Saturday, July 12, 2008


I thoroughly enjoy networking and sharing with others of like mind. Today, I enjoyed the serendipity of meeting two unique women whom I'll enjoy mentioning.

Miss Mitzy Cream and I met on the street today, me having recognized her from some past burlesque performances in my city. What a complete delight, and totally gregarious with her current plans to produce a set involving a 6-foot gramophone. She kindly reminded me that the Toronto Burlesque Festival is happening this weekend, so perhaps I'll have more tales to tell of some of the deliciously empowered women in this area who breathe new life into this sensual craft.

On a fetish-oriented networking site, I've also come in contact with Canadian fetish performer Maxine X. We met recently during a fetish social party, and now I'm enjoying some correspondence with her as we talk shop. Perhaps I should make an effort to see one of her DVDs now, mm?

thumb Miss Mitzy Cream

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