Friday, July 11, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation (2).

At a sensual, clothing-optional gathering in the southern US some summers ago, I met Jenny. Jenny was deliciously cute, and while our respective partners were (consensually) elsewhere at the time, she had already given me a great blowjob in the basement of a turn-of-the-century mansion on the campgrounds.

Jenny was lithe, sweet, and charming, with thin shoulder-length blonde hair that clung to her face in the summer heat. I could easily wrap my entire arm around her torso, and I adored her cute little butt. The sight of it, two melon-like semicircles seen from above her as she had knelt before me while servicing my cock, was what sent me bursting across her drawling tongue.

We didn't get to know one another enough for her to open up to me about her furry fantasies, but the idea of her fantasizing about it as we enjoed each other kinda amused me. I wish I knew what anthropomorphic stuff was going on inside her pretty head as I fucked her.

And I did fuck her, twice, after our fun encounter in the basement that year. She approached me the next day as I was working in the registration booth for the gathering. I beamed when I saw her, and my girlfriend at the time gave me the most sarcastic, sexy smirk as she witnessed it.

Jenny and I still had the problem of finding privacy, but I settled that as she and I hung around the Mansion again. as much of an escape from the heat it was, I wanted to avoid the basement again if I could, and my salvation came when I borrowed a room key from another friend. My friend, a buxom blonde with as scandalous a reputation as my own, also smirked sarcastically as she handed me the key with a nod and a wink.

"Just don't use the bunk," she said. No problem.

Ok, I cheated a tiny bit. Taking Jenny by the hand and leading her through a crowd of other staffpeople, Jenny giggled as I brought us inside the small first-floor room. Sunlight peeked through the drawn, heavy drapes in bright shafts that pierced the otherwise dark and cluttered room. Personal camp gear, backpacks, clothing and the like were scattered on the rough floor of dark hardwood timbers. The bunk was small and unmade, but I sat on its edge for a few moments as Jenny removed her Tshirt while we necked.

Her small breasts were pressed firmly against my chest, her nipples taut and at attention, while I caressed her bare back. She undid my shorts after I removed my boots. She lowered the shorts to the floor, dropped to her knees, and took me in her mouth. I closed my eyes and rested my weight on both hands as her lovely head bobbed slowly. The sound of her suckling made my blood race and my cock thicken in her mouth, and she gasped when she withdrew me to get some air and lick her lips some more.

But by now I desperately needed to see her ass. Standing, she adjusted and kept sucking me until I bent over, kissed her head, and lowered myself to the rough floor between her and the bunk. I kissed her, tasting some of my own salt on her sweet lips. I reached for her button-fly jeans and undid them.

She smiled and knelt up, giving me room to lower her pants, but gasped when she then suddently found herself across my legs and my arm coiled around her tiny waist. Her pants were in a bundle around her ankles, and as she steadied herself, I slowly lowered her cotton panties and revealed her beautiful butt to me. It was a perfect, small behind, with high cheeks like split melons covered with just a hint of light blonde peachfuzz. My cock stiffened against her belly as I caressed her ass and started giving her a light spanking.

We knew our time would be short, since we were borrowing someone else's space, so it wasn't much longer after that before I shifted her as I pulled my legs from underneath. She found herself on her hands and knees now, facing some backpacks and a shaft of light from the covered window. She licked her lips, swayed slightly, and peered at me from over her shoulder as I marvelled at the sight of her bottom and perfectly bare mound. I reached into my shorts, retrieved a condom, and slipped it on. She watched, eyes wide, and returned her gaze to meet mine silently. Her mouth was open in anticipation as she looked at my cock, and she swallowed hard.

With one hand at each cheek, fingers spread and palms warm, I parted her sweet little ass open gently. I bent over to tease her tiny dimples with the tip of my tongue. I bit her. I eased back and straightened myself, guided the tip of my cock to her folds, and slowly started to push the head of my cock inside her.

"Oh my God," she said, but we hardly spoke. Building up from slow, shallow, and steady strokes, soon she was bucking herself back against me as I fucked her deeply. I was amazed at how tight she was, and her grip on my cock had me gasping loudly. My hands held her hips and I pulled her away and back toward me easily. Her body was such a contrast to the Grrl's, whose womanly hips were wider and her thighs stronger, but I revelled in the diversity I found in Jenny's teeny form.

The floor, perhaps more than a hundred years old, was rough and demanding on our knees, and soon we were simply ignoring the pain while I bucked against her, taking her, making her voice shake as she tried to stifle her cries. She was so easy to manhandle that her pert ass smacked against me loudly and wetly as I thrust, swirled, poked, and fucked her full of dick.

A loud knocking at the door happened just as we both were straining to cum, and I laughed as I begged for just a few moments longer. Both Jenny and the female voice on the other side giggled as my friend walked away. A moment or two to regain some focus, and Jenny and I came in a rush, my cock swelling to a bursting point as I let go.

We quickly dressed and rejoined our friends, sweaty and exhausted. I grabbed us both some beers from my private stash, and we enjoyed the teasing of other staff members for the rest of the afternoon. Jenny's boyfriend later picked her up, and she blushed as she waved bye to me. Her knees looked ruined.

The gathering was almost over when we saw one another one last time that year. Most nights, the majority of the event's guests could be found around the main bonfire, itself adjacent to a wide river. Djembe and ashiko drummers would entrance all as people danced, swayed, and enjoyed the fire, the drums, the starlight. A few bottles of this or that would cheerfully pass between friends. Lovers would kiss in the glow. Poi dancers would spin their small torches in a mystic cyclone of delight. It was, in its own way, a delicious way to find the divine.

On one of these bonfire nights, Jenny ran into me and took my hand. We found a spot in the darkened wood where the brush surrounded us, but we ourselves enjoyed a small clearing at the base of a tree and against the riverbank. There, we settled on the wet grass in the darkness, the glow and thrum of the bonfire and its dancers faintly heard through the foliage. We talked, enjoyed ourselves, and soon fell to the earth in a casual embrace.

Jenny nursed on my cock slowly this time, enjoying me, before climbing on top and riding me deeply. I caressed her tummy, her tiny hips, and parted her beautiful little ass when she fell against my chest in ecstacy. We spooned in the grass. Swans coasted in the river beside us. Despite the condition of our knees, she wanted me to finish by taking her from behind again, and I gladly did. Our orgasm was casual, relaxed, and comforting.

I never saw Jenny again after that. We corresponded for a short while over email, but soon that faded too.

I haven't had opportunity to go to a similar event this year. I had hoped to take Shayne to one, and to introduce her to the sight of a bonfire through the darkened trees while enjoying me inside her. Alas.

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