unresisting puddle of pink flesh. Oh my.

"I'm a Rogue groupie!" emails the deliciously breathtaking Coy Pink (or as some Urban Roguery readers know her, the artist formerly known as Jill). "Your words are enough to melt us (ladies) into unresisting puddles of flesh. Keep it up!"

For me, corrupting innocence is a vocation. Could it be that the tawdry musings of the sexual blogosphere have slowly caressed their unspeakable ways into the libido of this elegant and articulate woman? Could it be that her pulse quickens to the oysters splayed before her as she embarks on a (pink) tide of sensual awareness? And most importantly, people: will she kiss and tell?

Let's hope so!


Coy Pink said...

Wow! I rated my own post here?! I'm so flattered.

I somehow got sucked into the world of sex blogs (they're so addictive) and then the photo session with my husband yielded the lovely pictures I have on my blog. I guess I just felt like it would be fun to have a place of my own out here to talk about my own sexy stuff and showcase my husband's wonderful photography. I provide the writing and the subject matter for the pictures and he manages the technical aspects of the blog and shoots great pictures. A match made in heaven!

Thanks so much for being my first fan!

Rogue said...

He is definitely one lucky man, and you can tell him I said so. Your images are to die for.

I am so looking forward to enjoying what you share as you open up your world to juicy shamelessness. Yum. Yum.